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2/5/2019 3:41 pm
Kevin, Kelly, Tony, Travis, Petey and the Party!!!

Damn! Another interesting week in the life! An awesome 2019 so far! Some of you may have noticed me on here last night, planning to do this then. But then Sawyer surprised me with a visit, looking better than ever, growing out his hair all over for me, looking more muscular between on the truck, working and helping his family with the land they own. His ass looked a little smaller, but it seems to have made its way to the front. We had an fantabulous, magical time, and so I waited until he left before I actually tried to post this. Not my usual hour, if you aren't paying attention.

I also had a date with Caleb, and even though we enjoyed ourselves, something seemed off between us. I also spent some time with Billy, which was still more wonderful than it use to be. Robbie still hasn't been in, but I did here he had just started a new business venture, so perhaps he has a valid reason. I finally heard from Mikey, who is now engaged, but still wants me on the side. As does John, and Stephane, who made me godfather of his new son! And I have recycled my wonderful stripper friend, Devin, who has a common life wife and daughter. Guess I'm becoming a family man after all.

Now let's talk here. The gorgeous BrodyBarnes86 popped by to see me. You are an awesome man! Thank you so much! My Australian husband, Cumlover401, also came by to see me. And I want to thank Bjhogan and Woodster4 for the flirts. Woodster4 I had actually seen a few times before, so I ended up looking a couple of other guys who may have had my attention, but haven't said anything to me yet, like Damike, Northwoods66 and Motorctyman. Then, because I was behind on reading other blogs, I checked out a couple. Now, OnDaFence is one of the regular blogs I read, and even though I would say it isn't , do I say, gay enough for me. I enjoy reading it, I learn a lot and every once in a while, he jumps in my lane with the sex quiz weekend, and an occasional nude picture, which most of the time, I assume is him. So now I may be crushing on him a little bit! No threat, JD! And then a new guy. in my area, hit the scene. Again, no threat, but it would appear that he is part of a couple, but he is hairy, sexy and Italian, so of course he got my attention. Then I learned he is on the far end of one of the routes I walk each week, and he is looking for fun! So I need to change my picture, and let Indybicplthirsty know, that when he sees me, there are two restaurants there I like, he should holler!

Back when I was sexually active, LMAO, my mom use to say, "Stop adding to the roster!" I probably should listen to here! lol

So when Travis set up his appointment with me, I was expecting this drop dead gorgeous brunette, young looking, suited, well built, someone I might have to control myself with. So imagine my surprise when I'm sitting on the porch, having a cigarette waiting for him, when this nearly bald, heavily tattooed, skinny redneck showed up. His actual face wasn't bad, and his teeth looked close to normal. His black thermal shirt, black sweats and maroon sweater gave nothing away. And my already shock and disappointment were further agitated when I noticed that he had Budweiser in one hand and his other hand was...inside his sweats! I don't know if he was fluffing or scratching, but I was no longer looking forward to this one.

As far as rednecks go, he wasn't bad. But the tattoo thing really bothered me. I could deal with one or two, but each leg, all the way up to his puny, little butt. And each arm, completely covered. And his neck, up to his ears basically. And the upper part of his chest. He did have two nice sized nipples, with huge ass piercings, and pubic and armpit hair. I found myself asking, if I could be this uncomfortable and professional at the same time? And the answer was...almost!

There were no issues at all with his back half. He really enjoyed the work I did on his feet and shoulder blades! He praised me for the work I did on his lower back. And when I did his hips and lower half alignment, he said that was something he usually only got from his chiropractor. Actually, he was a little more cultured and a lot nicer than I wanted him to be.

When I turned him over, there was two things of interest...his pretty pink nipples and this thin slab of meat laying on his healthy ball sack. I did his lower half again without incident. When I got to his waist, I went up to his neck and came down. I did actually play with his nipples, first with my hands and then with my mouth. And as I was tongue flipping his nipple rings and lightly chewing the nipples, the natural musk of his armpits inspired me. I took my free hand to see if his pubic region had a similar aroma. He wasn't even hard. I finished the massage, and figured I'd ask since it was a sensual session. He gave me permission, and although he never grew much in width, he must have been 9, 9.5 when he dropped this huge glob of goo in my mouth. I kind of feel bad because it wasn't my best work, but I don't think he will be coming back to hear an apology.

I hadn't seen Tony since 2016. I remember, because the picture he sent me when he booked the appointment did not do him justice at all. I could have worked with the guy in the picture, but the man himself was pretty damn hot! Tanned, with a great smile and blue eyes, a hairy chest, a beautiful ass and a better than average cock. He stopped coming in when he met someone. I actually had the occasion to see them once, and as far as bears go, he was doable. Apparently, they dated for a little over a year before that ended, and now he is in something of an open relationship.

He booked a ninety minute session with the expressed purpose of us getting reacquainted before the session. He remember to bring a bottle of Balatore, and a bottle of Strawberry Zinfandel and Peach White Merlot from the Arbor Mist collection! So we are sitting on the couch, playing catch up, doing some making out and such between sips and it was just like old times...almost.

I actually considered dating Tony, and I guess part of me was bothered by the fact that I didn't get the chance. More importantly, my "friends first and foremost" approach to relationships is a double edged sword. On one hand, it allows for some sort of connection with most of the guys, which allows for better sex for me. On the other hand, it move a bit slower than most guys, and some will lose patience. Side bonus, they tell me stuff as a friend, that might turn me off as a lover. And sadly, that's what Tony did as we were sitting on the couch.

So there was no toe sucking during the session this time. And I limited my anal play to rimming and a prostate massage, though I did still really enjoy eating his ass! And he was still an amazing kisser, and I still enjoyed playing with his hair chest, and licking his armpits, and his navel. And he was still quite noisy and totally shocked that I could still suck him off, since you usually gets off through other means.

We had a good time, but I think the luster may be lost between us, for each of us. He may or may not come back in, and i will be just fine, either way!

You may well remember Kelly. Many many years ago, he use to work for me. And I will not lie, I thought he was fine as hell. I was out, and he was the one male employee who just didn't care. Most of the guys were uncomfortable, one actually hated me and quit rather than have to work one of my shifts. The hot cook use it to his advantage, and I did not mind. But Kelly was cool, and didn't mind me looking at that voluptuous ass of his. He was bisexual, and his lady friend worked for me as well.

About a year ago, Kelly was back, and he had fallen victim to his drug addiction, and it was affecting his health. Not nearly as hot as he once was, but he still had some nice attributes, we spent the bulk of that session talking, and me trying to make him feel better about his life, and make him thankful, grateful and hopeful for the future. I missed his kisses, but the gum thing just didn't work for me, when he had such beautiful teeth. He was a gifted kisser! And he was the first guy to suck my cock without teeth. I know, it is suppose to the shit, but I kind of like the guy to look like what I was attracted to, and no toothless wonder has ever won me over yet. It was nice but he couldn't get me off.

I took it as a good sign that he wanted a Plantasy session, and not one of my regular or package deals. Even better yet when he sent a picture, and even though he hadn't returned to his original splendor, he was definitely better looking than the last time I saw him. Mainly, he had aged, and filled out nicely. His hair was longer, and fuller, though is did have some gray. I guess he got dentures because his face looked fuller, though there was an increase in age lines and wrinkles in his face. But he looked better, and I looked forward to seeing him again, in personal.

It was a bizarre and fascinating session. He brought me flowers, and wine, and candy, all as a thank you for lifting him up and making him more optimistic about his life at a time when he needed it most. And also for not treating him any different when disaster decimated his life, and still making him feel great as a man. We were sitting on the couch, drinking, and talking about all of this and them some. Then he started explaining what he wanted to happen during the session and why. Parts of it seemed weird, but if a few fetishes and a couple of strange acts was all I had to do to keep him motivated and on this upward path, what the hell!

Despite the fact that he wanted me to eat his ass out, claiming I am the GOAT! lol And to suck him off, which I had no problem doing...some of the sweetest, creamiest shit I've ever tasted., he wanted to wear a pair of panties during the massage. He also wanted me to let him suck my cock, but since he had never gotten me off, he wanted me to piss down his throat at some point during the blowjob. He also wanted to eat my ass out for a change, and I was fine with that,because he has one of those long ass tongues you just wonder how it would feel up in there.He wanted some intense mutual nipple sucking and a few other things, and we did it all and then some!

He left here feeling like a million bucks, and he made me feel great with the mutual play and the tip! Damn, I love my job! lol

I hadn't seen Kevin in about eight months. Kevin is the double digit. thick black guy who use to come in for massages after he finished driving for Uber at 3, 4, 5 in the morning. Well, the second from the last time he was here, things were intense and he ended up sleeping in my arms in my bed. I thought maybe he overslept because he left so abruptly. The last time he was here, I think we were both heated and it came to a head, and not in a good way. What I thought was him running late, was the first time he had ever spent the night with a man, and he was uncomfortable and didn't know what it meant. I got pissed mainly because he wanted me to rim his ass, but he didn't come clean, then got mad because I wanted to clean his ass before I went there. When he left that night, totally dissatisfied, I thought we were finally done. After all, he has been seeking my services for nearly twenty years.

When he booked the appointment, I was antsy. Could I still handle his cock? Would he want me to eat his ass, and would he come clean this time. What would he look like? He always had this gorgeous, caramel coloring, nice muscle tone, a beautiful ass, though not usually ready for action and that awesome anaconda he kept up front. I never really cared for his face, his breath is usually bad, he has ugly hands and feet and is very moody and difficult at times.

Well, he showed up and a few things hit me. First, he smelled wonderful because he normally doesn't have one. Second, he had managed to lose weight and gain belly at the same time. He was noticeably thinner, but his stomach was protruding, which didn't use to be the case. As he undressed, I noticed that his ass was flatter than I remembered, and the monster looked a little bit larger, something he would even ask me about during the massage, so I guess he is either trying to make it even bigger, are thought the smaller surroundings might have had an impact.

His skin was softer than I remembered, and returned to its drool-inducing coloring when it was properly moisturized. His legs were hairless, so there were not real thrills until I got to his ass. I did my work there and was going to move on, when he indicated that his wanted me to rim it. Since he doesn't like things actually in his ass, there was only one thing to do. I manipulated the outside of his asshole with some scented lotion, and informed him that indeed, he needed to clean his ass better...something I would not have said to him before. I did amazing work on his lower back, shoulder blades and neck, as he requested Then I did his upper back and shoulders, before I turned him over.

All I could see was this erect monster, laying across his belly button. I did his feet and legs again. Then I did his neck, shoulders and chest, and at this point, he started playing with my nipples and my cock, something he rarely does. The creature had grown to full capacity, but wasn't wet yet. I took his massive balls in my hand and started massaging them. Then I started sucking and licking on them, as I heard the noises of ecstasy begin. I stayed there a while, thinking how I should attack the beast. Kevin has never made this much noise before. And then, I did my little snakelike move. I took the head and slowly devoured the shaft, slowly, tightly, adjusting my muscles to encompass more with each move. It took a while and some work, But I finally got the entire thing in my mouth, and heard a loud, "OH!" from its owner. I rested there, slapping my tongue against the shaft. I slowly pulled off until I could get my tongue around about three quarters of it and then started bobbing. And as his precum coated the cavern he was in, the noises reached a thunderous pitch. I took it all down again, and massage the underside of his shaft with my tongue. And then, I bobbed until he blew. It was a larger and better tasting load than I am use to coming from him, and he ask that I put him back in regular rotation. Guess I got him back!

Petey is still a sexy, young conundrum to me. Awesome eyes, a great smile, a bit on the scrawny side, he showed up in a tee-shirt, blue jeans, flip-flops and a ball cap. He also had a twelve pack of Coors light and a fifth of Jack with him. We sat on the porch and had a smoke a beer and a shot, and I knew by the time we went in, I was going to love him!

This barely legal otter was crazy and so much fun! The thing that really struck me was the amount of hair on his lower half, toes, thighs, calves everywhere, stopping just below the ass in the back and wrapping around his big , beautiful cock in the front. Then except for his amazing armpits and his struggling mustache, that was it. He had an awesome tongue and was an amazing kisser, and he let me do some body shots from his navel before we actually began.

I did his feet and actually sucked his toes, the big one was particularly edible. Then I licked each leg in its entirety before I even started working on it. This of course gave me two opportunities to work up an erection before I started working on it. Did the same thing with the other leg, worked on the ass and hips and did a lower body alignment and adjustment. Then I did booty duty. How can such a petite little ass, be so awesome. tight and tasty? I ate and ate and ate, as he moaned and moaned and moaned! Then I gave him a prostate massage that nearly got him off. He might have gotten off if he had known I was fighting the urge to actually go there with him. But I didn't. I moved on to his neck, back and shoulders and turned him over.

I did his feet, sucking his toes again, and then went to his torso. I rubbed, caressed and licked his torso, even cleaning out his belly button. Then I went to his virtually hairless chest and worked his nipples into a frenzy. I made out with him for a spell before I went back for the legs, this time, letting his balls get a sample of my digital and oral work. And as he got louder, his dick grew thicker and longer. This is when it donned on me how to wrap this up. I positioned him so that I could go from asshole to dick head, and I slowly did it. Eat ass for a bit, lick the taint, suck the balls, embraced the dick in your mouth and worked for 17, slowly work your way back down and repeat. My boy could not contain or control himself. He grew loud, he vibrated on the the massage table and on my way back to repeat the third time. I went from dick to balls and had to go back to the dick to catch that sweet and salty creamy man butter he churned out for me. It was not only plentiful. but delicious, and I worked his last nerve getting every little drop I could!

And finally the party, The Super Bowl, Suck-A-Ball Party and I for one, was embarrassed. I got there , not really into it with the week I had had, but I said I was coming I even offered to cook, that's how unnecessary my presence was, in my eyes. I went to make a cocktail and a cigarette when two older guys go down on me. Talentwise, one was okay and the other was hideous, so I was never getting off. I finished my cigarette and went to another room, where another freaky old geezer started working on me. That wasn't going to work either. I sat down in a chair in the living room when three fat guys, Brian, Tom and Roger all tried to work on me. Brain gave it two minutes and gave up. Tom got me hard, but go tired and didn't come back. Roger managed to scrape my shit even with no teeth. I was done!.

I started sucking on Rob, a sexy bear with a thick dick. I was enjoying myself, when my tequila guy came in with his regular play thing and Mike, a tall nerdy hairless guy with glasses. I heard Mike say he was checking out my skills, and soon after that Rob popped in my mouth. After I drained Rob, Mike sat down, and I started working on him, and unbeknownst to me, a line formed. After I finished Mike off, a guy sat down who couldn't actually cum, but could still feel the sensations. Exhausted him, and the okay guy who sucked on me was next. I think he had the best tasting load of the night. Then there was Charles, a frail guy with a huge cock, who stopped me three times before he finally succame. Even the tequila guys plaything got in line, In fact, he was the last one I did, leaving poor Desi, a heavyset black guy to his own devices.

bjhogan 61M  
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2/5/2019 4:19 pm


DandR4hands4men replies on 2/13/2019 6:42 pm:
I just figured you out...BJ-we know what that is. HO! GAN, as in again! lol Thanks for responding and we are both motivated by challenges. I just have an oral fixation. That and the bowlegged walk doesn't look so hot when you have as much ass as I've got! LMAO...if only! lol

Hungr4Yungr 69M
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2/5/2019 9:41 pm

Thanks for the expose on another great week, Remi. You sure keep busy. Love the pictures of the fine studs.

DandR4hands4men replies on 2/13/2019 6:43 pm:
Thank you very much, Hungr4yungr! It has definitely been one hell of a year so far! I love my job, and I might be becoming a workaholic again! lol

OnDaFence 31M/39M
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2/5/2019 10:38 pm

#6 looks to be more my type... I am not suicidal on some of those other massive manhoods.

DandR4hands4men replies on 2/13/2019 6:46 pm:
We share a similar sentiment there, OnDaFence! They may look good, but not everything that looks good is good for you! Thanks you very much for your support and comment!

slipery_boy69 38M  
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2/6/2019 10:08 am

lets please

DandR4hands4men replies on 2/13/2019 6:48 pm:
Honestly, Slipery-Boy, I don't know exactly what you are trying to tell me here. But I do love the way you chose to say it! Thank you for the picture and the comment!

mral65 53M
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2/9/2019 4:08 pm

Interesting week for you indeed! #1 looks great but #6 is quite intriguing!

DandR4hands4men replies on 2/13/2019 6:50 pm:
I waited for you to reveal that my favorite was number five this time, though 2 and 7 did have a moment in the sun with me!