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DandR4hands4men 49M/48M
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12/19/2018 3:33 am
David, John, Pierce, Peter, Lane and Sonny!!!

Hello boys, howdy gentleman and Happy Holidays!!! I'm not sure what day next week I will be back, but I wanted to get that out there in the universe!

I want to thank Akl1234 and Bitchlinda300 for their emails. I also want to thank Bitchlinda300, as well as Uncutubtoo, for adding me to their hot list. I want to thank Bjhogan for flirting with me. I need to thank Shortview for reading and responding to some of my old post, providing me with a stroll down Menory Lane. Despite the fact that I have saved the best pictures for myself, the picture in my blog makes for one hell of a collage. Mral65, I am digging the new picture dude. May start crushing on you again! lol And welcome back Jenu1218, Spicy_D69, Scottywoo and Dansdick! It is always great to see you guys again. And Chip46202, you are not far from me, so you still have time to get in here for your free massage session before the year is out. It may come in handy with stress of the holiday upon us!

We all have done it...spotted a guy with two, three, maybe ten things we could do without, but because he was so damn fine, you took a chance on it anyway. David would have been that guy for me. He was young, very young, and skinny, and a bit on the shorter side. But the biggest issue would have been his femininity. But something about his jet black hair, with the mustache starting to come in, his gorgeous, smooth, alabaster/porcelain skin, his beautiful blue eyes, which twinkled like the huge diamond studs in his ears, and his amazing smile, just won me over.

And he got even better when his clothes were off. I noticed as he was getting undressed and I was pouring the wine he had bought. Considering his size, he had a surprisingly impressive ass, and his dick was a winner as well. He even managed to have bush under his arms and decorating his cock, and a happy trail that surrounded his navel and made its was up to his pecs.

I started with his feet, which he really enjoys, and then did his calves, which I enjoyed. I actually started eating his ass out as I was working his upper inner thighs and his hips. And by the time I was ready to do his prostate massage, my drool and his drips were mixing on his balls. I kept my tongue on his balls and taint as I worked my magic on his gland. When he got loud and started squirming too much, I went on to finish his back, neck and shoulders. Then I asked him to turn over.

I went back to his feet, and worked my way up each leg, giving me two more opportunities to excite him, not that he needed it. His dick was slowly filling up his navel with cream. When I got halfway up the second thigh, I went up and started working on his neck and shoulders. This led to our first kiss, which led into a massive makeout session. I also got to spend time on his nipples, his armpits and cleaned his navel before I cleaned his pubic hair with my tongue, bathed his balls, vacuumed his shaft with my mouth, and drained every ounce of juice from that slab of meat. We rested for a bit and made out some more before we finished the wine and he took his leave.

As bad as I thought David might have been with the feminine thing, John was much worse. He was an out-of-town guy who chose his last day in town to get his massage. John was actually an attractive black guy, his caramel colored skin looked edible, especially his ass. His cock was approaching double digits and looked like it could have been a lot of fun. He was virtually hairless, including up top, except for a few strays on his chest. I guess I should have known something wasn't quite right when he brought a half gallon of tequila with him. And I got the impression that he was nervous, but we were nearly halfway through it before he felt comfortable enough to get naked on the massage table. And on top of that, the more tipsy he got, the more feminine he became. I swear, at one point, that beautiful ass of his strutted and swayed like Tina Turner in a music video.

I started with his feet and calves, which went without incident. But the back of his knees and his upper thighs started him with the soprano shrieks and screeches. I did his hips and alignment, and then tried to knead his butt cheek as I ate his ass. As beautiful as it was, it was the shortest rim job I've done this year, and because of the high notes, I refuse to give him a prostate massage. I'm sure he was waking up zombies and pissing dogs off by then. I finished his back neck and shoulders, and then asked him to turn over.

I went back to his feet again, and did his calves and his moisture deprived knees, and as I was working on his thighs, I noticed him mouthing "oohs," "aahs," and "ohs," but no noise was coming out, and I hoped he had lost his voice. When his cock was erect and lying on his stomach, I moved up to his neck and chest. This was no big thrill as he wasn't hairy or muscular, and his nipples barely existed. And when I got to his torso, around the belly button, he found his voice again. I wanted to enjoy that dick so badly, but the voice was getting to me, even after I put my cock in his mouth to muffle him. Ten minutes of licking his balls and sucking his dick while trying not to hear his pleasure, bite him or have him bite me, and it was over, and it wasn't even worth the trouble. What's worse, my cock has been very itch and more sensitive since he had it in his mouth.

This was the third time Lane has been here in eight years, and he never ceases to surprise or amaze me. The first time he was here, he was gorgeous and our time together was magical. The second time he was here, he had picked up several tattoos and packed on a shitload of muscles. Despite the tattoos and the work actually being a bit hard to do, we still had an amazing time. This, he just seemed bigger and thicker, down there.

Even in jeans and tee-shirt, Lane looks amazing. And despite the number of tattoos now being in the double digits, most were away from my usual playgrounds...still clear butt cheeks with a little fuzz on the awesome globes, nothing anywhere near the cock, tattoos on each pec but I could still work the nipples with my mouth and tongue. He started working on his twelve pack of beer, as we got reacquainted and I poured myself a glass of Arbor Mist he had bought.

I started on his feet and found myself sucking his toes. He has always had a deep appreciation for the work I do on his calves, and especially the back of his knees. By the time I got halfway up the thighs, that flaccid member had started to grow, and by the time I had finished this thighs and hips, I wondered if I'd even be able to handle the damn thing anymore. It looked like 8 or 9 inches, and much thicker than I remembered. I spend a lot of time eating his beautiful ass, since he doesn't care for much else going in it. That was awesome! Then I finished off the rest of his back half and had him turn over.

He was a little better at kissing than he had been before. Whether it was the guy thing or the mustache, we usually had to do that Vicki Buchanan know, pressing the lips together and maybe turn your heads a little. This time I actually got to taste his tongue and suck on his lips, actually twice. I also licked his armpits and sucked on his nipples before I clean his navel and got down to business. I marinated his balls for the longest time in my mouth, warming and basting each balls separately. Then I licked the entire genital and pubic area, and he actually surprised me again by making a little noise while I did it. Then I licked the shaft a few times up and down and side to side, before I barely encompassed the whole thing in my mouth. Thank goodness it couldn't grow anymore! I tried to work my tongue around it, but it felt like a half ass job to me. But between bobbing on it and vibrating my tongue against it, I got the job done, and the creamy load quickly filled up my mouth. I have to pull back off of it some to make it fit, but it also meant I got to taste more of it. I'm saying his must have enjoyed it because he initiated a kissing session before he went home.

Pierce was a huge surprise! He was extremely attractive, but perhaps appeared to be enough of a redneck to make me slightly uncomfortable. Add to that he had six inches on me in height, and was right about my size, and it could have been intimidating. He even sounded manly when he confirmed the appointment. I didn't feel much better when he actually showed up, in a tee-shirt and overalls, and carrying a case of Bud and a bottle of Jim Beam.

He had three beers, a couple of shots and a Beam and Coke, while I was still working on my Beam and Coke. And as we were discussing the nuances of the massage, I found his voice to be more deep and sexy than redneck. He had an awesome body when he got naked, minus that one huge tattoo. His chest looked like his had just shaved it, with just enough stubble all over to keep me interested. Awesome armpits, awesome cock, a beautiful, hairy ass, soulful eyes, great face and a nice smile. If I could shake off this uneasiness I had about him, we could have a really nice time.

I started working on his feet, which he really enjoyed. But I didn't start loosening up until i got to his calves. I did his knees and thighs and hips and the alignments before I went back to work on his dreamy ass. I molded, kneaded and caressed the globes before I licked, sucked and ate his ass. He purred, he whimpered and he sighed during this part, and I managed to get three fingers in to do the prostate massage. He moaned, groaned, grunted and even nearly fainted before I was done. And he seemed drained at that point, so doing his back, neck, shoulders and especially the blades, seemed to have taken the rest out of him. I actually let him rest a bit before I had him turn over.

That's when the tide turned. He pulled me into him and started kissing me. I was taken back, but he was damn good at it. Then he licked on my neck, and nibbled on my ear. Then he pulled on my armpit hair as he sucked, licked and snacked on my nipples. I was in a frenzy at this point. Then he started sucking on my cock and pulling on my pubic hair, especially the hair on my balls. He is one of the few clients I know could have sucked me off if I had given him half a chance. But as much as I was enjoying being ravaged like that, I knew time was getting to be of the essence, and I hadn't done a damn thing to him in front. I cheated, and rubbed his legs with my feet as I sucked his cock and balls and played with his nipples with my hands and fingers. The nails on the nipple really did the trick for him, and five minutes later, he was dropping this massive load onto my taste buds, blanketing them in a seas of salty goodness. He actually finished off his clock sucking on me, trying to get a load out, but it just didn't happen...that time!

Another big dude I had last week was Peter. I rarely get truck drivers, there are so many lot lizards around here, plus they seem to have their own subculture now. I have one regular from Texas who is hot as hell. So when he asked about the appointment, I was surprised but flattered.

He was young and attractive, a little heavier than he needed to be. He was also quite hairy and another damn Budweiser drinker. It gives me the runs so somebody may be getting a twelve pack for Christmas. He arrived in a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans and after a couple of beers and a discussion about him being shy in front of strange people, we went to the massage room to get started.

As he laid there naked with his ass up on the massage table, I immediately decided there was going to be no rimming of his ass. It was all kinds of hairy, but it was too dimply and jello-like for me to enjoy like that. I gave him an excellent foot massage as he requested. I did each leg in its entirety, including the hips and the alignment, before I did the other. That's when I discovered the huge, thick monster lurching around his legs. When I finished the second leg, I noticed that his ball sack was nothing to laugh at either. I worked his butt cheeks with my elbows and then worked my two longest fingers in for the prostate massage. I got my first sounds of pleasure out of him then. And honestly, at this point, i didn't care if I made him cum here or not. But I eventually moved along, honoring his request that I work on his shoulder blades, and the rest of his upper back quadrant before I had him turn over.

I immediately thought that the happy ending would have to be done by hand. There was no way I could work all of that into my mouth.

About 90 percent of my happy endings are done orally. I believe most guys prefer that to a hand job, so unless I am not interested or you pissed me off, it will be done in the best way for me to be rewarded for it. And unlike most people, I rarely use my hands for a blow job. If I do, it took too long, or you were either too thick or too long, sometimes both. I have surprised myself a few times, but for the most part, I know my limits.

I worked on Peter's chest, nipples and feet as i tried to figure out how to close the session. I cupped each of his balls in a hand, and massaged and manipulated them until I saw the monster at full mast, a thick ten inches and already dripping venom. Maybe this will be easier than I think, I thought as I then sucked on each of the balls separately. This is when I decided to let the volcano erupt by stroking its sides. And so while I was working the balls, genital and pubic regions with my mouth, my hands continued to work on the shaft and head until Peter started roaring about cumming. I licked his head three or four times, and slid my tongue down the underside to his balls again. With this loud, gutteral grunt, the first flew glob flew and landed on his face. Then, his chest, a few on his stomach and belly button, before it just oozed over and glazed his pubic hair. I was impressed, and judging from his tip, he was too!

Sonny was so sexy that his tattoos didn't bother me. There were mainly on his arms and back, so I wouldn't have to see them working on my favorite parts. He had beautiful black hair, awesome brown eyes, minimal facial hair, but delicious armpits, a decent chest with suckable nipples, a dreamy hairy ass and a nice dick. He showed up in a white, wife-beater and blue jeans, with a bottle of gin with him.

He actually kept his socks on, and his tee-shirt on for most of the massage, as the focus was to be on his neck, calves and arms. I did his arms, and neck first, and then did a little work on his shoulder blades. You could tell he appreciated it, but not enough to take the shirt off. I then went to his calves, and did some masterful work down there, if I do say so myself. I also did his thighs and did some butt work before I rimmed his ass. He thoroughly enjoyed that, so much so I didn't bother with a prostate massage and ate his ass out for about a half hour.

Of course, his dick was hard when he turned over and since my work was actually done for him, I went ahead and offered to get him off. When he said yes, I started eating his ass out again. This led to a tongue massage for his taint, and a tongue bath for his balls. And at this point, he was saying my name. I prolonged the agony by licking between his legs and his pubic hair as the whimper sand purrs came. I then started licking the shaft, just enough to keep him hard without going over the top. I massaged his balls with my hands some more before I finally put his meat in my mouth. I wrung the cum out of his cock, like water out of a rag, his tasty load hitting the roof of my mouth before falling on my tongue. I kept his dick in my mouth for five minutes, securing every drop, and draining him in the process. He laid there for quite some time before he finally left, but he has been back three times since. lol

mral65 53M
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12/19/2018 2:52 pm

I ve decided to try to change my pictures once in awhile, Thankyou for the kind words! My vote this week goes to #1 with a very close second being #3. Merry Christmas to you Rem!

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/24/2018 9:17 pm:
And Merry Christmas to you as well, Mral65! Thank you for your friendship and for continuing to hang out here with me!

OnDaFence 31M/38M
26492 posts
12/19/2018 9:49 pm


DandR4hands4men replies on 12/24/2018 9:19 pm:
I do like his dick! Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and my blog! And Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Mandrogyny 46T
27 posts
12/20/2018 8:46 am

I like the dick on six, but would rather have 4 or 5! I really like this game, and your blog!


DandR4hands4men replies on 12/24/2018 9:20 pm:
Merry Christmas, Mandrogyny. And thank you for the great blog! By the way, one of your favorites name is Rico and he is an absolute sweetheart!

drawingsf 63M/73M
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12/20/2018 10:11 am

That would be #1---------> on top!

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/24/2018 9:22 pm:
If there are two of you, why isn't he in the middle of the sandwich, with the bread slices in rotation?

CountryLadJnr 68M
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12/20/2018 4:12 pm

beautiful pictures of hot guys. Keep up the good work with the stories.

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/24/2018 9:23 pm:
Thank you very much CountryLadjnr! Very much appreciated, and Happy Holidays!!!

Hungr4Yungr 69M
3731 posts
12/20/2018 8:36 pm

Another great blog, Remi; keep them cumming. I'd like to wish you and your clients a Merry Christmas.

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/24/2018 9:25 pm:
Thank you so much, Hungr4yunger! You are the best!!! Have a wonderful holiday season, and let's get you a regular play mate for the new year!

shortview5 70M
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12/21/2018 12:50 pm

It would be #1 & #4 for me

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/24/2018 9:26 pm:
Four is actually my favorite too, I think. Thank you so much, Shortview!

maineiac 76M
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12/22/2018 3:33 pm

# 3 would make me extremely happy just sitting next to him even with his clothes on. When he took them off I would be ecstatic. I would be his all night diner. However, # 6 would keep my mouth busy for days, weeks and months. He looks delicious.

DandR4hands4men 49M/48M
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12/24/2018 9:28 pm

Thank you very much, Maineiac! So for a romantic holiday, number 3! And just to get raw and nasty, 6? lol

bjhogan 61M  
680 posts
1/3/2019 2:19 pm

HAPPY BELATED holiGAYS!! XXX-mASS & HAPPY NEW QUEERS ! err NEW YEAR"S o.m.f.g ! WHERE do YOU find these HUNKY MEN ? !! they are allllll so yummmy ! but being a SIZE QUEENIE those HOT ! HUNG ! BLACK DUDES got my mouth WATERING ! LIKE I ALWAYS SAY ! " THE DARKER the BERRY ! DA SWEETER DA JUICE " of course no cock is ever refused by me hon ! i personaly LOVE MUSCLED MEN ! BE him SHAVED SMOOOOTH ! or HAIRY BEAR !!! i am a TRUE GAY MUSCLE WORSHIPER !! on another note ,,, LAST YEAR just flew by & i did not get OUT as often as i WANTED to ! i MISSED THE GAY PRIDE FESTIVAL ! & did not get to HIPPY HOLLOW enough !! so my RESOLUTION is to get MY FAGGOT ASS out there & MEAT MEN !! and living an hr. away from AUSTIN ! the QUEEEEER CAPITAL of texASS !! i found a NUDE YOGA ! & SINsual MASSAGE clASS i'm INTERESTED in taking as soon as i can get a WEEKEND OFF !! i manage to stay in GOOD PHYISCAL SHAPE & still get CUMpliments from BOTH MEN & women !! lately it's been women ,,, as they are not that many GAY MEN in my hometown of course i politley TURN down the women when they ASK me to dance !! lol i just don't feel i have to tell them i'm GAAAY !! as most have already heard that i am Queeer as fuck ! but PERHAPS the NEXT time a WOMAN flirts with me ,, i WILL tell them ! just for SHITS & GIGGLES to SEE their REACTION !! lol p.s ... ANY tips on GIVING a SINsual MASSAGE !! ? the e-mail i recieved is that the clASS is INDEED for GAY MEN ! & that RELEASE is ENCOURAGED !! the massage class is limited to 10- 12 men ! with EVERY ONE giving & recieving a massage !! switching after 15 minitues ,, i have zero inhibitions , and i'm Quite CUMfortable in a GROUP setting !! and being a nudist ! what BETTER way to MEAT SOME ONE ! & TAKING the GUESS WORK out of the equation !! as in what they have swinging between their legs ! and sharing the same INTEREST ! NUDITY & HOmoseXXXuality !! hugs and kisses ravenous raven ! aka b.j.hogan !