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Rub You The Right Way!

We will just share some of our stories and experiences involving one of our favorite pastimes!

Al, Norman, Kevin, Scott, Robbie (again), Caleb (again) & Sawyer's Creation!!!
Posted:Nov 19, 2018 11:03 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2018 2:59 am
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! And still on a roll and a high, so there is quite a bit to cover in this post before the holiday. And my holiday is looking kind of sweet, with a sex party on Thanksgiving, a special massage client coming on Friday and an orgy on Saturday. But enough about me! Let's talk about some of you guys!

Thank you for the flirt, Bjhogan! Always appreciated! Now, I don't normally attention to the webcam shows, but there was a guy in the newsletter who reminded me of a very special someone I use to date. So I checked him out! Peter Mancini was better built, except the ass, And I would gladly give him a free massage, but going to stick with my guy! The newsletter also made me check out Williamcap, a gorgeous blonde Adonis, and Ericlillota1. So I ask Eric...a lil' what? A lotta what? Inquiring minds, hands and mouths are dying to know! Thank you Heed68 for adding me to your hot list! I am flattered! Mmoobbsl, I don't think you are average at all! I see OnDaFence is still checking on me.Thank you very much! It is always appreciated!!! And in following suit with my husband down under, Cumlover401, looking for a playmate in every port. And in Iowa City, it will be Crskyler. Always a pleasure to see you buddy!!!

Norman was freaking gorgeous. A beautiful tan, dark brown hair and mustache and an awesome smile. From the red shirt and khaki pants, I could tell he was decently built. He handed me the bottle of wine he brought, and as I poured our glasses, he wanted to reiterate certain points about his session. He wanted a lot of attention paid to his butt, back and shoulder blades and extra pressure put on his calves. Nothing I couldn't handle. It didn't seem to be a problem until we got into the massage room.

He took off the shirt and he had the most perfect chest. Tanned, muscular and hairy, with succulent nipples to boot, I was in awe! And when the pants came off, OMG! The ass was perfect, golden, sculpted, with just the right amount of fuzz in all the right places. And then there was that thick, double digit monster he was swinging between his legs, with his bag of two perfect pecans. the man was so gorgeous, I know I watered down my wine with my drool. And through the session I was so distracted, I wasn't as professional as usual, and I drooled on him several times as well.

I did his feet well and he even appreciated me sucking on his toes. He even started to moan I did his calves exactly how he asked me to. Sadly, the closer I got to that ass, the more my drool mixed with the shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera blend I was using on him. I was back to normal for a spell as I worked on his buttocks, hips and did the leg alignments and stretches. But once I started eating that ass, I lost my way again. I was there so long eating, I decided it was best to go ahead and work on his back while my tongue was in his ass. By the time I finished, there was no problem working three fingers in to do a prostate massage. And he loved it! The moans, grunts and sounds he made spurred me on, and again, I spent too much time in his ass. I still focused attention and pressure to his neck, shoulders, shoulder blades and back as requested, but it left very little time to do his front side.

When he turned over, that python was at full mast, blocking his navel from my view. I did his chest and then slowly worked my way down to venom filled snake that laid before me. I licked his balls and then I swallowed his meat monster whole. I felt it twitching in my mouth before I even started massaging it with my tongue. I cupped each ball in a hand and worked my fingers towards his taint, as I sucked the life out of his magnificent organ. And that thick protein shake was just what the doctor ordered, for both of us!

Al was a beautiful older gentleman who showed up with some whiskey and a six pack for his massage. There something about his aroma, the combination of his cologne, his slightly aged musk and his awesome smelling cigar, that strangely added a warmth to his rugged appearance. His skin was weathered, but tanned, his head bald. But there was something near mesmerizing about his scraggly, salt and pepper beard, black mustache and blue eyes. We both grabbed a beer and a glass of whiskey and proceeded to the massage area.

As he laid ass up on the table, he reiterated to me that under no circumstances that nothing was to go in his ass. And I understood. I mean, honestly it wasn't all that, a bit saggy and wrinkly due to age, and the salt and pepper fur was something I didn't see regularly on asses. He appreciated my calf and footwork, but seem to get nervous when I got to his thighs. Now, realizing that the lack of anal activity might postpone the climax, I used his upper inner thighs to start the party up front. I worked his hips with my fingers and his buttocks with my elbows. Then I stretched and aligned his lower half. I worked on his neck, shoulders and back, especially his lower back before I had him turn over.

His soft, uncut dick was swimming in its own juices when I turned him over, and I found myself to do the whole front side. Since I did no internal anal work on him, I deemed it best to do each foot and leg together, giving me two opportunities to edge him before I actually finished him off. I had also decided at this point that a hand job would be the more appropriate way to do that. When I finished the first leg and got him hard and near ready, he made the most dreadful , almost pained sounds. But at least I knew what to listen for twice more before the session was over.

When I finished the second leg, again, his distress call of ecstasy sounded off. I actually enjoyed playing with his extremely hairy chest and his hard, pointed nipples. And then, it was time for his last call of the wild. Actually, it just came to me...a dying mummy perhaps. That's what it sounded like, and the last one was a prolonged, repeated one. not sure what I expected when the time came, but he just kind of oozed out this puddle of thick, off-white paste. He said he hadn't cum like that in quite some time, and I suggested he make his prostate part of the party next time.

Scott was a lovely graying guy who showed up for his massage on his lunch break I guess. He came in with pizza and soda, and had on a pair of dress slack, a white shirt and a beautiful sweater. We ate, talked as I had a clove cigarette and then started his session.

He had a nice tan all over, and his graying hair complimented his bluish eyes. He had a nice, hairy chest, a little on the flabby side, and awesome armpits. He had nice legs, a large cock and a beautiful ass. I just knew I was going to enjoy this.

He had wondrously soft skin, as I did his feet, calves and thighs in cocoa butter. I worked his hips and did his alignment before I started working on his ass. I use my fingers, hands and elbows on those fleshy mounds of his, and then replaced them with my lips, tongue and mouth. He thoroughly enjoyed me biting on them before I made my way to the center. The analingus portion of the session went swimmingly, but unfortunately, my prostate massage worked too well and I found myself playing with dung.

I cleaned my hands thoroughly and continued on with the massage. And he denied me nothing beyond this point. I finished his back half up without incident, When he turned over, I proceed to kiss him, which was nice. I worked his nipples into a frenzy with my fingers and tongue before I massaged his pecs. I worked his torso, sides, hips and legs before I licked and sucked on his small balls. he was moaning with delight, so licked around the shaft and started slightly tugging on his pubic hair. Finally, I put his sausage in my mouth, and like a Ball Park frank, it plumped when I heated it up. Somehow, I managed to keep the entire thing in my mouth and still did some fancy work with my tongue. And it wasn't long before he spewed this gigantic and tasty load into my mouth, so I drained him to exhaustion.

Kevin was a true surprise! It wasn't until I saw him that I recognized him. My last husband and I met at the bar I was working in, and long story short, his friends left him drunk there and I let him sleep on my couch that night. He was gone when I got up, but he showed up at the bar that night with flowers and asked me out. He was gorgeous and had guys all over him. Surprisingly, he never cheated on me, but this Kevin was one of three guys I had to step up to, letting them know to leave my man alone!

He looked surprisingly well, and I thought from his bald head, blue eyes and clean shaven face, that there would be no body hair, but I was wrong. He had a nice chest with a hairy patch running down the middle, and small but projectile like nipples. He was also very clean and had a nice but flat ass. But most impressive was his large, mouth-watering uncut cock, with the perfect size balls to carry them. And he was very receptive and responsive to all that the massage came with.

He moaned when the foot massage came with heel and arch licking and toe sucking. He groaned when his buttocks met with my hands, fingers and tongue, and melted when I went inside both with my tongue and for the prostate massage. He even liked me licking his back and neck as I worked on them, and me nibbling on his hair. And he seemed genuinely surprised to get a scalp massage, especially when it came with a tongue bath. He also turned out to be a pretty good kisser. He responded well to nipple play as I worked on his pecs, and even liked me playing with his belly button.

I placed his dripping, semi-hard cock in my mouth and tried to get it to full size. I was also massaging each testicle with a hand at this time. Once that bad boy grew, I had a hard time trying to keep it in my mouth, work my tongue around it, remember to breath and continue massaging his balls. But his whimpers and purrs made it all worth it, and they gradually got louder. I found a way to get my tongue under the foreskin, and this drove him insane. He is now vibrating off the massage table, very vocal though I couldn't make out a damn thing he was saying. I blew a little, bobbed a little and sucked a bit, when he finally dropped the largest, sweetest, creamiest load since....that story is coming. It was so good, I drained every inch of it, and life force out of him. It really took him a while to recover and leave.

Robbie was finally back, but I guess he wanted to grow his hair back before he made the appointment. And he plans to keep it through the winter, despite the little lady's objections.

Sadly though, he was not having a good day when he arrived. He remembered my clove cigarettes and two bottles of wine. So I cracked a bottle, grabbed a clove and decided we should do a Rub & Scrub in my tub! I ran the water with lots of scents, foam and bubbles. Then removed him from his clothes and placed him in the tub. Then I stripped and got in behind him, wrapping my legs around him. I got him to talk to me while I was whispering and nibbling on his ear, washing his hair and giving him a scalp massage.

Work and relationship issues are the worse. And I found myself massaging his neck, shoulders and back as he continued to unload. He eventually leaned into me, and I started working on his pecs and nipples, and playing with the hair that had returned to his chest. Unfortunately, his ass was now against my cock and balls, and I had started to respond. I returned the favor with my hands before we both decided we were done with the tub.

He referred to me as "his personal massage therapist" so I finished in the massage room, instead of the closer bedroom. I poured us another glass and started working on his ass when he got on the table. Then I went to his feet, trying to hit all of his favorite spots, and his collection points of tension and stress before the session was over. I ate his ass a little before I turned him over and sucked him off. Then I laid with him, and we talked about holidays, the weather, and my "regular visitor." He didn't want to take another break, claiming the holidays are the most stressful time of the year and he would me. So I guess somehow, he is going to make things work.

Caleb was absolutely adorable when he showed up for the third time. I truly didn't think they made romantics that young anymore, but I'll be damn! He brought me a black teddy bear,(guess that's how he sees me), two bottle of my favorite wine, a box of chocolates and a gift certificate. More important to me anyway, he had this infectious smile that lit up the room, and a twinkle and gleam in his eyes that seem to say, he was glad to see me!

Honestly, I rushed through the session, being professional, but only so the latter half, we could do what we wanted. And I really did do everything, from head to toe and front and back. I sat on his back to do his neck and shoulders, and I know he loves it when I rub his feet. I love playing with his bony, hairy chest and pointy nipples. And of course, eating his ass out and sucking his dick is always wonderful.

And he loves, loves, loves making out with me, which is why I wanted the second half to be more spontaneous. So I laid down next to him and he snuggled into my arms, and we spooned like that for a spell. Then we made out some more before we nestled into one another. We held hands and did a little frottage and grinding. I even got him to do a little slow dirty-dancing with me, which was kind of silly, cute and fun. Yeah, he played with my nipples and sucked on my cock, but I told him that that comes easy, and he is currently bringing something special to the table. He teared up on me.

Damn, he is precious! And I get paid for that!Image7]

And I was shocked, flattered and flabbergasted Friday morning. Sawyer was here from Nashville at six in the morning. What's worse is that he had to be at work at three in the afternoon. I knew our last two occasions had been dynamite! But it looks like I may have him addickted again! lol

He didn't waste no time. Said he needed this, and needed it bad. He had my cloves, his stuff, our drinks, though he left his here, and was out of his shirt and pants before I got the door closed good.

And good it was! He is so freaking gorgeous, and so freaking impressive when he wants to be. He is an awesome kisser, I can actually get off kissing him! of course, I can also get off with him working on my nipples. We sucked each other's toes and fingers, and licked each other's backs and faces. And I ate his ass out, And in a rare event for us, we fucked each other. I forgot how good it feels to be fucked, especially by him in our favorite position. And I forgot how good it felt to be inside him. In fact, that's where I dropped my load. He dropped two, the last one in my ass and the first was that large sweet, creamy load I mentioned earlier. We spent a little time, cuddling, making out and talking. He said I should look for more little trips like this, and I told him he needed to give me notice! A few more kisses, embraces and caresses and he was gone!

Now, the problem is, whenever I get damn good loving like that, I get happy! I get rejuvenated! I get invigorated! And I get greedy...for more! So Sawyer creates this highly sexual creature, leaves me feeling this way, amorous as hell! And there is a party at five o'clock!

So I get to this party, deliver the cheesecake, get naked, grab a cocktail and a clove, and five minutes after the cigarette, making out with the first Joe, attractive older guy I end up eating his ass out and sucking him off. Soon thereafter, in one of the restrooms, getting pissed on and sucking off Chris. I get cleaned up and go back downstairs, and another Joe starts sucking on me. But at least i know this one, so we hit a playroom and start making out, sucking on each other's nipples and dicks, me eating his ass, and even talking since we hadn't seen each other in a spell. He's not exactly single so he doesn't get out much, but when he does, he makes up for lost time, and is pretty awesome actually. We have an understanding, that we check on each other regularly throughout the night, because we are the only ones who can regularly get each other off. So if it hasn't been done, we handle it! But if he was single...

After catching up, I went to have another cigarette and drink. After which, i came across Robert, a nice looking, older Indian guy. We went to another playroom, and mainly started sucking and I fucked him. This was probably the worse part of the night. Not because of him, hell, he got off twice! But each time he did, he made so much noise that everyone in the house knew it. In fact, I waited thirty minutes before I went down, but they still knew who made him do it...twice! At this point, i couldn't be anywhere for long by myself.

I made out with Larry, a beautiful young, brunette, and ate his ass out, and sucked him off. Then did the same thing with this gorgeous young man Jimmy. I went for another cocktail and cigarette, sat down in the living room, and the regular Joe started sucking on me again. he took a break and I got with this redhead, Ben. We went to a playroom and it was almost like a massage session, except he was hoping I would fuck him, but he got off while I was eating his ass out. I even tried to do a threeway with a hot blonde, Sam and a sexy, muscular, tanned Stephen. But we couldn't figured it out, so we piggy roasted Sam, until Stephen came and then I sucked Sam off. They both worked on me separately and together, and although making out with them was great, and both of them working my shit was great, i still didn't get over the hump.

I finished off the night having a damn good time with James, a hot guy from out-of-town. He was so much fun, dancing, singing, kissing, sucking and some ass play, but neither of us got off. He will be in touch the next time he is in town though. I enjoyed making out and eating out Dan's ass, and him working on my nipples. We sucked each other's dicks too, but only he got off. Joe came to check and suck on me twice more before he left. And I caught this sexy hairy guy, Jerry, in the restroom and we played in there. He was an awesome kisser, and I liked eating his ass out and sucking on his amazing cock. That was my last load of cum for the night, and I never did drop one of my own!

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!!!!!
Dylan, Lance, Lee, Damon, Jonathan & Craig!!!
Posted:Nov 13, 2018 4:01 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2018 11:04 pm
Yes, you may call it a slow week for me, but still feeling this romantic-amorous afterglow from last week, so I think good!

making it a point of responding to comments to my posts right before I post a new one, mainly to make sure I don't repeat any pictures. But I also noticed two things while I was there. 1) The word "" was missing several times, so guessing it was added to my "can not use" list. But it may have also been because of 2) I seemed really happy, tipsy or something in that post. Rather that was me drinking, my afterglow after Sawyer's visit, or being spunk drunk, jizz jazzy or mam milk manic, but powers-that-be...bring back the spell and grammar checks!!! lol

Let me holler at a few people before I begin. Cumlover401, isn't it time I get the 411 on you? Post some more pictures and holler at your Outpersonals long-distance lover sometime! Thank you to my new friend, YesIswallow...answered your Oral Quiz Bret! Let me also thank him and Bjhogan for the flirts I received since I was last here! And welcome back, love to Tennisnfun! It always a pleasure to see you checking me out. Next time in Saint Louis, if you are up for a wager, up for a match!lol

I have been on this string of redneck clients lately, and it is making me change my mind about them, and possibly even dating them. Lee is the latest one, and as usual, it wasn't an obvious attraction. He just really grew on me in the scope of an hour.

I didn't even know they still made Coors, I only hear of Coors Light these days, but he had a twelve pack when he arrived. He had this beautiful dark brown hair that turned into this straggly, spotty beard and mustache, which wrapped around some kissable, pink lips and a beautiful set of teeth. He also had that goofy, effervescent charm and a zest for life that made him shockingly, a pleasure to talk to, which I did over a couple of beers before the session started. By then, I knew I liked him, but would I be attracted to him?

We got to the massage room and he got undressed. He was truly average built, not too skinny, not too muscular. You could also tell he was beginning to try to tan, so I went with my Hawaiian Tropic, cocoa butter blend. He had beautiful, hairy armpits and pubic bush, a few hairs around his navel and that was it. He did have a full decent ass and a decent dick. And at this point, thinking, it could go either way.

My foot work was greatly appreciated, and his soft, hairless skin tempted me to lick everything. I did find a few more hairs as I spread his legs and ate his now lovely ass out. Some sort of heat had me sweating and only in my shirt. I slid between his legs and sat on his ass as I did his back, neck and shoulders, which he thoroughly needed and appreciated. I turned him over and noticed the two brown points on his chest. I went for it, first with my mouth, and then with my hands as my tongue made its way around his neck and ears, which led to an interesting, yet awesome kiss. I massaged his pecs as I licked down to his navel, cleaning it out with my tongue. His dripping dick begged to be cleaned as well, and so I did. With my hands massaging his balls and taint, I sucked him dry, and even ate his ass some more before he left.

My first impression of Dylan was an unhappy, giant bear cub. This young, tall, heavyset gentleman managed to have an attractive face, despite being obviously displeased. I would learned that it was a rough day in retail, where he had gotten the half gallon of generic vodka, we were then sipping on. And I was sure between the vodka and the session, he would be feeling much better when he left.

When he started to get undressed in the massage room, I saw something, I don't think I have ever seen before...hairy man boobs. If I see man boobs, the hair is usually around them, if there is any hair at all. I don't think most of my client even have them. But he was hairy from nipple to pec, and that was something I kind of wanted to explore. And thank goodness, because his surprisingly nice ass, there wasn't much else there thrilling me.

I started with his neck, back, shoulders and shoulder blades, because I feel like that is like instant relief for most of my clients, That, and I didn't feel like he would be stripping or groping me at that point. He thoroughly appreciated that, and the appreciation grew when I went to his feet after I finished his back, and he was already starting to smile and enjoy himself by then. I worked my way up the calves, the knees and the thighs. I guess it was the first time he had had a lower body alignment, as he seemed surprised by hip work and stretching and pulling of the legs. I was eating his ass out when it happened...he came.

I checked to see if he wanted to finish the session. Most of my clients don't care to be touched for a spell after the release. He seemed more embarrassed than anything, and he seemed to want to get back in mad mode. I assured him that it happens more than he knew. I tried to assuage him by joking about it being a testament to my talents, and then suggesting that we play the rest by ear, since I had the whole front side to do. And that seemed to do the trick.

I was fascinated by his man boobs, combing the thick hair with my fingers as i pinched and flicked his nipples with my fingernails. I assumed this was good for him, as his dick, which had retreated back into the hood of his foreskin started to peak out again. His balls were bigger than his dick, it was an interesting sight, the balls basically draining the dick in a pool of its own cum, with the head trying to come out to investigate. After I did his feet again, he decided he had had enough. I cleaned him up slowly with a couple of warm, wet towels, one soapy, Then I dried him off and he got dressed. I was surprised. he not only paid for the full session, but even left me a nice tip!

Damon was the worst kind of client for me to get. The gorgeous creature who knows and acts like he is. For all his gorgeousness, the muscles, the body hair, the tan, the smile, the face, the hairy chest, the dreamy dick and edible ass, the arrogance and attitude were such that I found myself debating whether to crush his spirits. enjoy the hell out of this once-in-a-lifetime event, or hurry up and get it over with and get him out of my sight! Actually, I did a bit of all three and even suspect he will be back again.

I have decided that I could probably make an adequate living just doing foot massages, and Damon would back me up. I gave him an incredible foot massage, complete with toe-sucking and heel and sole licking, and that licking even went on to the calves and thighs as I was massaging them. Like I said, this man was gorgeous, and I could have licked him head to toe, and practically did. But I wasn't always kind about it.

Like I told him his ass was liked wrinkled leather as I was molding it and eating it out. Or that I thought he would be a much better kisser, when we did our one and only kiss. I wore his nipples out with my fingernails and teeth, as I worked on his pectorals. I pulled his armpit hair with my teeth as I licked them. I did the same thing with his pubic hair and the hair on his balls when I was licking and sucking them. And I made it a point of talking about bigger, thicker and longer dicks as I was sucking his, and bigger and tastier loads when it was done.

The said that the stories about me were true, and that he wished he hadn't avoided me for so long.

Yes, there is a some history between Damon and me, most of it unpleasant on my end, but I think our last two encounters may be a fine example of rewriting history!

I was doing my Rub & Scrub Day at one of the local bath houses. I try to do a day at each one a week, because I have some regular clients, who like the whole being watched as a manservant bathed them in the public showers, and the preliminary work that can be done in the sauna, whirlpool, hot tub, steam room and other extras that can be incorporated into a massage session. These session cost a hell of a lot more, but my regulars seem to think they are worth it. The only bad thing is...I for a 8 or 12 hour block, so I stay there until time is up. leaving a lot of free time, unless they are back to back sessions.

After I had finished with the only client I had on the schedule for the day, I grabbed a couple of sodas and a clove cigarette and went for a smoke. A lovely young, tanned guy, Jonathan, approached me, under the ruse of needing a light. He asked about my giving my client a shower, and when I explained, he asked about a session. At first, I encouraged him not to. After all, he was probably the finest guy there, and could probably get a lot of that done for him for nothing. When he explained himself, I gave him a discount, less work since already there, set up and ready, and when I finished my cigarette we began

We went to the shower, and I cleaned him head to toe. I kept it mostly clean, know there were witnesses, though I did suck on his nipples some, licked his balls and sucked his beautiful member, ate his ass out and drank some of the water as it came off of his body. I made him a show, and he was loving it! I suggested we finished getting dry in the sauna. I sat on the highest plank, and he sat between my legs so I could massage his neck and shoulders, and like clockwork, someone came in, sat on the floor and started sucking his dick. They must have done a decent job, because he turned and started sucking on me. Not bad. I let him get me hard before I suggested we hit the steam room. We sat side by side, and made out as two guys started sucking on us. Jonathan kept making guys move on so he wouldn't cum yet. I joked that he was wasting his money as he really could have waited for someone to approach him. That joke was kind of on me, because I ended up sucking Jonathan off right there in the steam room.

I never even gave him a massage. He paid me and we just hung out until it was time for him to go. We played around, both with each other and with others before he left. And it was a fun and busy day for both of us. I gave him a gift certificate for a discounted session before he left, and even picked up one more client before my time was done there.

What do you get when you crossed a shitload of margaritas with a crazy Blatino in a massage session? A crazy time, that's what!

There are certain combinations of men who work well with me. Greek Italians are some of the hairiest, most romantic men in the world to me, and they love dark meat! Irish Russians seem to be fun, borderline crazy and love to drink. And African-American Latinos are fun, crazy and usually easy on the eyes. Lance was, let's just say something else.

The fact that he showed up with a fifth of Jose and a half gallon of margarita mix should have said something. I didn't for the bling in his mouth, or the three tattoos. And I think we were drinking for different reasons...him to get even more loose and happy and me, to settle my confusions as to if I wanted to kill him or not. But the funniest thing to me was, he wanted to come across as hard and thuggish, but was just too damn small and skinny to do it.

This should not qualify as a massage session. He talked a bunch of shit when he laid on the table with his ass up. I worked on his neck, shoulders and back. Then I did his feet, which he gave me hell about. And then I worked on his small but beautiful ass, even eating it out and giving him a prostate massage, begrudgingly against his will. Another round of drinks and he turned around. The tattoo on each pec made me just massage them and play with the nipples. Hell, there was just a little hair stubble on his chest anyway. It was during this time he attempted to suck my cock. What a painful exercise that was. I finally put his thin, double digit monster in my mouth, worked a finger up his ass and rubbed his balls with my free hand until the job was done!

Craig is a guy who I haven't seen since my favorite two bars in the city closed. On a great little sidenote, my main New Year's Resolution is to open an illegal club in my basement, combining the best elements of those two bars, so if you miss the Unicorn Club or the 501 Eagle, keep your eye out for The Unicorn Eagle portions of this blog in 2019.

I was shocked when Craig showed up. Not only had he not aged at all, the nature of our acquaintance was such that we could talk, drink and get close. but only so close before he'd push me back. And this session quickly became more about seeing what I, if not him too, had missed out on.

Laid out face down on the massage table, he was not bad. And in an endeavor to impress and inspect, I started with his neck, back and shoulders. He was already making moans of pleasure before I even moved down to his feet. This, he thoroughly enjoyed as well. I did his thin but hairy calves and his slightly more impressive thighs before I jumped on his ass. It was nice, full, firm, pale white and fuzzy. And then I saw it! He had one of those tunnel assholes I told you were a weak spot for me in the last post. They just look, and taste and feel so good. But I had already decided that he wasn't going to get me naked this time. He have to come again to see everything he missed out on! lol

I ate that ass for what seemed like forever. It even felt good on my finger as I was working toward his magic spot. The sounds of ecstasy got louder and louder coming from him. I turned him over, and this is where the good stuff was. I started playing with his slightly muscular, very hairy chest, which led me to enjoying his nipples. His impressive cock was erect, waving, dripping and begging for attention. I went for the armpits but the antiperspirant rained on that parade. This is when I learned he was a pretty good kisser. And then, that impressive member made its home in my mouth, for all of two minutes before the empty vessel deflated in my mouth and retreated to its usual domicile. The load was large and tasty, but I was still disappointed.

He complimented me on my oral skills as he was getting dressed. And I commented that he didn't have to wait so long to get a sample of what I could do. He indicated that he still hadn't seen what I had to offer. and I told him that that was my assed around long enough to get this far, now it is my turn. With that, he paid and tipped me, and there was this lingering feeling in the air that indicated that my power play meant there would be no return visit.

It might have been nice, but at least I know what I missed, and he doesn't! lol
The Voting Is In, Sawyer's Visit, Chuck, Edmund, Sam, Roger, Jeffery & Jeremy!!!
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 10:17 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2018 5:54 pm
Hello gentlemen! As you can tell from the title and my status, it has been an amazing week in the life of Remy. Now, this will be a long one, so go out to vote first! Grab something to eat and drink, a smoke if you it, and remember, it took me longer to type it than it did for you to read it! lol

Before I get started, I just want to holler at a few guys here, and remind a few of you who come in to see me, that unless you give me permission, you have not read anything or seen anything that belongs to you. In my line of work, you don't piss on people unless it is part of the session! LMAO

Just a reminder to Chip46202, Daxter3, and Just_needing_fun, that you only have a little less than two months to come in for your free sessions. After that, I will make you pay out the ass! lol I want to thank DKing777 for adding me to his hot list! Thank you so much! Let me thank Bjhogan and Uplay255 for flirting with me! very much appreciated! LilFunOne, it has been a while, but it is always good to see you in my neck of the woods! Pop by anytime, and in person would be even better! My Outpersonals husband from down under, it always make me smile to see you, Cumlover401! I want to thank Akl1234 for the email, and let you know, I have a new favorite picture of you! And damn! Scottywoo, thank you for your email! You have definitely got my attention!!! Oh, and I think I read something about the powers that be having issues with pictures. So I will try to post some, but don't blame me if they don't show up! lol

I love it when you get to break a client down, though I haven't figured out yet why they would come in to see me, and ask for a sensual or erotic session if it is that much of an issue for you. But this seem to be the case with Edmund, a stocky, borderline chunky Latino who came in for a session last week. he came with a twelve pack of Corona and an attitude to boot. A bit unwarranted, because other than a great face, a nice thick cock, and a beautiful ass, he wasn't all that! But he presented himself as if to say, " not going to enjoy this." And despite being only slightly into certain parts of him, I took it as a challenge.

He drinks three beers, gets naked and climbs up on the table. With him face down on the table, his ass was the only thing I saw worthwhile. Nonetheless, I started on his feet and worked my way up. And it was like he didn't want to make any sounds or do or say anything that would indicate that I was doing a good job. But I felt like I did, especially on his feet. I also noticed as I was working on his thighs that he was adjusting himself. And I know for a fact I worked out every knot and kink I found on his neck, back and shoulders, especially the shoulder blades. Then I went back to his ass. I molded, kneaded and pressed into his meaty globes until I saw the head of his dick between his legs. Then I positioned myself so I could tease his cock and balls as I rimmed his sweet and lovely ass. This is when he started breaking down, as his moans and groans gave away the pleasure he was feeling with my tongue in his ass. He only got louder when I initiated the prostate massage, which I intentionally ended early, because I wanted him to know I knew he was having a decent time.

When he turned over, it was like he put the wall back up, so again, I started at the feet and worked up. It was hard for him to convince me that I was doing anything badly, with his semi-hard dick in the air, leaking spunk like a dripping faucet. When I got done with his thighs, I went to his hairless man boobs, and started working on them. His dick responded nicely to the nipple play, but his face seemed conflicted, so I didn't bother using my mouth on them. I found a few nails on each finger and started stroking his sides, from armpit to hip. He started breaking down again, and I wasn't exactly sure if I was thrilling him or tickling him, but I kept at it until he was at full mast. I massage his hairless pubic region with one hand and embraced his testicles with the other. This rubbing started him gyrating and vibrating on the table. And I continued doing this until I decided how I wanted the happy ending to go. I completely engulfed his dick in my mouth, did a few tricks and bobbed a few times, sampling the syrup I was going to miss. And I finished him off with my hand, aiming at his face so there was no denying the happy ending. I gave him a hand cloth to wipe the jizz from his nose, mouth, chest and belly button. Now tell me you didn't enjoy that, I thought as he got dressed, paid and tipped me.

I think there was a cop convention or something in town last week, because I got two of them on my table. Jeffery was my least favorite of the two. He was thin, hairy and sexy, but a bit of an ass. He came in with some cocoa butter lotion he wanted me to use, I guess to help his slightly tanned skin. And as he was getting undressed, I was making notes to myself, and wondering why he had to be such a jerk.

One of the reasons I prefer email appointments is so everything we covered and planned for the session is written out. I also try to do a mini-consultation upon arrival, in case something changes, like an injury or something. I even have a rule that if you want me to skip a part of your body, keep it covered. Keep your underwear on, if your ass and or member is off limits, or more often, if your feet are ticklish, keep your socks on. Well you guessed it, I started on the feet, and he blew up, because he didn't want to be tickled. Now, normally, I would get pissed and just get through it, but this time, I decided I was going to do whatever I wanted.

In addition to an excellent full body massage, he got his cute little hairy ass ate out, in addition to a thorough prostate manipulation that nearly made him cum. Had to stop that because he might have ended the session there. I licked his armpits and his beautiful hairy chest, and nibbled on his nipples until the pink points escaped their furry surroundings. I replaced the sweat on his balls with my saliva before I let his seven inches play with my mouth and tongue. But his bad attitude was no reflection on the thick, sweet creamy load I got about ten minutes later, and I even managed to get a tip out of him!

Although Jeremy, the other cop, was not as visually pleasing to me as Jeffery, he was definitely the better of the two. Jeremy was short, and possibly spent a little too much time at the gym. Well built, I fell in love with his ass in those dress pants with the quickness. We opened the first of two bottle of wine he brought and started talking. We had quite a bit in common, so we poured another glass, grabbed the other bottle and went to the massage room.

I studied him as he undressed. The light brown hair on his head, under his armpits and in his genital area was all he had. Huge arms and a powerful chest, with two huge pink nipples pointing out from his palish white skin. By far the dreamiest, palish white, hairless ass I've ever seen, and his dick was about average but thick.

As you know, muscle requires more work than...fat. So he really appreciated the work I did on his calves, neck shoulders and arms. And I like the fact that he let me lick his armpits while I was working on his armpits. Us both being romantics, there was a bit of kissing, and he played with my cock and playfully chewed on my nipples some, and you know I returned the favor! He loved the way I "worshiped" his feet. And I should say, my tongue resided in his ass so long, I felt no to give him a prostate massage. But I did want to empty his shooter...twice! I would easily call that a ninety minute session with Officer Friendly!

So yesterday we had our annual "Best of" sex party, and if you will remember I did quite well last year. And of course, was most proud of being the undisputed best cocksucker in the group. So we started with sex, but I really wasn't interested, so I drank and smoked a lot. I mean, between everything else that went on this week, I didn't really it. And none of my favorite playmates had bothered to show up. But I did feel bad for one guy. He had the biggest dick of all the guys who were playing, and just about everybody took a turn. I know I saw at least eight guys sucking on it, but he still hadn't got off. So before dinner, i gave him ten minutes of my time, and got a huge tasty load for my efforts. After dinner the awards were given. I won best top, but I think that is best one of the few regular tops attending. I won best rimmer, but that wasn't much of a surprise. By unanimous decision, I was named best kisser! YEAH! But would I hold on to best cocksucker for a second year? I did, and this year, it was by unanimous decision as well! And I walked away with both my heads held high! lol

Chuck reminded me of a skinnier version of a guy I know in Missouri. Chuck was bit taller, a little hairier and a lot less reserved. He showed up with a bottle of whiskey, which I hadn't had since my last husband died. So I sipped on my glass as he downed two, and poured another to drink during the massage.

He really liked my feet work, and truly didn't want me to stop. And I didn't even lick them or suck his toes. I went on to his calves, which were a pleasure to work on, but the thighs, not so much. They were so thin and muscular, it was more like a hard rub that a deep massage there. But I was able to get the party started in the front, even before the prostate massage. But his lovely white ass did something to me, with the plush fuzz, and the hairs in his butt crack waving invitingly towards his warm, dark hole. Once again, I found myself eating ass a bit too long, but still wanted to do the prostate exam. I worked it and worked it until he wiggled and lifted his ass off the table. I used my free hand to play with his balls, and then slowly slowly made its way to his sticky cock. I slowly retreated, eventually pulling out of him and finishing up his back half.

I turned him over and he started sucking on me. So I started with his neck and worked my way down until he got tired. This gave me the opportunity to work on his nipples with my mouth as I massaged his pecs with my hand. I found myself combing his chest hair with my fingers as well. Then I went to his feet again, and again, he didn't want me to stop. I offered him a deal on a foot only spot massage, so I think he may become a regular. I did his awesome calves again, and his not-so-awesome thighs. I started licking his pubic hairs and I caressed his balls with one hand and rubbed his taint with the other. And then I felt his hands on my shoulders. Was he going to cum with nothing actually going on with his cock or ass? I got my mouth on it just in time to catch the first few drops, then vacuumed the rest of it out with my lips firmly embracing his shaft. The noise he made sent chills up my spine, motivating me to do more. This went on a couple more minutes, until I felt his hands left my shoulders and plop on the floor. He was spent, so it was money well spent!

Sam was this short and skinny, sexy blonde guy I had on the table. He even had a very hairy body, so I was a bit perturbed to discover that he had trimmed his chest hair before he arrived. But I let the beer and tequila he brought assuage me. This cute little mother fucker was charming as hell, winning me over left and right before I even got him naked on the table.

As he stood there before me undressed, it was a dreamy vision! His cock and balls were the biggest things on him. Just fucking awesome! He had a cute little hairy ass, with what I call a tunnel hole. I find it extremely difficult to fuck a tunnel hole when I see one. They always look, taste and feel so good! The chest nice, but would have been better before he trimmed it, but the nipples were delicious. You can probably tell where going with this!

This was on of my sloppier massage sessions. I did a good job on his feet, but everything else kind of got licked before it got worked on. Laying the hair down on his calves and thighs with my tongue before I applied the cream. And that poor ass didn't stand a chance, this first or the second time I hit it. No, I didn't fuck him, but I massaged and ate it, did the rest of his back, and then massaged and ate it again before giving him the prostate massage.

We were behind schedule when I turned him over, but when he kissed me, all bets were off! We necked, made out, cuddled, spooned and groped each other. Then we fondled, caressed, rubbed and grind against each other. And that sexy ass and tunnel hole kept teasing my engorged member, now inches away. I went down to eat it again, eventually licking his taint, working my way to the salty, sweaty swollen balls, and finally to that impressive cock. I feasted, devoured and relished that slab of meat until all the juices exploded in my mouth! It was so hot and delicious, I couldn't let it go until I had wrung it like a wet rag! He laid on me for quite a while before he collected himself and his belongings and left!

Now, I told you in my last post, how uncomfortable I am with redneck clients for the first time. Well, I could tell Roger was one over the phone, and I almost steered him in another direction. But since the last one wasn't so bad, I decided to take another chance.

When he showed up at the door, he looked like I expected. His short brown hair, his straggly beard, and the weird thing going on with his mouth I still can't put my finger on. His teeth were short, but all there and clean, and the cigarette-beer breath didn't really bother me. Still something was weird there. But his awkwardly cute smile, his personality, his red face and soulful eyes somehow made him okay. When he got naked though, he became the dreamiest redneck I know.

Another one who trimmed his chest, but his slightly muscular chest with the stubble and nipples came across as sexy to me. And he had this intoxicating natural manly musk thrilled me to the point of overlooking his two large tattoos. Hell, even his hand were strong and sexy, though I did think his nails were too small for his massive fingers. And his slightly above average cock and impeccable balls almost made me want to do another rush job. But he was charming and funny, and even sweet at times, so I tried to be professional.

I did his feet with no problem, and he seem to like that. I did the calf and thigh of one leg before I went to the other, meaning I could do the alignment on one side when I finished it. Yes, it provided me with two opportunities to work that upper thigh magic I do so well. But it also, sadly afforded me the disservice of actually drooling on him a couple of times. By this time, his sweat, pheromones and musk were thrilling the hell out of me, and it was time to do the ass. He let me massage, knead and mold it, and he let me eat it out some, but nothing else was going in it. I finished the back half and turned him over.

Feeling like I had offended his sensibilities when I was working on his ass, I tried hard to get back to business mode. I started at his feet and did his calves and thighs. Then I did his neck and shoulders and started to do his chest. His cock was already hard, but as I was working on his chest, especially his nipples, I noticed it twitching, and finally starting to drip. I stayed there a bit and decided to use my mouth on them. assuming I did a damn good job because he eventually lifted my head up and kissed me.Wow! What an unexpected treat! Then it went to passionate mode and I was in awe. This turned into making out and necking, and I am part flabbergasted and part enjoying the hell out of it! Then he started sucking on my cock, and I got to say, he was talented. he could have actually sucked me off, but I took it as a sign that I didn't have to be professional anymore. lol I quickly devoted my mouth to his cock and balls, and the aroma, and the taste of his precum just kicked me into overdrive. He stopped sucking on me when he got close, and I manage to get two huge tasty loads out of him before he left. So if you are reading this buddy, please cum back!

And despite all of this, the best part of the week was the surprise overnight visit from Sawyer. You long time readers will remember that about a year ago to take care of his parents. Well, mom is doing better, but dad has gotten worse, and has even been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so he is staying there to help mom with dad. But he managed to get a night away and chose to spend it here with me. He brought dinner, and all of our favorite drinks, and smokes, even remembered my cloves, and we hung out for sixteen hours. He said all the right things, and did all the right things. We won't get into the mushy sentimental stuff, but it was a romantic, passionate freaky time, and between the two of us, we climaxed eight times. So now, in perpetual afterglow!

Don't forget to VOTE!!!! See you next time!
Grayson, Brady, Bob, Clark, Eduardo & The Stranger's Party!!!
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So many men, so little time! Sorry, so much to do, so little time! I want to thank all of the guys who wrote me this time. Correction, I responded to my comments with the blog post. I meant the ones who actually sent me emails. It was so much appreciated this week. Akl1234, it was good to hear from you again. Perhaps things can get back to normal soon. Scottywoo, thank you so much! You are far too kind! Thank you so much, Masteroralbater, and you as well, Just2getsucked. Very much appreciated! It is always great to see you still popping by after all this time, Cumlover401! Come anytime! Thank you both, Bjhogan and Masteroralbater for the flirts! And since there is so much to get into here, I think I'm going to do a wrap-up of the guys and leave out a few of the details.

Brady would have been perfect for me, if he were so damn skinny. Hairy as hell, great smile, some awesome natural musk. But he was the kind of skinny that, well, sometimes I wonder if I might hurt somebody or break someone fucking them. I worried about that just eating Brady's narrow, hairy, tasty ass. And of course, when a guy is that kind of hairy, such places as his armpits, his chest, his navel and even his calves and thighs get extra special attention from me. He had just finished his hard day as a construction worker, so he was kind of clammy, hairy, warm and musky, except for his feet, which I worked on and he appreciated despite the scent.

I was also surprised that he wanted to kiss and suck on my nipples, both of which he was quite talented at. He didn't mind me eating his ass, but he passed on the prostate massage, which kind of forced me into an oral happy ending on his long, thin dick. I had to remind him that the thrusting wasn't necessary, because the massage is to relax him so let me do all the work. So. I crossed my arms, playing with his nipples as I hugged his torso with the diamond made by my arms, and went to town, sucking, licking and bobbing on his manhood. I was use to moans and groans, but the grunts and growls thing kind of threw me. Nonetheless, I continued my oral assault on his rod, until it dropped the sweetest nectar I've sampled in quite some time. Of course I drained him to the point of torture before I let him off the massage table.

Eduardo was quite possibly the mistake of the week for me. It was late Sunday night when he called. And what I assumed was a thick Mexican accent might have been influenced by the fact that he had just gotten kicked out of a ladies stripper bar. So I opened up the door to a heavyset Latino still in a huff and a drunken stupor over his evening's event. I figured I would get his the session and perhaps, he might sober up for his trip home.

He was a sloppy kind of stocky, having a naturally muscular built that had started to collect beer and carbs. His skin coloring was lovely though, and his face and cock turn out to be his best features. I'm going to say it again! There is such a thing as too much ass, and he was right on the cusp. I actually wanted to like his ass, because of the shape and color, but it was too loose and jiggly to appreciate, though it was easier than most to work on.

The other problem with him was he was horny yet ornery, talking crap without thinking, pissing me off as he is trying to get me to get him off. It was a basic, cocks and balls hand job, that ended with him passing out or going to sleep on the massage table and paying me twice for his session. I'm not sure if he remembered paying me before and after his nap, but since i couldn't make money on the table while he was sleep, I let him reimburse me for my loss.

Bob was a weird combination of things to have on my massage table. He was lean or having some slight muscles on his bones. Oddly attractive and short with long, dishwater blonde hair and goatee, and an awkward smile due to his bad teeth. The twelve pack of PBR and the package of Marlboro, along with the first words he spoke, gave me the final indication that he might be a redneck.

I always get uneasy with them because...well, the somewhat attractive redneck guy, who tends to talk without much thought in a room with a gay black man who could be pushed in several directions, depending on how the session proceeds. As he undressed, I looked for things to turn me off, but other than his neglected feet, dirty hands, the tattoo on his shoulder and of course, his grill, I couldn't find much. In fact, I actually loved his hair and body hair.

Long story short, he was actually charming, and quite harmless, minus his mouth on my nipples. And I got to enjoy most of him the way I wanted to. I particularly enjoyed eating his small, near perfect ass, and the noises he made during his prostate massage nearly made me laugh. I actually broke the prostate massage session into three parts, as I was sure I could bring him to orgasm from there and wanted to be in position when I did. he also really appreciated the work I did on his feet and upper back.

When the time came, I worked two fingers inside of him to do the final part of his prostate massage. The longer finger found the magic spot and a couple of tricks worked him into a frenzy. I then took my other hand and massaged each testicle and then the entire sack. All I had to do then was wrap my lips around large, long cock and wait for the ball to drop. And boy did it! It was a great tasting load, and it was truly was on of the most entertaining climaxes I've seen in quite some time. I hope he comes again!

Grayson was probably the sexiest guy I saw this week. Blonde, tanned, with just enough hair to feather, his well-groomed goatee not only gave the aura of a short mane on this Leo, but embrace his face in such a way as to highlight his pink, kissable lips and gorgeous smile. And despite being a bit on the thin side, he only became more stunning as he undressed.

His beautiful tan, his lean and limber limbs, his awesome furry chest, his beautiful cock, which he took offense to me saying, his dreamy ass. Hell, even his feet were attractive. I have never met a man so appreciative of every part of his full body massage in my life. He enjoyed the foot massage, which only got better when I started sucking his toes. He loved the kneading pressure I put on his calves. The noises started when I worked on his thighs, and he was never quiet again. I enjoyed everything I did to his ass, and he not only enjoyed, but needed the work I did on his back, neck and shoulders.

I turned him over and we were ready for it to happen. And for about twenty minutes, we cuddled, we spooned, we necked, we hugged, we kissed and we made out. I can't call it a bona fide hickey, but I can say he had a area of discoloration on his neck. He told me not to worry about it and it didn't. I slowly lowered myself, devouring, savoring and massaging every inch and morsel of this enticing young man. I honestly wasn't ready for him to leave, but once he dropped that second load, make out with me some more and rested in my arms for a bit, he readied himself to leave.

Clarke was in blossom. He was not quite a man in appearance, but beyond a boy in every way. His alabaster skin and dark hair highlighted his amazing blue eyes and his sexy rose lips. His facial hair even seemed childlike, long but spaced in such a way to make you feel it was just starting to come in. His long dark dropped on his shoulders, and nearly hugged their way around his neck. And somehow, especially when he smiled, you saw his playful, youthful innocence, even with his developing muscular body.

Muscles were plenty but hair was sporadic on his body. A few long sexy hair laid glistening under his arms. A thin long patch ran between his pecs and down toward his belly button, with a few long, curly ones surrounded his large, succulent nipples. A few on the small of his back, some in the crack of his awesome ass, and they beautifully decorated his massive balls and sexy, uncut dick.

He was charming, and seem to want to play with me almost as much I wanted to play with him. It was another one of those sessions I almost feel bad charging for. I'm not sure if it was because he ate my ass out as I was sucking his off the second time. Or because he almost sucked me off. Whatever it was, it was better than most of the sessions I have, and he left with a smile on his face, and I am almost certain I will see him again.

I'm always uncomfortable when I go to a party at a strange person's house for the first time. Can I smoke? Can I smoke my cloves? Can I drink? How much? Will they like me? Will I like anyone there? And more important to me is, what will be my reputation or legacy when I leave?

Well, I got the impression that the host wanted get with this, but he kind of offended me, sure we had met and played before, only to find out it was the other black guy ( 2 out of 47) and he was a tall, skinny effeminate kid with a huge dick he didn't seem inclined to use. We made up enough to do a few shots, but that was the end of it.

None of the attractive guys I was hoping for showed up, and I put myself in the mindset of drinking enough to make do with a few guys so at least that reputation could be started. When I thought I was there, and honestly, I went too far, but when I went for food, all I found was one shrimp, I went to the basement where the video room was and a fireplace, and I sucked off a nice noisy dick down there. Then I went to the second floor, when the main play room and the bed were. It was a little too dark and busy for me so I went down to the undressing room on the main floor, and soon took it over.

I was cool though. There were two large cocks waiting for action in the room, so when I went for cocktail refill, I brought some guys with me. The other black guy, my tequila guy, a strip poker buddy and a heavyset Latino who was foaming and drooling at the mouth for action. I finished one cocktail, came back with a shot and another cocktail, and still nothing was happening. So I started pulling guys, leading men and giving directions. I put the Latino on the well-endowed, handicap guy, who started playing and sucking on the other black guy, who suck on my strip poker buddy, and my tequila guy jumped on the other big dick in the room. Everybody was busy getting sucked or sucking, but mine was a cocktail. I got to the door so I could get more guys in. Three more guys made it in before I was asked when i was going to do something, but my hands were full with cocktails. Eventually though I would suck on seven more guys, four to completion. I would get sucked by three guys, but it was two days later before the deed got done. I helped clean up, doing dishes and taking out the trash before I left.

Days later, I made a few calls, to find out what was being said about me. This is the second strange place I've been to for a sex party this year, but the legacy is still the same...helpful, tipsy, talkative, fun, orally talented and selective. And since they don't really know me that well, I think it is a heel of a start...for now!

I also want to wish each and every one of you sexy piece of eye candy, a Happy Horny Halloween!
Kevin (again), John (again), Kelly, Rick and Roberto!!!
Posted:Oct 22, 2018 11:57 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 11:27 am
Hello gentlemen, and thank you again for putting up with me once again. I also want to thank all of you who responded to my last post. You will find your responses there. And I do hope you checked out my status, because I really wanted to people to think and make a few changes like I did several years ago!!!

It was lovely to see you again, wanting_it_now! Always good to see you! Thank you very much for the email, Scottywoo. It was very much appreciated. Also, thank you for the flirt, as well as Bjhogan. And thank you, Inthebutt76, for adding me to your hot list. I am flattered!

If you will remember, when I talked about Lamont in my last post, I referred to him as number 3 or 4 on the most well endowed black guys I've ever had to pleasure of entertaining. I didn't explain the number fluctuation. If I kept it completely honest, he would be number four. But we all have a horror story or two, or ten, in our sex lives we'd like to forget, and number two on that list is one of mine. The relevance of this is that Kevin would be number three, or four if I found Lamont to be larger than Kevin.

You may also remember four to six months ago, that Kevin had decided not to see me again. After eight to ten years of patronage, he got upset because I gave him hand job happy endings three visits in a row. So I was surprised when he wrote me for a massage, claiming he missed our sessions, but not offering an apology. I guess I only agreed to it because I felt like it was a victory for me that he even wanted to come back.

It was almost as if nothing had changed. He didn't bring anything. He still had that awesome complexion and skin coloring, He still had that enormous cock, and the beautiful, scrumptious ass that waves you back with that odorous fragrance. And as sexy as his mostly hairless body is, his face is still the downfall on this lovely piece of masculinity. And I went about it almost the same as I usually would, but he decided this was the time to talk.

I was working on his calves when he started explaining, that although he really enjoyed the massages, especially when I work on his back, arms and knees, the other main thing about our sessions was the oral happy ending. And as I working on his ass, he is explaining that because of his size, most don't even try to suck him, yet along, suck him off. So he was really happy to pay a massage that came with such a happy ending. When I stopped, it wasn't as much of a thrill for him. And he turns over and I'm working on his feet, he explains that after trying to find someone else to go to, he couldn't find the combination of great massage and happy ending he preferred. So he was back!

And I'm guessing for just the one time, because the more he spoke, the more pissed I became. I mean sure, I was glad to hear that talented hands and oral skills are hard to find in the area. And I guess I could have taken it as something of a "he missed me." But I just kept thinking, once again, I have a client on the table who cares more about getting off than getting a good massage.

To make a long story short, I finished the massage session, and gave him a happy ending by hand. I was a bit torn as I watched that python spit that venom into his hair, then his eye, then his chin and finally on his chest and torso. And it was usually tasty. But for the first time in our history, my mouth never touched him, anywhere. And I didn't even offered an explanation, just took his money and let him go. And since he never tipped anyway, I have no way of knowing if I'm ever going to see him again or not.

And then we have John, again! Let me see if I can make you remember him. He is the massage client that referred to as a celebrity because he has been in two movies. He is the bisexual guy that I once dated years ago. Actually, he refers to me as his first boyfriend. Well, a major event event happened his life, and he rewarded himself with a special "plantasies" massage session.

So when he shows up, he brings me my clove cigarettes and two bottles of Arbor Mist Strawberry Zinfandel, cheap table wine, as he calls it. And for some reason, he isn't as hot as usual. I mean, he isn't as hairy, his dick looks smaller and his ass looks bigger and honestly, had a couple of hemorrhoidal flare ups, a particularly bad thing in this case because this was suppose to be the focus of the massage.

I suggested that he leave this in my hands, and I went to work. I did his feet to neck on the back, skipping the ass for the obvious reason. Turned him over and did him head to toe in the front, again skipping the good part because that was now my reward for going through with this. I turned him back over and then started the butt work.

Since rimming was out of the question, I started with lube and working a few fingers in. Then I replaced them with a butt plug, which started off going slowly in and out, and then eventually just leaving it in there. After a bit, I replaced the butt plug with a medium size dildo, and moved it in and out of his ass, Then I increased the velocity of the movement, before I replaced it with a slightly larger vibrator. By this time, John, who is normally quiet until the very end, is shrieking up a storm, very entertaining since he is a very deep tenor by nature. Finally, I replaced the vibrator with a medium set of anal beads. When I worked all nine balls in, I put John on his side and distracted him with some nipple work and then by sucking his dick. When I had him close, I started slowly pulling the beads out, one at a time with a rest. He started cumming at five, finished at seven and screamed as the last ball came out.

Rick was as cute as a button, which is probably an insult, considering his age. But his cute round face, gorgeous smile and jovial spirit...Oh. my God! it just came to me. The perfect word for him...cherubic.

Physically he was attractive, but not my type. He was slightly on the chubby side, and was even hairy enough for me. His skin was creamy white so his pink lips, brown nipples and dishwater blonde hair on his face, head, chest, navel, pubes and under his arms stood out. His bottle of gin started to kick in, but his personality really endeared him to me, and he had the perfect cock and balls combo.

Despite being ticklish, he let me do his feet, and had the cutest little laugh to go with that gorgeous smile. For some unknown reason, I loved working on his calves. And of course, I used the upper inner thighs to get the party started in the genital area. Although his ass looked good in the orange pants he had on, I didn't really care for his naked ass. Too loose, too white, too round, too much...I'm not sure. I did his back, neck and shoulders and we even kissed before I turned him over. I worked from the head down in the front, but never made it passed the nitty-gritty! I loved playing with his armpits, and his nipples, even his belly button. But it was the cock and balls grabbed me, hooked me and didn't immediately let me go, even after I drained them of their nourishing nectar! As shocking as this may sound, I really hope he comes again!

Kelly was gorgeous, his long blonde hair arrived in a ponytail, but I freed it during the course of the massage. And amazing smile and great face. I remember being able to see a few chest hairs through the button on his thin, white dress shirt and white wife beater. And the main thing was, as dreamy and awesome as his ass looked as his black slacks embraced it, I was not prepared for the stunning beauty of its nakedness, nor the fact that the front would be just as mouth-watering and scrumptious!

I will not lie. I rushed through his feet, calves and thighs and just got lost in his ass. Fingering it, rubbing it, rimming could do no wrong. Literally losing time there, I skipped his lower back and focused on his neck and shoulder blades before I turned him over. And again, I got sloppy with it, never touching anything below the family jewels. I was a fan of his armpits. I savored his nipples. Hell, he was even a fantastic kisser. But I do have to admit, I feasted on the family jewels! I believe I sucked on his slightly salty, sweat scented balls until they had a few more wrinkles. I licked his pubic hair until we thought they were bleached. And I slobbed that knob until the floodgates open, releasing a downpour of sweet, milky rain I just couldn't get enough of. I wore him out, trying to get the spent sausage to give me more juice. He tipped me, and we even made out some more before he took off.

In a lot of ways, Roberto was unusual! It wasn't just the fact that he brought margaritas, sangria and Coronas with him for the massage, though he became more charming and talkative as he drank. It wasn't just was the hell was going on in his mouth, Platinum, gold, silver,,,the only thing I know for sure is that it wasn't all enamel. I think it was more his appearance. This Black-Latino mixed guy reminded me of a darker, shorter Bruno Mars with facial hair. But not only was his short, he was the kind of skinny that you worry about breaking the bones accidentally on.

When he should up, he was smiling and carrying this huge bag of stuff. And the blue jeans and blue-grey shirt he had on, he was swimming in. It wasn't telling much of nothing. He handed me a glass of sangria, but he had all three beverages for himself when he came up. I went and got a cooler for us, prepared it. We started drinking and talking, but it wasn't until he was into drink five that he started to undressed. And slowly, I started to grow concerned.

SKINNY! BONEY! SKELETORY! I'm not even sure there were muscles or veins in some of his parts. When the shirt came off, I was sure I would not be sitting on his back, the rib cage scared the hell out of me. And between his pink nipples was a patch of about twenty hairs. I can say that because at some point, between the sweat and my pina colada massage cream, I was able to straighten all of the hairs and make them cling to his skin. The jeans came off, and he had surprisingly more ass, and way more cock than I expected.

I gave him a full body massage with out breaking anything. He really enjoyed the knee massage, and thoroughly enjoyed the foot massage. I was really worried about doing his calves, but nothing cracked. Whatever was going on in his mouth did quite a number on my nipples, which I tolerated because I spent way too much time eating his ass, and that was even before I gave him his first ever prostate massage. Thank goodness I figured that out early and managed to be sucking on his monstrous cock when I put my fingers in there. In no time, his first load came out. And it wasn't long before a second. It took a bit more for the third one to come out. And by this time, he was weird, laughing, crying, screaming, vibrating, shaking with this bewildered look on his face. I was sure he was spent, so i let him take as long as he needed to put himself together. And as he was getting dressed, I learned how much history I had made with this encounter, and that, as well as the tip and the promise that he would come back, made me feel really good about my accomplishments that night!
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Bryce, Chris, Lamont, Dale, Jason and My Late Night Mistake!!!
Posted:Oct 15, 2018 11:40 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 11:28 am
The first thing I want to do is thank all of the guys who reacted and responded to my last post. It felt good to feel like I was doing something right again. You all got a response with that post! The second thing I want to do is call attention to a wonderful read I found while I was here. There still seems to feel like some tension and drama around here, but Mandrogyny's "National Coming Out Day" post was cool, inspiring and even had some interesting photos. If you haven't already, check it out! i really thought it was the best read I found before I started this post. I also need to thank Bjhogan for the flirt. And to the handsome Franklin3431, if you ever make it to Indy, I will gladly work on you! And I should have known...every time I see, "Burlesque," Christina Aguilera's "Tough Lover" makes me think of someone here. And true to form, he paid me a visit while I was away! So welcome back, Cumlover401! Good to see you haven't completely forgotten about me! And because there is so much to share this time, I'm going to skip some of the details and just do a bit of a wrap-up on the episodes I am sharing this time. Don't still get your pictures! lol

I'm going to start with Lamont, who was here Wednesday. He was a beautiful, young, black man with no facial and not much in the way of body hair beyond his armpits and pubes. He did have a great smile and an afro though. He did have a lovely, cocoa black ass, and one of the top five largest black cocks I've ever seen, (I couldn't decide if he was 3 or 4.) And considering how thin he was, I was surprised to see succulent nipples and man-boobs on him. He turned out to be an awesome kisser, and he knew how to work a nipple. And he really appreciated the work I did on his feet, his ass and of course, his cock. I guess no one really rimmed him before, and he said he hadn't had much luck with blow jobs. I guess he wasn't sure of my oral abilities, but I knew I had handled at least five bigger than him, so it was not surprise when I caught his large, thick, slightly salty load in my mouth. And yes, I did deliberately pull back so I could actually taste the load, rather than have it bypass my taste buds and slip down my throat. I particularly remember this one, because he couldn't tip me, so he gave me the gold herringbone necklace he was wearing!

Dale was the older flake who ended up pissing me off. He had been contacting me for months about this massage. Now, when I guy is over a certain age, I assume them to be beyond games. He wanted a erotic hour session, and even sent me a shirtless, head shot so I'd know what I was working with. When he showed up, he looked like I thought he would, sexy for a guy in his sixties. He was also hairy, another plus. The one thing that doesn't always come through in emails though is if they are a head case.

Now, I have a number system for doing timed massages. So many minutes on each foot, thigh, calf, neck, back shoulders, etc., and that only changes when they want me to focus on certain areas. Well, apparently he came in with only one thing on his mind, so me being anywhere else was a problem for him. Give credit where credit is due, his ass wasn't as wrinkly or saggy as you might think, and he didn't even have a tan line. And it was clean and somewhat hairy. Under normal circumstances, I might have enjoyed doing it. So to make this long and painful session shorter, I spent twenty minutes on the rest of his body and forty minutes on his ass, with the last ten minutes sucking on his pretty little dick until he drooped a small but tasty load. By this time though, we were both pissed, so I didn't expect a tip, nor do I expect to ever see or hear from him again.

Bryce was this European (guessing from the accent) guy who kind of popped up for a massage after a meeting downtown. One of the few times a client brought me alcohol this week, this thin, hairy man turned out to be a whole lot of fun. He was playful, if not flirtatious, talkative with a sense of humor and romantic as hell. As we were sipping on the wine he brought, we couldn't really figure out if he wanted a sensual or erotic session, so we kind of played it by ear. I now love Europeans!

The first time I hit his feet, he really enjoyed it. By the second time though, he was trying to get me hard through my shorts, and decided on the upgrade. He also loved the knee massage, and the pressure I put on his lower legs. His ass was a bit on the small side, but it was clean and tasty, and he went crazy during the prostate massage. As he went bat shit during the back, neck and shoulder part of the session. I turned him over and discovered that not only was he an amazing kisser, he was a talented sucker as well. I knew then how the session was going to end. But I first put some attention on his chest, armpits and feet again. Then it became a symphony of moans and groans, as we made it a contest to sixty-nine until one of us got off. Declare me a winner twice guys, because not only did i get a great blow job without copulating, I also cleaned, sucked on and emptied that nice uncut cock of his. He not only left me a tip, but a bottle of wine to boot!

Chris was probably the most disappointing redhead I've had on my massage table in the physical since. Not only was he lanky, but his skin really needed some sort of color. Freckles, some sun, something. His pasty, off-white-beige skin was almost disturbing. What's worse, his hair grew darker as you went down, from luscious, long red hair in a man bun, to a large, light brown soul patch on his chin, a bush under each arm, a few strands between his chest, a little around his navel and big, dark brown bush around his long, abnormally thin cock and massive, low-hanging balls.

Needless to say, I really tried to stay focus and rush through this one. the bad thing was, he was so sweet, charming and romantic, I felt bad for not being more into it, as it appeared he wanted me to be. I was feeling a standard session, but he wanted a sensual one. So I tried. In addition to the standard deep tissue and Swedish massage work he wanted done, I played with his non-existent nipples. I ate his ass before I gave him his prostate massage. I even licked his sweaty, salty balls as I stroked him off, watching a huge load land all over his chest and torso, even noticing that there was much difference in the coloring of his cum and his skin. I actually felt so bad when he tipped me, that I gave him a gift certificate for 25% his next visit. If he actually redeems it, I will have to revert back to my escort mode, and remember his wonderful inner qualities to motivate me into giving him a better massage session.

Jason was short, dark and handsome. He had short dark hair and a gorgeous goatee. and his oversized, white shirt and blue jean shorts made for a great reveal. He was nicely built, with just enough hair in all the right places. The color of his ass reminded me of a taco shell, with a few brown spots. It just looked scrumptious to me, and I was ravenous. I probably spent too much time here, licking it all over as I worked, rimming him, he said for the first time, so I might have been a bit too aggressive. But it was dark, and sexy, and warm and tasty and clean and slightly sweet, with a little bit of hair, everything you want in a beautiful ass. I knew I did a fine job when I managed to get three finger in there to do his prostate massage. And the way his body moved, the noises he was making and him dropping his first load told me he was having a good time.

Fortunately, I had the whole front side and the top half of the back to do, which gave him some time to reload. I kind of took my time, doing deep tissue work on his neck, back and shoulders. Even he didn't realize how much stress and tension ends up near the shoulder blades. Turned him over and enjoyed working on his chest. I guess I shocked him, sucking on his nipples and licking on his pecs, lowering my licks down slowly to his navel and then jumping to his feet. Since I knew I want to suck on that nice uncut slab of meat of his, especially after catching a whiff of that combination of masculine aroma, pheromones and sweat in his bush. I quickly did his feet again, but going up each leg, giving me two chances to stimulate his genital region from his upper inner thighs. After the second one, I tasted his testes, licking and sucking as I worked his meat into a semi-hard state with a series of pokes, touches and rubs. I placed his member into mouth and massage it with my tongue as I caressed his balls in my hands. Then while still doing this, I got a few fingers into his pubic hair and my other thumb on his taint. With all of this going on, it only took him about five minutes to drop that second load, making me long for the first!

And that late night mistake? Saturday night or morning, whatever you consider 3:30 am to be. I get a call from a young sounding man named James about an erotic massage session. Since I'm already up, I agree, and put me and the room together for him. An hour later, there is this short, blonde guy in a grey hoodie at my door. His face looks great, but when he said hello, I noticed he had a wretched set of teeth. Since this was going to be a ninety minute erotic massage session, and he didn't bring anything to drink, we went right up to the massage room. Then it happened...

First, it became obvious that he didn't really need anything else to drink. But at least, he had personality, had no problem talking, and even managed to be amusing, when he wasn't annoying, But the worst thing was, when he was out of his clothes, there were tattoos everywhere! Not being a fan of tattoos, one or two I can usually work with or around or cover up or something, But I counted like thirty on his two hand alone! So sad, because because I probably could have immensely enjoyed him if it weren't for that.

I had to cover his tramp stamp with my crossed arms in order to eat his ass out and used an awkward approach to his prostate exam, though it did feel like "strange" to him so it sort of worked out. I sat my naked ass on the small of his back to do the first half of the massage, minimizing the number of tattoos I had to look at. Turned him over and he wanted to kiss. Despite his grill and alcohol breath, he wasn't half bad, plus he had great face, hair and beard and no tattoos. I tried to do his chest without looking, as the hair and the nipples were very nice, minus the artwork. I even had to lay one arm on his navel to block the tattoos as I sucked him off. Such a shame as it was nice and tasty and sweet, and I was enthralled by the smell of the sweaty musk of his pubic hair. The good news is I still managed to get paid and made a tip. The bad news is that one nipple is still sore from him, licking sucking or biting on it. So glad I didn't let him return the other favor!
The Challenging Four Hands Massage, Russell, Kurt and Caleb again!!!
Posted:Oct 9, 2018 2:32 am
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 11:45 am
I was really surprised to see that there were no comments to my last post. I guess that means either I'm not around enough to keep your interest, my pictures are either awful or too good and you guys forgot to say so, or there is some other stuff going on in the blogs. Maybe it was too long, or I got too personal? Oh well, we will see how this one does. Hell, it doesn't make sense to waste a paragraph for this...thank you to bjhogan & uplay255 for the flirts!

I was absolutely thrilled that Caleb wanted to come in for another massage. I saw him for the first time last month, and it was good to know I can still pull in a hot, young regular. He showed up in a suit and tie, with two bottle of white merlot and a pack of clove cigarettes for me. He had requested I wear black and red and I still have no idea why. We shared a clove and sipped on a glass of wine as we discussed the session.

Even before he started to undress in the massage room, I was already glad to see him again. Yes, I remembered our last session, but it was also the sparkle in his eye, the twinkle in his smile, the awesome mane his hair and beard seem to make around his too cute face, and of course, that ass in those dress pants. And there was no pretense this time. The last time he was here, we actually tried to keep it a massage session for at least the first half. This time, we just laid on the massage table, and thoroughly enjoyed each other, touching, kissing and slowly undressing each other.

He laid in my arms and sucked on my nipples as I played with his chest hair and nipples. Then I moved so I could lick his chest and armpits, and I felt him rise between my legs as I pull his pit hair with my teeth. I licked my way down to his belly button, and tasted the sweet and salty warmth of his precum. I skipped his shaft and went for his balls, sucking, licking and massaging them with my tongue, which slowly manipulated its way through his legs across his taint and into his asshole. I swam in that ass forever, and I recognized the noises from last time to know I needed to stop of I would miss the first load, and I only wanted him to get off one time today.

I actually did do a little massaging on him. I did knead and rub on his butt cheeks for a while. I did massage his feet as I was sucking on his toes, and again when we were sixty-nining, but that was just something to keep them busy until he dropped that delicious load in my mouth. Then we ended the session the way we started, grinding, groping, spooning, necking and making out.

Kurt was this cute, young, tall, lanky guy who came in for a sensual session he booked online. I will admit to being a little disappointed when he showed up, as an erotic session might have been more tantalizing. When I opened the door, there stood this baby faced guy, with dark brown hair, and great teeth with a blue and white, long-sleeved. vertically striped button shirt, blue jeans and some Coors light. I was glad we had a beer and talked before we got started, because it allowed me to surprise him without bursting his bubble.

He wanted things that normally guys don't care for during the massage, so I went with a completely different approach to him. So we actually started his session with him faced up. And although most guys wouldn't care for it, i'm going to say it anyway. He had a pretty dick, nice size, laying on his appropriately sized balls, nestled in a bed of gorgeous, luscious, dark brown hair, and I knew how the happy ending was going to happen for him. What was strange for me was seeing these long hairs in the middle of his chest, widely spaced out, so I had some fear of actually pulling them out as I worked.

I actually started with his hands, and slowly worked my way up each arm. He actually loved me kneading on his biceps, and learned that he could be turned on by slowly stroking his armpits with my fingernails. This took me to his chest and pink nipples, that to the naked eye was hardly there. A combination of soft touch and pressure pointing was done here with extra cream to ensure his hairs remained. He enjoyed having his torso caressed as well, and I think his navel turned out to be another undiscovered spot for him. I skipped the good parts, rushed through his legs and started on his feet, one of the main points of his massage. His long, thin feet and toes required a couple of different techniques as well, and he kept trying to work his feet up the legs of my shorts.

Now during our conversation, it became painfully apparent to me that his ass was his pride and joy, and the other main point of the session. Unfortunately, when he turned over, I was not impressed. I started at his neck and work my way down to the small of his back. Then I went to his feet and worked my way up. Then it was time. Now, don't get me wrong. It wasn't gross or nasty. It just wasn't anything I look for in an ass. It wasn't particularly full or big or hairy or anything. And on top of that, upon closer inspection and especially the crack, I found it to be, as weird as it may sound, too clean. The ass itself had some hair, but it was like he had the hair on his taint and crack removed with a laser and the hole had been vacuumed. I guess if the whole ass had been that way, it would have been fine, but it was just unrealistically bare for me. So I spend two thirds of the remaining time on his butt cheeks, massaging with my fingers, palms, hands, fists and even elbows, before working two fingers in for his prostate massage. Not only did he thoroughly enjoy this part, but it nearly ruined my plans for ending the sessions. When the noise became too great, I turned him over and massaged his feet until his dick was normal again. Then I combed his pubic hair with my fingers as I massaged and caressed his balls with my tongue. I waited for the fall one more time before I placed his tool in my mouth. I waited to feel it grow in my mouth, then started the bob and slob until it deflate in my mouth, The taste was worth the wait and didn't go to waste.

Russell was this short, well built guy who wanted an after dinner massage. I don't know the point of such a thing when you still have to drive back home. I use to think it might relax you before bed, but then when you get on the road again with these morons, it would basically defeat the purpose. Anyway, whatever the reason, he showed up, twelve pack in hand, with this long, curly strawberry blonde hair and matching beard, oversized gray sweatshirt and blue jeans. And everything about him, from his smile to his swagger, said he was going to be fun!

He had two beers to my one, perhaps to loose up, as he grew more talkative as he drank. When the sweatshirt came off, he was everything I could have hoped for...well built, hairy with a natural musk I found appetizing. The view only got better when the jeans came off. Awesome cock, beautiful full powerful ass, more hair and the natural aroma down there was thrilling. I was suppose to focus my attention to the upper back quadrant, but that idea kind of got blurred by the masseur, as I decided, if I'm only going to see this guy once, let's push the envelope and see what I can get away with in the form of a massage! lol

The downfall...the feet. They didn't stink and they were clean, but much like his hands, they were rough and hard, and the nails looked like there was something under them. Once I got above the ankles though, I was in hog heaven. I enjoyed working on his calves and hamstrings. And I went with my Stetson blend cream for most of him, as he looked like a Stetson, Marlboro type of guy. When I got to the upper thigh, instead of the usually stimulate the stick approach, I focused more on his beautiful bum. And he really appreciated the hard work I put into it. His moans, groans and grunts, especially when I replaced my hands with my mouth, expressed his approval. Now, I actually sat on his ass as I worked the entire area he asked me to focus on. I had hoped that my weight there would be too uncomfortable to put int he kind of time and effort he desired, but he was a trooper...almost.

His massive monster was up and leaking when he turned over. And he was almost agitated that I didn't immediately handle it. When I explained that most of my clients want to end the session when they climax, he said he could come more than once, but I had a better idea.

I did the foot and one entire leg, manipulating that upper thigh until he got excited, and then I moved to the other foot and leg and did the same thing. Then I manipulated the pubic region with my hands as I massaged his balls with my tongue. When both his member and his noises were in an elevated state, I moved to his torso, even teasing him by repeatedly licking his navel down towards his genitalia, without actually touching it. Then I went to that awesomely hairy and powerful chest, and even made those nipples point before going back to raise the flag one more time. When it sounded like he was going to blow, I backed off. I learned that he was a pretty good kisser, and that he had the near perfect armpits for me to enjoy. Then I went back down, one more time. This time, I stayed, I sucked him until he was close, then after the deflate, i stroked him near, and that time, I played with the pubic hair and balls again, and he was noisy the whole time. Finally, I wrapped my lips around his swollen member with the intention of draining and milking it dry, hoping that that I can cum more than once comment, just meant it hadn't been done like I could do it when the time, and he came, he woke the dead and my happy ass got fed. And I will admit to even giving him a few extra minutes of pleasurable agony of licking, sucking and vacuuming before releasing my grip on his cock. He was definitely spent when I finished with him.

Now, when this particular four hands massage came along, we had done about half a dozen or so. We had found our rhythm for the most part. He was to handle the happy endings, and there were three reasons for this, but mainly so he could influence the tip, since it was his financial issues that created this resurrection. It was later discovered that he couldn't do back to back sessions, as he only had about forty minutes in him before he couldn't work as well. Honestly, I think it might have been the money that made him say yes, but when the opportunity came for us to do a ninety minute, erotic massage session, he agreed to it.

When the time came, this young, wonderfully built, beautifully hairy guy showed up, and we were both pleased. He had this beautiful dark hair everywhere, and as the three of us got undressed, I could tell this was not going to go well. Remember, my partner for these is known for sex parties, even if he is over seventy. And although our client would be someone who would be in both of our lanes, keeping things in check was important. Our client was not very big in front, and his ass was a bit on the flat side. The hair on his shoulders and back would be a turn off for my four hands partner.

I started at the feet and my partner worked on the neck, but it wasn't long before the client was sucking on him. Sadly, he didn't get him hard, and he wasn't happy about that. I continued working on his feet, calves and thighs, and my massage partner worked on his back neck and shoulders. When we got to the ass, I opted to aligned him and work on the hips, and let my partner deal with the butt cheeks. Well, my partner decided to do a prostate massage, but didn't rim the guy first. The original intention was to spend more than half of the time on his back half, but we finished a bit too soon, so I went back to the feet, but my massage partner continued with the prostate massage, then let the client suck on him some more. It only infuriated the client more when he still couldn't get my massage partner hard for the second time.

Unfortunately we were approaching the hour mark when we turned him over, but my massage partner had pretty much reached his limit. Fortunately, the client was leaking, so my massage partner spent the next thirty minutes sucking on the client. So I did his feet, calves, thighs, hips, chest, neck and shoulders from the front. And yes, the client got his hands and mouth on me. I will admit, I was a bit curious about his oral abilities, as I knew why my partner wasn't getting hard. When it was time for the happy ending, the client wanted someone in his ass and someone on his dick. This presented a problem because as a masseur, I don't fuck and my partner never did get hard. On top of this, my partner had been sucking on the guy for thirty minutes and had not gotten him off. So I made my partner go back to the prostate massage while I sucked him off.

But as he was getting dressed, he let us have it! "The massage itself was good, but I would have been fine with 60 minutes." "This guy never got hard for me, and he only worked on me half the time." I guess the sucking on him for 30 minutes didn't count. "You didn't do anything with my ass." I guess he was referring to me, but it would have been better for him to say that I didn't enter his ass with anything. Let's just say, I don't think he will be coming back, and he didn't feel the need to leave a tip. We talked after the client left, and we decided that it might be best for me to find someone else to do four hands with. But until the end of the year, if anything comes in that works within his perimeters, let him know and he will let me know!
Cliff, Chris, Travis, Bradley & More!!!!
Posted:Oct 2, 2018 2:37 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2018 2:59 am
Howdy guys!!! As my status stated, I was not feeling very well last week, but that monkey didn't stop this show, which even had some repeat performances and encores! But I made it through, I'm starting to feel better, and I have another busy nine days ahead of me.

I want to thank Akl1234 for the email. Very much appreciated! I want to thank Sexyswing4me for adding me to his hot list. And I want to thank Bjhogan and Just2getsucked for the flirts. And I must say, Damn, Seanrandall! I will be doing the Charleston in the near future!

Cliff was a complete and total surprise to me. He had emailed me about the appointment, and even though he didn't offer a description or picture, I assumed from his verbiage that he was an older gentleman. And because he was aiming for 3:30 a.m., I assumed that it was going to be a sensual session. Apparently, Cliff is one of those people where nothing is as you may anticipate.

I opened the door to find one of the most gorgeous gray men I've ever seen, but shockingly he was younger than me. Underneath the ball cap was a fully head of wild, curly gray hair which ran down, hugged his cheeks, chin and lips and formed a beautiful, long gray beard. Despite the bib on his cap, and the darkness of the hour, I could still make out his kissable, pink lips, and his sparkling blue eyes. As he walked passed me, handing me a beer, his long, khaki pants gave me not clue of what he was working with, front or back, and the jacket he was wearing revealed nothing about him either. I guess he was still quite nervous, because he didn't say much and way half way through the twelve pack before we got to the massage.

I found what I thought would be enjoyable music for him, and lit a couple of my favorite scented candles, before I got naked and started the massage. he was already nude and in position on the table by the time I got done. He had rough dry feet, but his grunts indicated that he appreciated my work on his feet. The hair on his legs were very long, so I switched to my baby lotion/ baby oil combo to finish his massage. I really liked working on his calves, lean and hairy, but the thighs turned muscular and the hair disappeared there. Still he sounded like he was enjoying himself. When I got to his ass, I kneaded his hairy, somewhat flabby globes for quite some time before I took a chance, pried them open and allowed my tongue to swim through the hair and go inside the hole. He hadn't said much up until this point, but the words, "Oh, my God!" came out of his mouth, and i knew I had to keep going. I spent entirely too much time eating his ass, but it was worth it! I even did his upper back half from top to bottom, giving me another shot at his ass. But when I turned him over, everything changed.

He pulled my shorts down and started sucking my cock, so I worked on his neck and shoulders while he did that. I even got the chance to feel that luxurious beard on my balls, my taint and even on my ass, before started sucking on my nipples. I would call this his specialty, and I enjoyed the hell out of that. This is when we discovered we were both at full mast. I started caressing his balls with one hand, and elongating his shaft with the other. He started to go down on me again, but I pulled his head up and kissed him instead. Other than the beer belch, he was actually pretty good here too. I noticed there was only ten minutes left in the session, and I hadn't even tasted his cock yet. I put the thick, uncut beauty in my mouth, first licking, then sampling and then finally engulfing it. I was pleased that there was just a dusting of previous messes in the foreskin and not chunks as I swirled my tongue around. A few loud "ohs" followed by one long "aah" and I had the tastiest load I've have in quite some time singing to my taste buds. I vacuumed the entire area with my lips before I relinquished him, allowed him to rest up, settled up and go home!

Chris was this gorgeous, young blonde guy who came by for a session. I actually found myself debating giving him a sensual session, as I was unsure of his age. But his soft, short hair, dazzling eyes, amazing smile surrounded by an impeccable goatee overruled my senses. As I'm looking at this beautiful creature in a white wife-beater and blue jean shorts, I'm pleased with his armpits, though he isn't quite developed enough to pull this look off. He was just starting to definition to his pecs and his arms were more lean than powerful. I got us bottled waters and we made our way to the massage room.

As he was getting undressed, I noticed that there was a patch of hair between the pecs of his chest, and a few strands around each nipple, which I found myself hoping I could make them point. He barely had a happy trail going down to his trimmed pubic region. And as I studied his legs and planned my course of action for him, he laid on the massage table with his tanned, small but beautiful ass in the air for me.

I started with his feet, and he really appreciated that. They were cute, but not quite edible. However, I switched my massage cream to a dual layer after that point. And he loved the scent! This gave me an opportunity to touch everything twice, first with the banana and then with the edible pina colada, and the tropical aroma was enticing. His legs were lean and thin, fine for massaging and rubbing, not so hot for licking. However, when I got to that ass, I wore him out. First, molding the butt cheeks, then licking and rimming the crack, then using the pina colada before I went inside the hole with my tongue, then using the banana to insert fingers in for a delightful prostate massage, Sadly, he came the first time then, and i didn't even get to see it. I sad on the small of his back and did the deep tissue work he had requested on his neck, back and shoulders. Then I gave him the out... I've done what you wanted, so if you want to leave now you can, or just turn over and I will finish you up.

I was so glad he decided to turn over, as nine gorgeous inches of glazed happiness was waving at me, Sadly, the session became more about me at this point than him. I positioned myself so I could rub his chest and torso and play with his nipples while I licked his balls and pubic area. The sweet of the load with the salt of his sweat was mesmerizing and I continued to lose myself in him. I ate his ass some more. I sucked on and nibbled on his nipples. I gave him a bare hand scalp massage before putting pina colada on his face and lips before I kissed him. Awesome! Finally, I went down to try and siphon my own load out of the boy! I ran my nails along his side up and down as i started my assault on his member. Then I played with the hair under his arms as I felt him blow up in my mouth. Then I focused all my energies on getting that second load. It didn't really take that long, but he did do a lot more squirming, flouncing and verbalizing his pleasurable agony, I guess. But when the time came, he did. And he left here leaving no doubt that he would be back!

I remember the very first thought I had when I saw Travis was...why would you grow lamb chops and a goatee, instead of just a beard? It was weird, but not unattractive, though I think the biggest part of that would have been because was that his tanned beige skin, brown spots and light brown hair didn't allow for much of a color contrast. And there truly wasn't much of a color palette with his light tan baseball cap, khaki cargo or carpenter shorts, (the ones with like eight or ten pockets) and his orange shirt. I also remember thinking, he was one of few people I knew who could pull off that shirt.

We went to the massage room and I poured us some of the wine he brought as he got undress. And my favorite duets tape was playing when I heard him humming along. I remember thinking, this could be cool if I can coax him into singing. So as I was rubbing his feet, I started humming "Separate Lives" in a higher key than he, and by the end of the song, we were both singing. This made things so much more fun and relaxed, but I'm not sure when or if he caught on to the fact that I was skipping certain songs. I did most of his legs to "Don't Know Much." I did his back, neck and shoulders to "Endless Love." I even waited for the high notes before I grabbed his balls, and when I inserted my finger in for his prostate massage.

I did most of his lower half on the front to "With You, I'm Born Again." And most of this upper half was done to "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late." Of course I was saving the good parts for last. But when I was ready to go there, he asked if he could kiss me. I was having a good time, so I said what the hell. My good time got to be so much better and easier, as after that, all he wanted to do was lay there kissing and touching each other. This went on for about an half hour, and I knew I had to push a rush job on the hand or blow job. But he offered another idea, and I stood over his head, first kissing him as I was playing with his nipples, then letting him suck on my cock while he jacked off. Hey, it was what he wanted and we were both enjoying ourselves, i would say tremendously. He was quite a shooter too, as it landed in my hair when he shot. I went down to drain the remains from the vessel and really hate I didn't catch that load in my mouth. We lingered around a little bit before he got dressed, paid and tipped me and promised he would be back again!

Bradley was this tobacco chewing construction worker who popped by after work. I am assuming he was a tobacco chewer because his teeth were stained and the lower row had gaps near the gums that closed up toward to top. That and the PBR he chose to bring with him. Outside of that, he was pretty damn sexy. He was tall, and lanky with short, black, curly hair and a beard. He actually looked bigger in the flannel shirt and jeans he had on. And he had had enough beer to tell me exactly what he wanted.

We get to the massage room and he hands me a beer, and as he is getting undressed, he is explaining that he wants a good foot massage, deep pressure on his calves, butt cheeks, back, with special attention paid to his neck and shoulder blades, a happy ending, and me nude and available for him to enjoy. When I explained that that was not the session he agreed to, and the difference in pricing, he pulled out his money and paid me upfront. I now felt obligated to do as he requested, but felt bad because I had not prepared myself.

He actually had a beautifully hairy body, and his natural musk was pleasant for the most part. But not with the feet, where I started and and had to do a good job. I pulled my nuts out, which is by far the strongest smelling massage cream I have. But I did a great job on his feet, and enjoyed doing his calves. I did his thighs, which he also seem to enjoy, but I think that was because I was manipulating his taint and testicles as I went along. I went ahead and did his hips and aligned him before I worked on his butt cheeks. I sat in reverse on the small of his back, and used my butt to start work on his lower back as I used my elbows on his butt cheeks before I massaged his balls, rubbed his taint and worked his butt crack. The hole looked so tantalizing with the hair now laying out of the way, so I worked on his lower butt cheeks as I worked my tongue down his canal. It was weirdly sweet and tasty, which had nothing to do with my massage cream, and now this once demanding guy was now moaning and whimpering with just my tongue inside him. I did not stay there long as I had so much more to do.

I flipped and started working on his back, middle then upper. I put some extra time and pressure on his neck and shoulders, easing off but putting more time on the blades. He turned over and his thick monster was drooling, forcing the curly hairs on his navel down and flat, It was only slightly above average in length, but I still wondered if I could handle its girth. I started at his neck this time, and worked my way down, hoping to avoid hitting his feet again. I loved playing with his hairy chest and nipples. Then I lifted his arms up and fell in love with his pits. I went in for a sniff and oh my...perfection! I licked, sucked and ran my fingers through the luscious hair lurking there. I guess it was a new experience for him, but he did seem to enjoy it. I licked my way down to his navel and licked up the pool of nectar that was waiting for me there. And that was all the inspiration I needed to try and tackle the task. It took two minutes. He said it was the fastest he had ever cum. It was a decent size load, but it didn't pack much taste. He got dressed, tipped me, gave me a couple of beer and left.

And more? Well, Robby finally come to see me, after almost two months off. I had pretty much written him off. But he apologized, said he would do better and we had a great time! I believe I wrote about Red in my last post. Well, he was back again. A big surprise, since he said very little and it was just a standard massage with a happy ending. But this time was no different. So if there is a third, I'm going to push the envelope a little bit. I did have one other repeat from that post I believe, but that session was just to good to be glossed over. lol Then there was Billy, who came over to check on me. But something about the outfit he had on...the way his too small sweater lifted his shirt up, exposing his navel...and the way his pants were low, hanging on his hips,as his package seem to be the only thing holding them up, exposing the beautiful "V" cut in his abs, and the plush pubic hair he has, encompassing one of the biggest, most beautiful flaccid cocks I've ever seen in my life. But his hands were filthy, so i talked him into a Rub & Scrub, just so I could eat that ass and sucked on that awesome member once again. And I went to a party, still not feeling my best. But I had several drinks and spent some time with a wonderful ginger guy, while avoiding the largest dick at the party, who really wanted to spend some more time with me. Yes, apparently we have spent some time together before, but I don't remember it. But he will get another opportunity. Hell, it is the holiday season as far as I'm concerned, and there will be plenty of parties coming up. Hell, I'm hosting two next week! lol
Blake, Red, Antonio and the Cock-Sucking Birthday Party!!!
Posted:Sep 18, 2018 2:00 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2018 11:31 pm
It seems that other than my blog, I was completely forgotten about this week, so i can get right down to business, Shouldn't be too bad if I don't get too graphic or detail oriented.

Red was a ginger dude, but he was the most unspectacular redhead I've seen in quite some time, and remember, I have a huge weakness for redheads. He came in with a six pack of Budweiser, which tends to give me the runs so I did not partake. He didn't show much in the way of personality, so our conversation was minimal, and we could not really establish any kind of chemistry or connection. I don't want to make him out to be unattractive. He was just average, in just about every possible way imaginable, and that made for a very long, sensual massage session.

Using my skills as a former escort, I hunted and searched and scoped for something, anything I could draw inspiration or interest from. So this, tall, skinny young man takes off his ball cap, his t-shirt, his jeans, his boxers, his socks and shoes while I'm stealthily studying my subject. I'm still getting nothing. His beige skin was decorated with pink highlights and freckles, and this orange-red hair on his head, armpits and pubes only. Even that turned out to be a good thing, because the texture of his hair was weird, rough and wiry.

He laid up on the massage table with his loose, flat, flabby ass up and I started my duty. In fairness, he had decent feet, with his long toes. I spent more time on them than I needed to. I did his calves, thighs, hips and ass before I did his alignment and gave him a rather lengthy prostate massage, which was probably the highlight of the massage. I also spent some time on his shoulders, back and neck. In fact, by the time I finished his back half, there was only twenty minutes left on the clock.

I turned him over and again put some time in on his feet. then I skipped to his chest and worked my way down. Basically, flesh and bone with two little bumps where nipples should have been. Got to his navel and decided how I was going to do the happy ending. I put my hand on his balls and started rubbing. I did my vibrating fingers trick along his shaft and head until his got semi-hard. Then I shoved everything into my mouth, until it grew to be uncomfortable. Hey, he paid for sensual, and the only thing we had done up until this point was the prostate massage. Eventually, I would release his balls and kept his dick in my mouth until he came. And even that was unimpressive.

In contrast, Antonio turned out to be a lot of fun. Besides having one of the sexiest smiles and faces I've ever seen on a Blatino ( black and Latino), he had a hell of a sense of humor. I love it when I don't have to watch what I say, and sexual innuendo, puns, comments and even compliments are okay between the client and myself.

Antonio showed up with a pint of Patron and a bottle of Sangria, and I even managed to talk him into upgrading from a sensual to an erotic session. Yes, you might say something motivated me to do that. And while we were sipping, drinking and talking, he started removing his clothes. He had what I would call visually weird body hair. Thick but thin, I will explain that in a bit. The more tipsy he got, the more sexual and affectionate he got. And before we even got to the massage table, he was slapping my ass, grabbing my nipples and hugging me.

I got him on the massage table and started working on his feet. They were decent looking and clean, but there were so many other places I wanted to be, and hell, that he wanted me to be! lol Because of his weird body hair, I have never enjoyed doing anyone's legs as much as I did his. First, my edible orangutan pie massage cream smells like heaven and tastes like a dream. And second, once I learned the secret of his body hair, it was sexy as hell and took full advantage of it. See, his hair on his body rolled up, like black people, into like balls. But the moment it got any hint of moisture, it straightened out and clung to his skin. So I was rubbing, kneading, massaging and licking his calves, knees and thighs. And I will not lie, between my massage cream and his full, beautiful ass and hairy asshole, I tried to taste his kidneys eating his ass. And he dug the hell out of that. In fact, he pissed me off when he came.

In an unprecedented move for me, I allowed him some time to recover by working on me. He was licking and sucking on my nipples. He was trying to suck my cock, He even rubbed my feet and neck a little bit. Then I put him back on the table and did his back, neck and shoulders, licking and tasting as I was molding, kneading and massaging. I nibbled on his earlobes and even gave him a scalp massage, which lead to our first kiss. Man, he had a tongue. The kiss was awesome, his tongue was amazing, and I had a thought of another place it would feel good in.

I turned him over and my thought went to many places I wanted to get to, but so little time. I skipped everything below that huge slab of meat dangling between his legs. I started making out with him again and slowly lowered myself so I could lick some armpits, chest and nipples. Hell, I even sampled his belly button. then I combed his luscious pubic hair with my fingers while I sucked on his massive balls. His hard and erect monster was already dripping venom and I so wanted to get poisoned. So I attempted suicide, first by drinking as much venom as I could and then by choking as I was trying to vacuum the rest of it out. But eventually it came, and if his first load was anything like the second, I missed out on one hell of a treat!

Now, some of you may remember that I use to escort, and some of my old clients still use me, usually when they come to town. Well, the last time I saw Blake, we were in Saint Louis and we had pretty much decided that we were going to recreate the last time we were together, but make it more private. Let's just say there was more than just us there at our last encounter. Hell, I would just be nice to see how he has aged.

Unfortunately, he booked a suite at the Sybaris. We've heard stories of couples renting videos there, only to watch themselves on a previous occasion. That, and for the price, they do need better customer service. But he didn't know any better, and there were certain amenities there that I don't have at home. Normally, I let them stay with me, saves some money to have more fun. But he was paying, so after the initial shock, I let it go!

So we prepared dinner in the nude. He actually did the steaks and cut the veggies for the salad. I made stuffed fried potato skins, creamed artichoke and spinach and pineapple-peach cobbler! We spread everything out on the coffee table, and laid a blanket out between the television and the fireplace. And we sat there, feeding each other and sipping wine, watching something on the tube, then laid their and made out for quite some time. He went to get another bottle of wine, and I traded television for music. So for a while, we slow-danced, and dirty-danced, and after more making out for a spell longer, we grabbed another bottle of wine and did a quick shower before we hit the hot tub.

This is when I acknowledged that he had aged nicely, even hotter than the last time I saw him. His dark brown hair hadn't started to gray yet. He had actually grown some armpit hair. Last time, he only had facial and pubic hair, and he still hadn't grown any on his massive, powerful chest or those gorgeous, succulent nipples. He was never one for tanning, so his pale white skin looked alabaster wet. He still had great legs, an awesome ass and a dreamy dick with an amazing curve in it. We sat in the hot tub and did more kissing, groping, touching and hugging before we settled into our bubble bath. We both agreed that this date was so much better than the last one, where we were had eight other guys in the way.

We finished the bubble bath, I gave him a thorough and intimate full body massage and we finished off the night in bed, smooching, spooning and cuddling.

Not this birthday party was actually very good, and I could even see myself having something similar to it for myself.

The birthday guy was kind of stocky, and middle-aged but still attractive. He had created a little parlor area by the front door with two chairs and a table. So upon entry, everyone had to strip for him, but then he would decide who was giving who the minute blow job. He definitely blew more than candles. In fact, he wanted to suck me, but I insisted that I suck him as part of his birthday present. He only had 48 guys there, one for each year on Earth.

When we were all there, we all had to give him a birthday whack, but only after we had done a shot. I actually thought it was kind of clever that he had mixed tequila with lime-flavored vodka for the shots. We all kind of did our own thing for about 90 minutes or so.

I hooked up with a redhead, Ben, and basically licked him from neck to balls, eating his ass and sucking him off in the process. Jack came in to play with me, but he was awful. How does a guy with no teeth manage to scrape you sucking your dick? And apparently, I was too much for him so eventually he moved on. I also sucked off a tall, skinny black guy, before the birthday guy gathered us to open his presents. He got some great gifts, gift cards, alcohol, porn etc.

Then he started the sex games. The best one was probably when we were rolling dice to see how many cocks we had to suck. Sadly, I only got sucked three times but I sucked off another five. By this time I was ready for a more romantic interlude. I had to wait until after the party before I got that though.

For two more hours, I was drinking, sucking and getting sucked, and this time I even let the birthday guy give it a try. I sucked off another guy, a bald white guy with a goatee. That was probably the best blow job of the night for me.

After the party, I hung out with a familiar friend for over four hours and I went home invigorated, rejuvenated and exhausted!!!
Matt, Dimitriy, Caleb and Ian!!!
Posted:Sep 11, 2018 1:38 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2018 11:31 pm
Pardon me, boys! It is that time again, especially after attending a disappointing party earlier today. Hopefully, Sunday's and the one at the end of the month will be much, much, better! I will spare you the naughty details! lol

Let me thank Akl1234 for the email. Very much appreciated. I also want to thank Cjphl12 for adding me to his hot list. Thank you for being a fan! And I have to thank Just_needing_fun for checking me out. Yes, he is actually one of the guys I was suppose to leave out of my blog, because he wouldn't come in for a massage session last year, but hey, he came to me this time! Unfortunately, it made me weak, and since Daxter3 happen to be on when I arrived, I checked him out a couple of time before I started this post. I really would like to shake him, but I actually know him from the bars, and the one night it almost happened, didn't. I should be content just seeing what I missed out on, but damn it! Seeing how the person I know and the body I see could come together and work with me hasn't quite become a thought of the past just yet! Anyway, I also checked on Chip46202, the only guy I believe on this year's free massage list.

Matt was an attractive, young short guy who showed up on his skateboard. Yes, it gave me pause until I checked his ID and saw he was 22. Dark, long, curly hair hugged his baby face, his pouty, pink lips emphasized by the coloring of his skin. He had a few sexy molds, one on his face, one on his right tricep and a couple on his upper back. He was slightly muscular, with some hair under his arms, around his navel and in his pubic region. His blue, sleeveless t-shirt and his oversized blue jeans didn't reveal much. And he was the only guy in recent memory who didn't bring anything to drink with him.

We got to the massage room. He had this sparkle in his eyes and an awesome smile as he got undressed. And for the most part, he was pretty much what i expected, but that wasn't a bad thing. He hopped on the table and I started with his feet. You could tell he took care of himself...soft skin, clean nails, the cutest toes, and as I moved beyond his ankles, a hint of cocoa butter. I decided to finish the massage with my cocoa butter-coconut oil blend, enhancing his already pleasant aroma. This warranted a rare exercise from me. I did his calf, thigh, hip, ass and alignment of one side before I did the other, with the sole purpose being to be able to eat that beautiful, muscular, bubble butt twice before I moved on. This was quite the experience as he squirm, wiggled, moaned, vibrated and shook, nearly suffocating me twice. We both enjoyed it though. I straddled him at the small of his back, and thoroughly enjoyed massaging his back, neck and cock stirring in my silk boxers as I rubbed my shit across his lower back and ass. I also licked his back some, sucked on his neck and nibbled on his earlobes, before he turned over and it became an incredible make out session. By the time we finished, I had twenty minutes to do his whole front side, and there was still one thing I wanted to do.

I went down to his feet and actually got to suck his toes as I was rubbing and massaging his feet. I rushed through his calves and thighs, but did put a little extra attention on his knees. Then I rubbed his chest, playing with his nipples with one hand as I caressed his torso with the other. The lower hand eventually made it way down slowly, pass the pubic hair, to his taint and balls. I slowly slide my hand around his balls, feeling them tighten and rise. It was then I noticed his his very average cock, hard and dripping. I decided that an oral happy ending was the way to go, and in about three minutes, it was done. A nice, tasty load had landed on my tongue. We made out and cuddled for a brief spell before he got dressed, grabbed his skateboard and took off.

What do you expect when you hear the name, Dimitriy? I thought Slavic, German, Russian, maybe. We would probably be drinking something. And he would probably have a few bucks to spare, especially when he asked if there was anything I wanted him to bring, for me. I was going to decline, when he said it was customary to bring a gift. And after a fairly lengthy series of emails, we finally got all the details worked out, and I found myself oddly looking forward to meeting this charming stranger.

When I opened the door, I was... you know, I'm still not sure. I remember thinking he was heavier than I expected him to be. He had a graying beard and mustache. And I remember him having on a pair of gray-black dress pants, a white dress shirt and a black tie. But he was also one of the most generous clients I've had in a while too. He brought a bottle of wine, a bottle of vodka, a box of cigars, a pack of clove cigarettes and some yohimbe. This made things interesting, because I knew he was aiming for more of an erotic session, and although he wasn't unattractive, he wasn't really inspiring that from me.

I lit a clove cigarette and started drinking as he undressed. I poured him a glass of vodka and some wine. And he was turned face up on the massage table when I came back. He had hairy armpits, and a strip of really long chest hairs running from the middle of his pecs and encompassing his belly button, with a few shorter one around each nipple. Below his gut, was large bush with a smaller, thick dick and huge balls. I asked him to turn over, and it was even less inspiring from that side.

I did his rough and unattractive feet, which he seemed to enjoy. I did his calves and thighs, worked on his hips and alignment, and then went to his upper back and worked my way down. I worked hard and deep on his back and shoulders, and took it easier on his neck. After I got the muscle work done, I started stroking the hairs on his back, and this seem to really do it for him. I started running my fingers through it, and at some point, a nail must have scratched him, and I got the strangest noise out of the guy. Turns out, he liked the nails on his back, so I went with that. I eventually decided that I could probably get away with just a prostate massage. So I worked to get a finger up there, and started swimming around for the spot. When I found it, I started my maneuvers inside, and went back to caressing and scratching his back with the other hand. This was when the beast was awakened, as this guy was now writhing and flouncing on the massage table, making these guttural snorts and grunts in his very tenor voice. If I didn't know why, it might have been scary, and i'm still a bit concerned for one of the legs on my massage table, but I digress.

I had him turn, now that I knew how the session was going to end. I started doing the same thing to his belly that I was doing to his back, and even went ahead and sucked on the his nipples for a spell. When I discovered I couldn't reach his balls and work on his nipples at the same time, I went down below, working that finger back into his ass, and when I got that accomplished, I went back to the prostate massage with one hand, and caressed his balls with the other. Despite his gyrations and noises, I managed to keep both hands where I wanted them, and had an excuse not to do anything else. I wasn't sure if he would be able to get off like that, but I figured at some point, if he couldn't, he would get his hands down there and finish it off, which he eventually did. The cumshot was impressive, apparently even to him. He hit the wall over his head, and some landed on his beard. I cleaned him up, and not only did he tip me generously, I got to keep everything but the cigars!

The first time Caleb was here, he was cute. A clean-cut, ginger boy with blue eyes, he was youthful, playful and charming. He was bit touchy-feely, but I didn't mind. And my notes on the session said something about his ass and his dick.

This time, Caleb was hot. The short cropped hair was now a gorgeous, curly redhead afro, and his beautiful face was now embraced with a matching beard and mustache. It was then that I remember his sexy freckles, and I wondered if his had grown hair in other places and how it may have covered them up. His tight gray dress pants hugged that cute little ass so well, but the black tie, white dress shirt and gray sweater covered any clues about his chest. It was then that I remembered his toes, and knew I would be revamping his note card when the session was over. And I was thrilled that he had brought a fifth of Goldschlager, a six pack of Mickey's and four of those Foster oil cans! Yeah, much better notes this time! lol

We started drinking, and talking and catching up, and I remember how he tried to get undressed without me seeing anything the first time. And slowly, everything about our first session came back to me, and damn, I knew this was going to be good.

See, our first session really wasn't much of a massage. And this session just turned out to be an expanded version of it, with more liberties and freedoms now that we were acquainted. Like I rubbed and licked on his feet the first time, and I actually sucked his toes this time. I remember us making out and kissing a lot the first time and that didn't change other than we did more cuddling with it this time. I remembered him getting off twice the last time, and trying to suck me off unsuccessfully. Some things never change, but he did get off three times this time. And we did body shots of Goldschlager off of each other, and licked beer from various parts of each other. It was indeed a wonderful time, and I took much better notes. Sometimes, I can't believe I get paid for this!

And finally there was Ian, another familiar face back for a repeat. Now, I remembered Ian being this sexy, thin. hairy, Amish-looking guy, with this really long beard I wanted to feel on several places on my body. Well, it didn't happen that time, and it wouldn't happen this time either!

The beard was gone, and what little hair and facial hair he had on his head was graying. His pink lips stuck out against his pale complexion and graying hair, and your noticed his blue-gray eyes more. Despite not being what he once was, he still manage to come off as sexy. And I was thrilled with what he brought for me...a fifth of Razzmatazz, a fifth of Buttershots and a fifth of Hot Sex, all tasty liqueurs, and I knew there was going to be a lot of kissing and tasty with this session too.

I started with the Razzmatazz, because I really wanted to talk. His appearance kind of had me concerned, and billing myself as a personal massage therapist now, I feel like I can relax your body and your mind if you let me. And the truth was, he had split from his significant other, was feeling down and lonely, and just wanted to have a good time with a familiar face. I didn't want to pry, but I did want to know what happened, so I point blank asked if his new look was any kind of reflection of what he was going through. It had only been a couple of months, and the break-up was his fault. So whether he was punishing himself, or just getting depressed about it, it was.

When the Buttershots got opened and his clothes came off, some things were still as good or better than I remembered. He was still quite hairy, and seemed a little better built than before. I poured us a shot of Hot Sex, and then a combination shot of Hot Sex and Buttershots before I put him on the table and started kissing him. He was still damn good at that. Then I laid next to him and we started as I played with his chest hair. He then licked and sucked and nibbled on my nipples for quite some time.

This wasn't really much of a massage session either, but it was therapy of some sort. He did leave here feeling better, much more relaxed and three loads lighter. We did a lot of talking, touching, cuddling and smooching. I also rimmed his ass after pouring some Buttershots on it, or in it. We did a lot of drinking, sucking, licking and tasting the three liqueurs off of various parts of each other's bodies.

And yes, I got paid for that too! lol

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