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1/7/2019 10:49 pm
Ryan, Tim, Roger & Joe!!!

Damn, the new year has been kind to me thus far, and apparently that has included my little area here on Outpersonals. I want to thank the beautiful BrodyBarnes86 for his delightful emails, proving once again that a man can be as mannered and sweet as he is gorgeous! Let me also thank Restrainme69 for becoming my first new friend of 2019. He also added me to his hot list, as well as Skinhunter2, Bjhogan, Bisexualshadow, WantaPhatcock and RoseboyDana. Thank all of you guys so much! Bjhogan also flirted with me, as well as CCfor69, Just2getsucked and Milanche02. Thank you guys so much! Very much appreciated! Thanks to my husband from down under, Cumlover401, for popping by. Always a thrill to see you! As it is the deliciousness of Dansdick. And I'm still not sure what to make of Daxter3. Thanks for popping by, but you still have some work to do buddy!

Outside of work, there sadly hasn't been much going on. Sawyer and I communicate almost every night, but he hasn't come to see me yet this year. Nor has Robbie, Mikey or Stephane. Billy did pay me a nice visit once last week. And I attend a lousy cock-sucking party yesterday.

Roger was a ray of sunshine who came in last week for a sensual session. Despite having a slight tan, he had this awesome glow about him, accentuated by gleaming blue eyes and dazzling smile. His blue baseball cap covered his light brown hair. He had a clean shaved face. In fact, he seem to shave everything but his chest and pubes...thank God! We started on the six pack of Corona he brought as we discussed why he had upgraded from standard to sensual.

When we got into the massage room, he took off his shirt and I fell in lust.He had the hairiest, furriest chest I've seen in quite some time, and somehow, two sinful points managed to be visible through it all. That carpet went down to the drapes. He also managed to have a tan line, making his big, full, hairless ass slightly more edible and his dick and balls more interesting with the hair.

He laid down on the table and I started with his feet. He was nicely built, but with only a slight tan and no hair, there was really nothing exciting me about his lower half. He did seem to enjoy the work I did on his calves and feet however. I did his thighs, hips and alignment before I worked on his gluteus maximus. I had decided to let my tongue go swimming in his ass as I worked on his butt cheeks, and I did, and we both enjoyed that. Eventually I would replace my tongue with my fingers and give him an arousing prostate massage. I did some deep tissue work on his neck, back and shoulders before I had him turn over.

I started with his neck in the front, mainly because I couldn't wait to get my hands on his chest hair. I worked one pec at a time, licking his hairless pits as I molded and kneaded his powerful muscles. Of course, I couldn't call it finished until I'd combed that hair with my fingers and bathed those succulent nipples with my tongue. Even he seemed disappointed that I went back to his feet at this point. It was only when I got to his thighs that I realized he was hard and dripping. I put his balls in my mouth, as I rapidly vibrated my fingers over his shaft. He really seem to like that, as his moans got louder, and actually stopped when I started sucking on him. But moans became screams soon after, and it wasn't long before I was slopping man milk around my mouth with my tongue, and he was screaming at me and God for mercy!

Believe it or not, I actually go to a gym. Not just the ones in the bath house, to plump up my muscles and glisten my skin before the hunt, but an actually gym, with men and women. Tim was actually working the free weights while I was running on the treadmill. Unlike the bath houses, I don't have business cards posted and laying around for the guys to read. I try to avoid females clients as much as possible. Anyway, when he asked if I knew someone who gave a decent massage, I threw out a few names, including my own, and after a brief conversation about parking, rate and amenities, I waited for him to take a shower and he followed me.

Because of our environment, I basically painted myself into a standard session with him, despite him being tall, at least 6'2, dark brown hair, and handsome despite a tan or any visible hair below his eyebrows. he did have a great smile and beautiful blue eyes, By this time, I knew there was no hair under the arms, and that his powerful chest was hairless with two pretty pink points on his otherwise porcelain skin. That porcelain skin was all over with very few blemishes or marks. I was surprised that he accepted my offer of a glass of wine, but it was my intention to make the most of the situation that had presented itself before me.

As he laid naked, ass up on the massage table, I felt a stirring in my loins. After all, I haven't fucked an ass or gotten off with someone else yet this year, and certain kinds of asses, cock and balls combos and chest and nipple duets can get the engine started. He started moaning with the foot massage and it seemed like he never stopped. I did his entire lower half...calves, hips, thighs and had my face in his ass when it donned on will this affect our going to the same gym sometimes. I decided, you only live once, but skipped the prostate massage, and focus most of the rest of my time on his back, neck, shoulders and especially the shoulder blades.

When he turned over, he was half hard and dripping, and it was a standard massage session, so despite my interest in his nipples and his dick, I went back down to his feet, and slowly worked my way up. When I got to his thighs, I decided on my course of action. I worked the upper inner thigh, manipulating things a bit until he was aroused and stimulated again. then I played with the corresponding nipple as I worked on his pectoral. I waited to see his dick go down, but it never did. I did the same thing on the other side, and by this time, he was rock hard, with a thick glaze. I then started working on his torso, occasionally brushing, rubbing or touching his hard-on with my arm.When there was seven, eight minutes left in the session, I let my left hand work his torso and my right hand worked each inner thigh, one at a time, until there was five minutes left. I then offered to handle the situation, which he graciously accepted. So I wrapped my mouth around his erect dick and massaged his testicles until he unloaded his pistol in my mouth. I basically vacuumed that sucker dry, and while he was recovering, I pour us another glass of wine.

As he sipped on the wine and slowly got dressed, I asked him about our situation at the gym. He said we would just be cordial and polite in public, and he would even refer me if anyone ask about a masseur. He paid me, tipped me extremely well, and said next time, he wanted me to finish my anal assault.

The last time I saw Ryan, it was a very interesting situation. It was back when Dee and I were doing four hand massages, and Dee was more sex oriented than I was. So most of the time, he handled the intimate work, until he got tired, bored or frustrated, and then I would take over. Ryan had paid for an erotic session, so we were all nude, and he and Dee discussed certain health issues that might have had an impact on the outcome of the massage. Dee wasn't big on rimming or kissing, but would fuck forever and would suck until he lost interest. To make a long story short, Ryan enjoyed kissing me, me sucking him more, me eating his ass, and asked if I would fuck him. The question created an awkward situation for the three of us, but it ended with me sucking him off, and Dee sweating his talents. Truth is though, Ryan wasn't a stranger to me, and if it hadn't been on the clock, and Dee hadn't been there, I damn sure would have done it!

All of this came to mind when he made me remember him and set up the appointment for a solo erotic session.

When he arrived, he had changed considerably. Sure, I've got a few more gray hairs and may have picked up a few pounds, but I look basically the same. He was noticeably heavier, and his face had aged some, especially around the eyes. He came in with four bottles of wine. I always felt like he was some sort of Italian chef or something, because he was a very good kisser, but there was always a strong presence of garlic to his breath. Beats the hell out of mint though. So if you see me drinking Goldschlager, 100 proof Hot Damn or Aftershock, some sort of cinnamon shot, drink or schnapps, I'm getting ready to kiss.

We were well into the second bottle of wine, making out on the couch, catching up and stuff, before we actually made it to the massage room. I guess I had forgot how different the naked picture would be. Not gross, just bigger, and less toned. Fortunately, he had managed to keep the skin coloring, and his body was still pretty hairy.

Well, We made out some more, and he actually sucked my cock as I was working on his neck, chest and shoulders from the front. Of course, I did an extended chest play period with him and enjoyed his chest, nipples and armpits during the process. And because I remembered his sensitive belly button, I lingered around there for a bit as well. I gave him plenty of deep tissue attention to his shoulders, especially the blades, neck and back, and then slowly licking the hairy small of his back. And I was very professional with his feet, hips, thighs and calves. And it surprised us both that he came three times. His dick seemed shorter but thicker than I remember, and his balls were more impressive, His ass was a little more loose, but more tanned and slightly more hairy, but still a vision for the eyes and a treat for the tongue.

And Joe was another blast from the past reappearing. Decades ago, Joe was a patron at one of the gay bars I worked at. And like a lot of the guys back then, they were disappointed that I had the kind of work ethic that made playing on the clock a glamour don't. But I felt something for several of the regulars, and over time and drinks, we would built some sort of connection and go from there. Joe was attractive, a bit on the thin side, and tall with dark hair and a great face.
Between my working and him not being a night owl, we never really got together. We did have that one night that we made out, he sucked me, I ate his ass out and I sucked him off in the restroom at the bar. We both wanted to build something off of that, but it never really materialized.

When he showed up, he was a bit shorter than I remembered, and his face was a little fuller, but he still looked wonderful and the glasses made him look more distinguished. He was always one of the more classier guys and dressers in the bar, and that hadn't changed either. The black jeans did a nice job with his ass and package, and the red and black sweater perfectly complimented his mostly pepper and salt beard and hair, and lips. And he brought bottles of white zinfandel and merlot, though he was really never much of a drinker.We made out on the couch some and sipped some wine, but he was tipsy and loose tongued by the time we got to the massage table.

I sucked his toes as I massaged his feet, which he really liked. I did his calves, thighs, hips and alignment. He wanted a lot of butt work, so first, the fingers, then the palms and then finally the elbow got worked into his butt cheeks. I then did some deep tissue work on his back and shoulders, and softened up the touch on his neck. And I nibbled on his ears as I gave him a scalp massage. Then I went back to his ass, to eat and rim and do a prostate massage. that's when he said he wanted me to "slide that big black cock up in there." I can't say I wasn't tempted, but my prostate massage worked too well and he came on my sheets and actually became so relaxed he wanted to go to sleep.

I quickly turned him over so i could finish him up before he went to sleep. Between already cumming, the wine and the massage thus far, there was a limited window of time to get him out of there. Toes did not get sucked during the brief foot massage. The whole lower half got done without issue or incident. Since he had already came, it seemed pointless to go there again. As I was working on his chest, he pulled my face down and started kissing me madly. It was pleasant, but more rough than I like, but as I was working on his somewhat hairy chest and nipples, he started to rise for a second time. I let him continue doing his thing until it was full mast. Then I started licking his taint and working my tongue back into his ass hole. I guess he thought I was going to finally do what he really wanted, but I just worked a couple of fingers up there and sucked him off again. He seemed pleased, but disappointed as he got dressed, but the tip indicated that either the pleasure won out, or he will be trying to make yet another appointment.

If the new year is going to be full of familiar faces and repeat customers, regulars, out-of-towners and blasts from the past, I know someone who won't be complaining much this year!

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1/10/2019 6:09 am

The year is off to a good start for you! I can't pick just one this week so it's #2 and #5.

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1/10/2019 10:20 pm