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DandR4hands4men 49M/48M
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10/15/2018 11:40 pm
Bryce, Chris, Lamont, Dale, Jason and My Late Night Mistake!!!

The first thing I want to do is thank all of the guys who reacted and responded to my last post. It felt good to feel like I was doing something right again. You all got a response with that post! The second thing I want to do is call attention to a wonderful read I found while I was here. There still seems to feel like some tension and drama around here, but Mandrogyny's "National Coming Out Day" post was cool, inspiring and even had some interesting photos. If you haven't already, check it out! i really thought it was the best read I found before I started this post. I also need to thank Bjhogan for the flirt. And to the handsome Franklin3431, if you ever make it to Indy, I will gladly work on you! And I should have known...every time I see, "Burlesque," Christina Aguilera's "Tough Lover" makes me think of someone here. And true to form, he paid me a visit while I was away! So welcome back, Cumlover401! Good to see you haven't completely forgotten about me! And because there is so much to share this time, I'm going to skip some of the details and just do a bit of a wrap-up on the episodes I am sharing this time. Don't still get your pictures! lol

I'm going to start with Lamont, who was here Wednesday. He was a beautiful, young, black man with no facial and not much in the way of body hair beyond his armpits and pubes. He did have a great smile and an afro though. He did have a lovely, cocoa black ass, and one of the top five largest black cocks I've ever seen, (I couldn't decide if he was 3 or 4.) And considering how thin he was, I was surprised to see succulent nipples and man-boobs on him. He turned out to be an awesome kisser, and he knew how to work a nipple. And he really appreciated the work I did on his feet, his ass and of course, his cock. I guess no one really rimmed him before, and he said he hadn't had much luck with blow jobs. I guess he wasn't sure of my oral abilities, but I knew I had handled at least five bigger than him, so it was not surprise when I caught his large, thick, slightly salty load in my mouth. And yes, I did deliberately pull back so I could actually taste the load, rather than have it bypass my taste buds and slip down my throat. I particularly remember this one, because he couldn't tip me, so he gave me the gold herringbone necklace he was wearing!

Dale was the older flake who ended up pissing me off. He had been contacting me for months about this massage. Now, when I guy is over a certain age, I assume them to be beyond games. He wanted a erotic hour session, and even sent me a shirtless, head shot so I'd know what I was working with. When he showed up, he looked like I thought he would, sexy for a guy in his sixties. He was also hairy, another plus. The one thing that doesn't always come through in emails though is if they are a head case.

Now, I have a number system for doing timed massages. So many minutes on each foot, thigh, calf, neck, back shoulders, etc., and that only changes when they want me to focus on certain areas. Well, apparently he came in with only one thing on his mind, so me being anywhere else was a problem for him. Give credit where credit is due, his ass wasn't as wrinkly or saggy as you might think, and he didn't even have a tan line. And it was clean and somewhat hairy. Under normal circumstances, I might have enjoyed doing it. So to make this long and painful session shorter, I spent twenty minutes on the rest of his body and forty minutes on his ass, with the last ten minutes sucking on his pretty little dick until he drooped a small but tasty load. By this time though, we were both pissed, so I didn't expect a tip, nor do I expect to ever see or hear from him again.

Bryce was this European (guessing from the accent) guy who kind of popped up for a massage after a meeting downtown. One of the few times a client brought me alcohol this week, this thin, hairy man turned out to be a whole lot of fun. He was playful, if not flirtatious, talkative with a sense of humor and romantic as hell. As we were sipping on the wine he brought, we couldn't really figure out if he wanted a sensual or erotic session, so we kind of played it by ear. I now love Europeans!

The first time I hit his feet, he really enjoyed it. By the second time though, he was trying to get me hard through my shorts, and decided on the upgrade. He also loved the knee massage, and the pressure I put on his lower legs. His ass was a bit on the small side, but it was clean and tasty, and he went crazy during the prostate massage. As he went bat shit during the back, neck and shoulder part of the session. I turned him over and discovered that not only was he an amazing kisser, he was a talented sucker as well. I knew then how the session was going to end. But I first put some attention on his chest, armpits and feet again. Then it became a symphony of moans and groans, as we made it a contest to sixty-nine until one of us got off. Declare me a winner twice guys, because not only did i get a great blow job without copulating, I also cleaned, sucked on and emptied that nice uncut cock of his. He not only left me a tip, but a bottle of wine to boot!

Chris was probably the most disappointing redhead I've had on my massage table in the physical since. Not only was he lanky, but his skin really needed some sort of color. Freckles, some sun, something. His pasty, off-white-beige skin was almost disturbing. What's worse, his hair grew darker as you went down, from luscious, long red hair in a man bun, to a large, light brown soul patch on his chin, a bush under each arm, a few strands between his chest, a little around his navel and big, dark brown bush around his long, abnormally thin cock and massive, low-hanging balls.

Needless to say, I really tried to stay focus and rush through this one. the bad thing was, he was so sweet, charming and romantic, I felt bad for not being more into it, as it appeared he wanted me to be. I was feeling a standard session, but he wanted a sensual one. So I tried. In addition to the standard deep tissue and Swedish massage work he wanted done, I played with his non-existent nipples. I ate his ass before I gave him his prostate massage. I even licked his sweaty, salty balls as I stroked him off, watching a huge load land all over his chest and torso, even noticing that there was much difference in the coloring of his cum and his skin. I actually felt so bad when he tipped me, that I gave him a gift certificate for 25% his next visit. If he actually redeems it, I will have to revert back to my escort mode, and remember his wonderful inner qualities to motivate me into giving him a better massage session.

Jason was short, dark and handsome. He had short dark hair and a gorgeous goatee. and his oversized, white shirt and blue jean shorts made for a great reveal. He was nicely built, with just enough hair in all the right places. The color of his ass reminded me of a taco shell, with a few brown spots. It just looked scrumptious to me, and I was ravenous. I probably spent too much time here, licking it all over as I worked, rimming him, he said for the first time, so I might have been a bit too aggressive. But it was dark, and sexy, and warm and tasty and clean and slightly sweet, with a little bit of hair, everything you want in a beautiful ass. I knew I did a fine job when I managed to get three finger in there to do his prostate massage. And the way his body moved, the noises he was making and him dropping his first load told me he was having a good time.

Fortunately, I had the whole front side and the top half of the back to do, which gave him some time to reload. I kind of took my time, doing deep tissue work on his neck, back and shoulders. Even he didn't realize how much stress and tension ends up near the shoulder blades. Turned him over and enjoyed working on his chest. I guess I shocked him, sucking on his nipples and licking on his pecs, lowering my licks down slowly to his navel and then jumping to his feet. Since I knew I want to suck on that nice uncut slab of meat of his, especially after catching a whiff of that combination of masculine aroma, pheromones and sweat in his bush. I quickly did his feet again, but going up each leg, giving me two chances to stimulate his genital region from his upper inner thighs. After the second one, I tasted his testes, licking and sucking as I worked his meat into a semi-hard state with a series of pokes, touches and rubs. I placed his member into mouth and massage it with my tongue as I caressed his balls in my hands. Then while still doing this, I got a few fingers into his pubic hair and my other thumb on his taint. With all of this going on, it only took him about five minutes to drop that second load, making me long for the first!

And that late night mistake? Saturday night or morning, whatever you consider 3:30 am to be. I get a call from a young sounding man named James about an erotic massage session. Since I'm already up, I agree, and put me and the room together for him. An hour later, there is this short, blonde guy in a grey hoodie at my door. His face looks great, but when he said hello, I noticed he had a wretched set of teeth. Since this was going to be a ninety minute erotic massage session, and he didn't bring anything to drink, we went right up to the massage room. Then it happened...

First, it became obvious that he didn't really need anything else to drink. But at least, he had personality, had no problem talking, and even managed to be amusing, when he wasn't annoying, But the worst thing was, when he was out of his clothes, there were tattoos everywhere! Not being a fan of tattoos, one or two I can usually work with or around or cover up or something, But I counted like thirty on his two hand alone! So sad, because because I probably could have immensely enjoyed him if it weren't for that.

I had to cover his tramp stamp with my crossed arms in order to eat his ass out and used an awkward approach to his prostate exam, though it did feel like "strange" to him so it sort of worked out. I sat my naked ass on the small of his back to do the first half of the massage, minimizing the number of tattoos I had to look at. Turned him over and he wanted to kiss. Despite his grill and alcohol breath, he wasn't half bad, plus he had great face, hair and beard and no tattoos. I tried to do his chest without looking, as the hair and the nipples were very nice, minus the artwork. I even had to lay one arm on his navel to block the tattoos as I sucked him off. Such a shame as it was nice and tasty and sweet, and I was enthralled by the smell of the sweaty musk of his pubic hair. The good news is I still managed to get paid and made a tip. The bad news is that one nipple is still sore from him, licking sucking or biting on it. So glad I didn't let him return the other favor!

mral65 53M
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10/17/2018 6:49 am

That is one of the hazards of your business, you can't pick and choose the clients. Thanks for another great set of pics!

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/22/2018 8:35 pm:
That is so true, Mral65! I wish I could ensure I would be feeling each client, but sometimes, there is nothing you can do but get through it!

OnDaFence 31M/38M
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10/17/2018 6:16 pm

you been very busy !

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/22/2018 8:38 pm:
For some reason, I have the strangest schedule. I always expect my summers to be busy, but they are just okay. And I always expect business to die late in the year, because massages are luxuries. Yet, I make twice as much during October to February, as I do the rest of the year!

Hungr4Yungr 69M
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10/18/2018 6:06 am

Another great post and some delicious pictures. I can tell that you really enjoy your business.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/22/2018 8:42 pm:
I decided in my late thirties that life is too short to not enjoy it. And since you are suppose to spend a third of it sleeping and a third of it working, I needed to make some serious changes, like sleep less and work for myself doing something I love.

I so need to put that where people can see it. status! Thank again Hungr4yungr!!! Helpful as always!

maninorange1 55M
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11/11/2018 2:53 am

those are some hot pictures adn I like reading some of your stories.
the cocks are great the bodies look good too. I guess they can't all be so fun in the sex department but at least you got some fun in there.
Thanks for the post. I just like looking I guess.