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A different story of penis pumps, sex and seniors
Posted:Jul 28, 2018 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2018 11:55 am
Doing work out of state was difficult, my GF was an alcoholic so I took her on the rode with me. I thought I could help support her in a quest for sobriety/clean.

Remodeling a 6-plex in LA we stayed in the first apt I got done, buying new furniture but forgetting to buy drapes we end up putting sheets and garbage bags up for curtains.

It wasn’t long before we learn that there were window peppers in our bedroom, specifically at night when we could see shadows in the street lights above our bedroom windows peeking around the sheets we had as curtains.

Pulling my GF’s legs apart, eating and fucking her pussy in front of the window would get her off, not to mention all the toys we had to use with an audience.

My GF and I would have sex a lot, at times watching porn of a woman getting fucked and sucked by 2 other woman with her man watching, a scenario she had been wanting with her sister-in-law and live in GF around their pool.

We had tried to lean that way the last time we visited their house and swam, basically just kissing and touching as they watched me fuck my GF. So I would shove my cock in her pussy with fingers in her ass, she would hit poppers and get off really hard wanting more talking to her GF’s who were sucking and playing with her tits and their own masturbating. I would pound her pussy bare, over and over, aware we were being watched which got her off harder, we both had wanted this for some time.

Still today I wish I had ate and fucked all 3 of their pussys in the hot tub or pool, I still masturbate to that recollection.

After a couple weeks of letting our peeper enjoy our time with the light on, we tried to figure out which one of our neighbors were peeping, obviously I figured it was the son in back, I had seen him climb up above our bedroom window a number of times to get on the roof.

So we would have crazy sex then turn our lights off and peek out to see who it was, we could see an elbow moving rapidly knowing they were masturbating we couldn’t see a face with a hoodie on. We would play watching this person get off watching us.

I’m sure our show was entertaining, toys, butt plugs, penis pumps, pussy pumps, I would spread my GF on the bed in front of the window and eat her pussy, fucking it, while she huffed poppers pounding her with toys and my cock in all positions, she would squirt over and over again.

Then we would turn off the lights and peek outside to see the person jerking their hand in their pants while we sat in the dark watching.

Needing some help on site I hired the son that lived in back, figuring it was him that was doing the peeping.

It was fun working in the apt complex, everyone knew me in the very friendly Hispanic community, one even had a store in her apt. So I would help to support what she was doing knowing they needed money, and they would make me dinner, lunch and breakfast so happy that I was there to fix all the issues the complex had.

A couple months of this and my hired help ended up going to AZ, he was my interpreter, laborer and all of the above. We weren’t sure it was him that was the peeper, but we laughed when we talked about him leaving.

His Mom, Grandma and Sisters also rented apts there along with his wife, so one of the sisters took over as my interpreter till he returned. The wife was gone at night a lot, and my GF and I would have sex everyday, multiple times, but mostly during the day, since we thought our peeper was gone for a few weeks.

The next night while having sex with the light off we notice a shadow above our window, someone was peeping. Again we giggle that it wasn’t the guy that lived in back, but one of his sisters, or his wife, or someone we didn’t know.

By this time my GF was drinking when I would be away and I wouldn’t have sex with her that way, it was disgusting how fucked up she would get, she was constantly fucked up. I came home and she was in a tee-shirt no pants sitting in front of our door locked out pussy in plain view of everyone.

The sisters and mother were giggling giving me strange looks, talking in Spanish. That night my GF went to the ER all fucked up, after a few days I got her into rehab in downtown LA.

Almost everyday I would go visit her though, and I worked the rest of the time, getting fed by my beautiful neighbors, made it easy to work without the need to fix meals.

It wasn’t the same having sex with myself though, and I did notice the shadow at night above our bedroom window, so I turned on the light and masturbated, obviously the peeper enjoyed it.

So the next night I got the penis pump out, lube, a butt plug, porn then huffed the poppers, still the shadow above our bedroom window would be out there watching. It really turned me on to think it was one of the sisters looking in our windows, wanting to invite them in to masturbate in front of one another, it was hard to believe it was either of them being so conservative, dressed nice, nothing sexy but attractive.

So I would keep the lights on at night, get on the bed and pump up my cock, stroke slowly with the TV turned to the window watching porn, I’d leave a part of the sheet over the window back so this peeper could see more. Soon the shadow was above our window, I would jerk my rock hard cock all pumped up with a butt plug shoved in my ass vibrating, legs spread while I huffed the poppers my GF turned me onto. Then turn my light off when I would finish and see the shadows hands moving rapidly masturbating. I would sit and stroke watching still not able to see who it was above our window.

The poppers would take away all my inhibitions, until my GF had went into rehab I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed huffing while I masturbated, but I wanted my cock sucked, having sex alone wasn’t the same as getting off with another person, though the poppers greatly exacerbated my climax’s.

I had let a man suck my cock at an adult theater before when in college, more than once actually, no one knew. My GF and I had rented porn from an adult bookstore that had arcade booths with glory holes, and we all know what goes on at those places.

Being out of state, a stranger and posting on Craigslist was the easy part. I had chatted and talked to a few gay/bi men that wanted to help me out, but I was way to timid to just hook up with someone, huffing poppers or not, in an arcade booth getting off in another man or womans mouth was different than going home with someone and having sex. Yes, I had sex with woman before at an adult theater years ago also, it was fun, her husband just wanted to watch.

Huffing poppers chatting with others online or the phone, was a bit more enjoyable that masturbating in front of my peeper. So there were couples and dudes from CL personals that I got off with, one couple even had a private theater, and he could invite a few guys and girls over to do anything I wanted. I fantasized about that many times, huffing and masturbating, even telling my GF about some of it wanting her to go along. But nothing ever transpired other than getting off on cam, the phone or emails.

There was one guy that I was close to hooking up with, we talked every day masturbating on the phone, he explained that he had a pill I could take whole or half and fulfill all the fantasies I had talked to him about, and he would do anything I wanted. He just wanted to get me off.

This was what I wanted while I huffed poppers on the phone, and he sent pics of his cock, it was perfect, real hard, and he claimed to be able to fuck around for hours, and he had male and female friends that liked to party that wanted to play, but he wanted me to himself if I liked it he could make a call for visitors.

I still masturbate thinking about this, I would do it today, but I was afraid then, and when I would cum, it was all over with a man in person or on the phone or cam, I wanted to get away from the situation immediately. Not like being with a woman cumming over and over.

One night late I stop in an adult bookstore after seeing my GF, looking for some porn that would relate to the situation I was in, something to tell our peeper it was ok to watch, maybe stop in and watch each other masturbate.

The thought of one or both of the sisters sitting masturbating with me, playing with toys like my GF and I enjoyed, fucking my ass, or me fucking their wet pussy’s, was a scenario I would get off on while I performed, and huffed, even including the grandma in my head playing.

The Grandma would never wear a bra, and I could see her entire chest when she bent over, her nipples would get erect when we would be close to each other, often she would have me come over to fix things that didn’t need fixed, so I’m sure she caught me staring at her tit’s once in awhile. She even pulled her shorts up to show me the tan line, and I could see part of her pussy, her shorts were so loose she didn’t wear underpants. Though I could sense an attraction I didn’t think about acting on it except in my masturbation scenarios in my head.

Even her grand daughters brought that up, that I had better keep an eye on their grandma, she is a dirty old lady, she didn’t speak English so we couldn’t talk other than sign language. All giving me the urge for porn to jerk off to with an older woman.

It didn’t take long before I was stopping in this adult bookstore to play each time I went to see my GF in rehab. Soon I was in a booth getting sucked, thru a hole in the wall of the arcade booth, my first gloryhole experience, and it was one of the best blowjobs I ever experienced, no poppers.

I would sit in a booth and watch porn jerking off to group gay/bi porn, playing with a cock or 2 and getting off. It added drama to my masturbation scenarios at home that I didn’t do in front of our bedroom window. The butt plugs were replaced by a rabbit hitting my prostate, and I sucked on a big rubber cock while I hit the poppers, fucking my ass and masturbating on the couch in the living room sharing my cam with guys from CL.

One night after my first glory hole experience sucking a huge long super hard cock that was so fun to stroke and watch pulsate shooting cum 3 feet across the room, I got off. Then on the way to my car a guy asks me for a ride, we talk, since it was on my way home I oblige him. Smiling, he asks if I got off, and I confirmed I did, then he adds that was me you sucked off in there, big package for such a little guy huh?

He was going for drinks then, across the street to play at a bathhouse. We get to a 4way stop and he jumps out tells me to park and come on in, nsa fun your GF won't find out. I was spooked and head home, but not before writing the address of this bathhouse down for later, just in case I got the nerve. Which added some more fantasy to my masturbation scenarios having sex alone with myself at home, never having seen a bathouse, only reading about them.

Things weren’t going real well with my GF at this point, and I wanted to experiment in a big city, there wasn’t anyone that would know what I would do at a bathhouse or gay bar, I could live out some of the fantasies I had from playing with bi-sexuals thru the years with my GF, and at adult theaters and arcades.

With all that was going on, being near broke, my GF in rehab and a nutcase from all she was going thru I was spent, and wanted more than just my hand, in addition with the poppers my inhibitions were none existent. I could edge myself and get off a number of times each day when I’d take a break but it wasn’t like having sex with another person. And guys really know how to suck cock, though it was quick I got off better than at home masturbating with all my toys.

So I end up going to the bathhouse during the day, there were more than 20 people inside, walking around in towels, guys getting sucked off around corners, guys laying with their ass in the air, lubed up, toys, most of the room doors were open so I walked around for a good hour before sitting in the sauna visiting with others talking about sex.

Erections everywhere, and some were very nice, then I realized this black guy following me, into the dry sauna I went, so does he, opening his towel, showing me his porn star cock, it was standing up on it’s own and a good 10+ long. It never got soft, he followed me flashing me his cock for a long time, and I would stare licking my lips and opening my mouth. I took a shower as he watched me and made it a point to wash my ass and bend over in front of him.

I would stop into rooms with guys masturbating, while I was huffing poppers, that allowed my inhibitions to be set aside for a bit, I stroked cocks all foreplay for what I wanted to happen but had to get the nerve for, and the poppers worked.

Then when I go to my room there’s a knock on the door, it’s my stalker, without saying a word he steps in my room, shoves his cock in my mouth and fucks my face moaning. Asks if I have a condom and tells me to lay on the bed on my side so that he can fuck me. I argue that he’s to big, he tells me no it isn’t, try it you’ll like it, running his cock between my legs shoving his tongue in my mouth he fucks my legs near my ass rubbing it with his thumb and lube. He pushes my legs together and fucks my legs like he's titty fucking me, his cock was so long it would stick out in front of me while he fucked, making out with me, biting my nipples and sucking them, but not saying a word.

Meanwhile, the guy in the room next to me is getting fucked real hard by atleast one guy, the noise reverberates through the basement, we play while we listen.

I lie on my side, huffing poppers like it’s going out of style, my friend rubs lube all over my ass hole inside and out, then pushes his cock head inside my ass slowly, it felt like my insides were being torn apart, I resist, he holds me down and pushes in further, I’m grunting yelling, he puts his mouth over mine, then I relax, and he takes a couple real short strokes with just the head of his cock inside me, telling me to shhhhhhhhh...

At this point I have the bottle of poppers stuck to my nose huffing hard, then all of a sudden his cock slides all the way inside my ass, and he fucks me first slowly, my mouth full of his tongue he's breathing real hard.

I could tell after everything loosen up for me with his cock sliding in and out so easy, him hitting bottom that he wanted to get off, pounding my ass real hard grunting he sticks his mouth over mine again when I get loud from his cock pounding my insides, believe it or not it felt real good at that point, he was hitting all the right spots, and tongue fucking my ears, and mouth while he fucked. Rolling me onto my belly he fucks me furiously, spilling poppers everywhere, he yells as he pulls out rips the condom off and shoots his cum all up my back into my hair, the mirror and my face, so crazy all the noise, I could of heard a pin drop outside my room.

He grabs his towel and leaves my room, without saying a word

Sitting in that room for a long time after this happened I could hear people talking in the hall. After stroking and huffing more I get off, but still on my own, but I did get fucked before that happened. In a way I felt relieved, in another ashamed. Leaving the room I seen the guy who fucked me again, but he didn’t make eye contact, many other people did, and invited me to play, all I did was smile and say I was late for work.

Though I did see more hard cock than ever before, I was told to leave my door open and I could get fucked and sucked all night long if I wanted by this one guy who met me at the bottom of the stairs, telling me he listened to me getting fucked and it sounded like I loved it.

Embarrassed that I let this guy fuck me, and people seeing me at a bathhouse after the poppers wore off walking to my car was difficult with it being across the street from a bar and everyone watching me I remember

For the time being I was fine getting off in my bedroom again, no poppers though, I would just pump it up watch porn and get off, occasionally catching the shadow at my window when the lights were off.

This went on for a couple weeks, during which time the apt owner, my boss who was paying me started having financial problems, it was her dads property but she was talking care of it, and he wasn’t well.

Being my GF’s best friend she knew what was going on with the peeper, she showed up without a bra on, which wasn’t normal for her but obviously you could see her huge areolas and nipples hard as a rock.

We would talk, she would open her overcoat and I would watch her nipples get erect and very large when she would push her chest out getting close to me, brush against me, not coming out and saying anything about the bulge in my shorts or me re-arranging my package looking at her tit’s, but she knew.

We would have lunch, talk for hours about everything, work, sex, her dad, the neighbors, the dirty old lady grandma, to penis size, she told me she needed a very large man to satisfy her, and didn’t care for oral, giving not receiving she loved that.

Showing her my remodeled bedroom where the window the peeper would sneak a peak, her nipples would be harder, she sat on the bed looking up where the peeper would be sitting at night spreading her legs showing her camel toe, then laugh touching herself.

Then she invited me to her house to fix a bathroom sink the next day explaining she dropped her grandmothers ring down the drain washing her hands and couldn’t get it out.

After a long discussion about my GF, and GF’s Mom while working on the bathroom sink, I learn about a situation that I really didn’t want to hear about. Mom being a drunk I knew, fucking her daughters men friends and much more I didn't.

Mean while, I’m on the floor working on the sink explaining to her the process of opening the sinks trap up, her standing over me, letting her shirt open I can see the bottom of her tits, nipples erect she got on top of me looking inside the vanity at the sink drain.

Me being me, I didn’t know if she could feel my erection, or if she was baiting me so she could tell my GF, her best friend or what. Being suspicious before I got between her legs and ate her pussy, and played with her gorgeous titty’s, I was gonna have a talk with her.

It was a turn-on, divorced without a BF taking care of her dad. We talked, and I explained my situation, and financially she was strapped explaining that she thought we could help each other out her being single and horny, and my GF telling her how often we had sex that it would relieve some stress of me not getting paid. I had a lot of money’s tied up in materials, and I was panicking at this point when told me she didn’t have money to pay me, but would have sex with me.

By far one of the biggest turn offs for me was insinuating to pay for sex, she even offered to let me use her new big truck.

In the back of my mind, looking at this woman, I wanted to take her clothes off, looking at her incredible looking camel toe, it was chubby and her nipples looked an inch long poking thru her shirt, with larger than average sized elongated areolas. I could eat her pussy and fuck her for all that I was worth, and I wanted to taste her, we did make out for a bit and I got my hands on her tits, and slide my fingers up her soaked slit of her pussy, while her hand massaged my erection.

Coming to my senses I was in panic mode, I needed paid for all the work I had been doing, it was my fault for letting her get so far behind on pay though.

We left it at that, and I told her I needed some time to think!

Visiting my GF, explaining to her about my money situation, and her best friend coming onto me, she told me that I wouldn’t take what she had to tell me very well then.

She wanted me to leave LA and not look back, she had something going with her sponsor and they were meant for each other, we talked off and on for a couple years after that, then alcohol took her life.

Long story short I went back to the apts, and threw most of the sex toys into the garbage dumpster, put her stuff together and took it to her moms house.

Calling first to give her and heads up and because I was uncomfortable being around her mom after my conversation with the lady that couldn’t pay me. I didn’t have much to say, she was in her nightie, drunk like I was told she was much of the time, laying on the couch I could see her tit’s and her hairy pussy like it was an accident.

Going into the other room to unload she asked me to look at her computer she was having problems, and it froze up.

Waking the computer up I see her profile page on AdultFriendFinder, curiously I read wanting a blowbang, circle jerk, enjoys groups of men, looking for BBC and BWC and a gang bang and much more, walking in on me she opens her shirt grabs my hand and shoves it between her legs while on the phone with my GF explaining that we were having sex, and that she loved my huge cock in her pussy, then she trys to stick her tongue in my mouth, grabbing the front of my pants.

Again, long story short, after all the nonsense, and me getting an erection believe it or not, her mouth is all over mine, I stand up and explain that I was leaving.

She explains that her daughter would get jealous of us having sex and would want to reconcile with me, again trying to stick her tongue in my mouth rubbing my cock. Putting my hands are all over her nipples, she tries to shove my fingers inside her again. Telling me that her daughter, my GF was always jealous of her with her men friends. After this all transpired I could see why.

Looking at her huge nipples and small titties with her shirt open would have been a major turn on for me if the circumstances where different. I don’t like sex with a drunk woman I told her and left.

Actually, driving back to the apts thinking about it I thought it to be disgusting, though she was an attractive woman in her 70’s with a really sexy body, the alcohol was such a red flag to me

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve masturbated thinking about fucking this woman since my time in LA, she was attractive, skinny with a nice body. I look back at all the times she came onto me, thinking it was just friendly communications, and accidental flashes of her tits, I know now she wanted to fuck. It was always when she was drinking, most of the other times I was around her she was very reserved and quiet.

Pulling into the apartment driveway, my heart sinks, knowing that I had to rent a trailor, pack up, move by myself because my laboror wasn’t back from AZ. I had an entire garage full, plus new furniture, and no money to speak of.

A call home I rounded up $1200 to move, stressed I call the owner of the apts to tell her I was gonna be late moving out before the first. She was fine with it, explaining she understood, and that she was expecting some money to pay me, that she would send it in the mail, or she could paypal it to me.

With an obvious change in her attraction to me she had me in tears, going back home is all I wanted anyway. So we agree I would finish up a few things before I left and she would pay me some before I left, inviting me back anytime I wanted to visit.

That last phone call got me thinking I should of fucked the living daylights out of her when I had the chance, we still chat online today years after, and she still offers a free place to stay if I want to visit, even though I’m married now she insinuates she wants to fuck, making suggestive comments or leaving notes and sexy pics some more revealing than others.

Again, nightfall comes over these apts, and I see the peeper outside, but this time I’m so stressed out and upset I can’t even get it up.

Out of curiosity I run into the living room lights out to see if I can make out who it is that peeps. To my surprise it’s the Grandma and we make eye contact, in her mid-sixties, but hard, ruff, tuff, I always thought. I politely act as though I didn’t know what she was doing as she walks by me.

The next morning while I’m loading the Grandma is in the dumpster, looking at me with an occasional peek, then smiling. Embarrassed that I had thrown the sex toys we had in the dumpster a couple days prior I was hoping they were gone, but I could tell by her reaction they were still there, and she was taking them. Watching her from behind the curtain, I see her carry a grocery bag full with the cords of the butt plugs hanging out and I could see the top of one of the pumps sticking out.

For the next few days I would get calls to the Grandma's apt, needing a translator, her daughter would help out, they would talk a lot of Spanish, giggle, and I would stand there waiting for a translation.

Then one day walking with me back to my apartment, the grand daughter, that I refer to as sister, tells me her Grandma thought I was sexy, then admits her grandma had been peeping in on me in my bedroom at night. Her and her sister knew because they had caught her peeping on my apt, after she caught her brother watching us. So Grandma was watching me have sex with my GF, and myself, since the brother left for AZ.

I questioned the sister if she had peaked some also, she turned beat read and with her head down she's say's noooooooooo.

So I told the sisters I knew she had been peeping in my bedroom since we had moved in, that I had seen her peeping.

Some time went by, and one afternoon I hear a knock at the door, is was the sister that translated for me, asking if I would entertain her Grandma that evening. Stating her grandma had a thing for me.

Not knowing what to say, when the sister asked if that was ok I said yes, I doubted that we would have sex, although I had thought of masturbation scenarios that would work.

Nervous, this being the second older woman in a couple days that had an interest in me, I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t ask the daughter to translate while we had sex, though it did cross my mind, and the grand daughter was chunky but I like them that way.

The Grandma was kinda sexy I remember looking back, I guess the culture difference and being alone since her kids were young made her hard, but with a nice body.

She arrives in the evening, smiles walking thru the kitchen, with gestures she approves of the remodel, loves the cabinets. Then thru the bedroom to the bathroom, smiling she likes the new shower, and sink, running her hands over the walls and doors smiling. They points to the bed where she sits down, rubbing her hand over the sheets, talking in Spanish. Smiling again she puts her hand next to her, inviting me to join her.

Opening her shirt her face turns red, pointing at the window, her tit’s are perfect, a handful, nipples erect. Leaning back as I sit by her, my hand finds her nipples as she looks up out the window to the spot she sits and watches, she pulls her skirt up and puts my hand on her pussy, our mouths find one another, then I suck her nipples as she moans, sliding my fingers thru her pussy lips.

Moving down I spread her legs, she makes noise, again looking up at the window, I eat her pussy, it’s so soft, and sweet smelling, her clit is red and engorged as I suck on it she moans, her head over the bed convulses with her first orgasm as she pushes my head into her.

Moving around she points to her mouth wanting to suck my cock, she sucks my cock while I play with her pussy and tits, as she spreads her legs wide exposed to the window like my GF and I used to do, she points up I see a shadow watching us, with their hand wiggling rapidly like they are masturbating.

Soon I turn her around doggie spreading her pussy for our peeper to see, then I lube up and fuck her pussy as hard as I can for as long as I could before blowing, her head down as I fuck her from behind, slamming into her I let out a loud appreciation of her letting me fuck her.

Collapsed on the bed exhausted, she smiles and strokes me, then puts my cock in her mouth and cleans it off. Again kissing me, she gets up and leaves out the front door, curious I again look up out the window and the shadow is gone

For the few days I had left there I got all smiles from everyone, but when I went to the Grandma's apartment to service her toilet I thought I was in for some more, but to my surprise she told me no and slapped my hand.

The night before I left going back home, I heard a knock at the door, it was the Grandma taking my hand she walks me to the bedroom. We make out and have sex for hours, getting the lube out for obvious reasons, I got her to huff poppers and she went wild, wanting me to eat her pussy over and over, her orgasms were so intense, she sucks my cock and I cum in her mouth and she swallows it, my GF wouldn't do that. I play with some toys and get her off again, then she kisses me and tells me she loves so good, she falls asleep making out with me, and my fingers in her pussy, when I wake up she’s gone, never seen her again but I did talk to the sisters a few time after I left.

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