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Gay pop culture, hot men and other things that interests us cum together right here...written by a drag queen gay and queer!!!

The Twelve Gays of Christmas!!!
Posted:Dec 28, 2018 8:28 pm
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2019 7:19 pm
One the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me...

12) Jake Gyllenhaals
11) Ryan Goslings
10) Channing Tatums
9) Chris Richardsons
Tyler Hoechlins
7) Taylor Kinneys
6) Darren Crisses
5) Adam Senns
4) Zac Efrons
3) Scott Caans
2) Matt Bomers
and a hell of a fantasy!!!

This was another difficult one to get started on. I think most of us would have fine with the list I presented. However, the idea was then pitched as a possible calendar for 2019. And then the actual idea of "twelve gays" came into play, which was a bit more thrilling to me. But then I went one further, which really made it good for me, and a potential regular project for Decembers!

Some of our gay guys are now mainstream. Guys like Matt Bomer and Neil Patrick Harris are high profile, possibly even A-list among Hollywood elite. And there are guys on the internet, like my darlings, Matt Dallas & Blue Hamilton, my personal favorite, Max Emerson, Davey Wavey, Wonder Robbie and Nico Tortorella, whose looks, personalities or talents have earned them quite the following in social media outlets. But my goal here is to elevate the profiles of some of the lesser known, and yes, attractive gay men, in hopes that the following year may be a breakout year for some of them. Like Tom Lenk, probably my newest internet obsession. He takes a Hollywood moment, like the infamous J-Lo dress, the Bjork bird dress, and various Lady Gaga moments, recreates them cheaply and photographs himself in a close facsimile to the original, donning wigs, make-up and accessories. He's actually pretty awesome, and cute in his original form.

After catching Adam Lambert's amazing version of Cher's "Believe," I felt the need to throw some light on some of our other gay musicians who may not have hit the big time yet. I miss George Michael, every single day! And Oscar and Grammy winner Sam Smith has definitely hit his stride. And everyone knows of my obsession with Sir Ari Gold! I even think most of you are aware of former porn star Colton Ford's music career. If you are not, you should, he has an amazing voice and some of his videos are still quite hot.

But do you remember Jay Brennan from Shortbus. He is still putting out music. though you're not getting those kinds of views anymore! Eli Lieb is having an amazing year with his original music. He definitely needs more exposure and recognition. And I told you about Jay Mohr's full frontal in a music video. Well, the song is "Nothing's Ever Wrong," and the artist is a very gay Logan Lynn.

I know when I say gay movie, you think porn. But there is a lot of gay themed movies out there, most independents. And the great thing to me is, there are gay actors who have made most of their careers with them. Sure you've some of them in roles on televisions shows, like Larry Sullivan, Ronnie Kerr and Darryl Stephens. But what about indie gay film super couple, Steve Callahan and Matthew Montegomery, who has done several dramatic gay pieces. Charlie David is another gay actor whose career consist primarily of gay themed independent movies. I also wanted to focus some attention to Alessandro Calva, who not only acts, but directs and produces movies and music videos.

And recently, athletes have been coming out of the woodwork as well as the closet with their alternative sexualities. Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy made the Winter Olympics with their antics. Tom Daley and Robbie Rodgers managed to get sexy pictures out every month.

I will admit, it bugs me that guys like Ian Thorpe would wait until after retirement before the make their sexuality known. After all, it is kind of hard to be a role model, saying "Be yourself! It is worth it." But you waited until you had done all you wanted to do before you came out, so what did you really have to give up or lose? Hell, you may have bought yourself a few more moments in the limelight. Especially when guys like Eric Radford have been out for a while, and yep. I knew it. You have no idea who he is!

I was trying hard not to post the wrong pictures with these paragraphs, but I'm going to have to forced a few more in, so bear with me and ask if you don't recognize a few for sure!

It appears to be a good time for interviewers, commentators and news personalities as well. By now everyone knows about the silver fox, Anderson Cooper. So by proxy almost, you should know of Bravo's Andy Cohen. They are very good friends, probably because Anderson is a bit of a gentleman, and Andy is a bit of a freak! lol Speaking of which, I though Brad Goreski was odd, and part of me wondered how he became a commentator of fashion. But no matter how many questionable choices I thought he made about his wardrobe, and there were several. The one thing I can't deny is that he has it going on underneath! And there is always the awesome Don Lemon. Picture is of Brad, not Don.

I probably should have put more work into organizing my thoughts before I started writing this, because I have more pictures to post than words to go with them. So let's go back to actors for a spell.

Did anyone else wonder just how many of the guys in the Eating Out series were actually gay? Are you like some who assumed that all the guys were gay. Hey, I did with both the A-List television shows. Or were you like me, trying to figure out who was and who wasn't? Like I did with the movie,"Trick?" Well, it turns out that my gaydar in real life is much better than deciphering them out in the movies. I think part of that is me fighting off my wishful thinking. Anyway, you might recognize a few of the guys in these picture from there, especially some of my favorites.

And there are the guys who either came out or got engaged or married in recent times. So I feel like it may be too soon for you to know their names yet. Like Garrett Clayton, or Dan Amboyer or most recently, Jake Borelli.

All right! I've exhausted what I had in me for this, so I'm just going to post the last two pictures and call it a night!

To you all, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!!!
Rectum Awareness Month!!!
Posted:Nov 25, 2018 2:40 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2019 3:32 am
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I am still tired and sore from mine, but of course, everyone wants to hang out with the domestic goddess on the holidays!

So November is Rectum Awareness Month, so I waited until after you ate to post this.

Now it wouldn't be very ladylike of me to talk about the rectum, and colon and the intestines and stuff. But being a butt man, I did think it was a good time to talk about some famous asses! lol

Now, butts are one of those things that varies with taste. Some people think they are gross. Unlike some people, I think there is such a thing as too much ass...on one person. Miss Nicki, I'm talking to you! Minaj your trot on out of here! And fortunately, almost everybody's got a butt picture out there! Some like the side angle. others want that bend over and spread 'em. I like mine in their natural state, clean, but not shaved or anything. Muscles can be sexy, bubble butts hit and miss with me, because too much bubble looks like a cow ass to me...the kind you might suffocate in while eating. TMI?

And although we aren't going there today, mainly because I didn't want to use porn stars or strippers for the pictures in this post, I do like hairy cracks, tunnel holes and innies, as oppose to outies. Now if I lost you, much like belly buttons, sphincters can be inside or outside the anus, though I suspect the outsiders are created by hard stools or frequent use, if you know what I mean.

And I usually refer to them as buns, because different types catch my eye. I use to be a huge fan of brown buns, but the guy can't be too dark, and his ass can't be too big. I love my white honey buns, but I want then the same color as the rest of the man. Tan lines are out! Latino buns tend to be hot as well. But I don't like what I White Castle buns, which don't have a particular color, but are just small and flat. My mom use to refer to the hole as the "dock." Well, I don't my dick to break one, so get some meat or some muscle back there. But too much dimple or cellulite will never do.

The wonderful thing about asses to me, is they can open my mind. For example, I have had a huge problem with Will Smith, every since he took the lead in Six Degrees of Separation, and then had the scenes cleaned up so you would almost forget his character was gay! Pissed me off so bad, I stopped watch Fresh Prince and buying his music. But I guess he was getting ready for Ali or something, but that shower scene in I, Robot and that ass of his, open me up a little bit about Mr. Smith. Now I can watch the reruns of Fresh Prince!

Does anybody remember how crazy everyone was about Mel Gibson's ass in the first Lethal Weapon? Or how disappointed most were with Kevin Costner's ass in Dances With Wolves? Were you as impressed as I was when you saw Darren Criss's ass repeatedly in The Assassination of Gianni Versace? And I for one was flabbergasted when I saw how hot that ass on John Krasinski was. Water was dropping from my mouth like it was in the shower he was in!

I actually remember the very first celebrity ass I was enthralled with. Actually, it was probably his hairy chest first, thought his face wasn't too bad. But when I saw Scott Caan's ass, I simply could not let it go. And now that I have seen what he is working with upfront too, that man is one of the two hundred or so celebrity men of my dreams!

Somebody else who got me for a long while was Mario Lopez. I actually had a huge crush on Julian McMahon, the hairy, man whore plastic surgeon on Nip/Tuck. But that shower scene with him and Mario Lopez actually lessen my grip on Mr. McMahon. And Thad Luckinbill was another beauty ass from that show. That ass had me running back to daytime soap operas! lol

Jake Gyllenhaal? Justin Timberlake? Zac Efron? Everybody's got an ass pic out there now. I will admit to being shocked seeing Adam Levine's tush in that music video, better than I thought it would be. And having met Sir Ari Gold, seeing his ass now in more than one of his videos has only made me want him more! Another flabbergasting moment for me was seeing straight man, Jay Mohr, displaying all of his assets in a gay man's music video. What a gay ole time we live in!

To me, just about anyone can make their ass look decent in clothes. Dress pants hold well to a nice round cheek. Tight jeans can smooth out some dimples. Even sweat pants can hing on certain asses very well. There is this gorgeous picture of Chris Hemsworth in a wet suit. That boy could have swam in my drool! But I do prefer to see the naked ass!

And there as several parts of an ass that can be sexy, as least to me. The rise and the curve from the small of one's back. The coloring. The of hair, The crack, the actual fleshy globes. Sometimes, just the way it moves. To me, Michael Fassbender has just an everyday, average butt. I'd much rather be in the front! I don't remember the name of the movie, but sometime about the way it moved, and the inviting darkness of his crack, had me re-watching that scene over and over again, only to return to the front! Damn, he was awesome in that movie.

Let me wrap this up with a few more names and a picture. Bradley Cooper and Paul more butt scenes! Channing Tatum, your ass looks almost as good now as it did when you were modeling and stripping. By the way, if there is another Magic Mike in you, bring back Matt Bomer's beautiful ass, leave Matthew McConaughey out and see if Ryan Kwanten or Harry Shum Jr. wants a part! And you all know I can't get a post without something for Tyler Posey. Baby, I thought you were adorable when I first saw you in Teen Wolf, and you have filled out quite nicely growing into the sexy, confident man you are. But when you look that good, you don't need all that artwork! You can finish up that arms and legs, but please, leave the last five remaining places, and yes, your ass is one of them, for me to admire as they are! Thank you!!!

Oh and I have to say something about Austin Armacost Awesome Ass! Amazing Ass! Screw Triple A! I want to ride with Quadruple A! lol
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Erection Election~~~Rise To Vote!!!
Posted:Nov 5, 2018 8:59 am
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2018 12:51 pm
Yes, I'm still blaming you people for two lame jackasses running the White House today! Having spent time in Indiana, i was already familiar with Pence. And anyone who hadn't seen Trump for the conniving, scheming, fortunate buffoon by then needed to talk to Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder about being blind! But you all did! You managed to get him in! And nearing the halfway point of his term, what do you see? How do you feel?

Now, I'm going to say this until the cows come home. As long as Hilary is running, she will get my vote. Not so much for her, as to see Bill Clinton become the first first man! And I'd like to think that Hilary, being an intelligent woman, would use the resource at her disposal, a tarnished but successful former president, to help her along the way!

Now, I hearing Bernie Sanders name again. And most say Ross Perot is too old. Oprah claims she has no interest. So I'm looking at Colin Powell or somebody with a good head on their shoulders, and who is fairly well-known, popular and respected to run against him. The right person could get us on the road to recovery after this fiasco. And with people like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and George Clooney speaking out again Trump, we got two years to build up this momentum. So remember these words, and say them regularly with me....DUMP TRUMP!!!

By now, you all know I am a big mouth bitch, in every sense of those words! So the areas of conversation we are warned not to talk about, don't bother me. I love talking about sex! And I don't mind talking about religion, because it may help me with my ever-evolving spirituality. That's right, folks. Spirituality is an individual thing influenced by beliefs. And politics, well, it sucks more than I do, but it is a men's world, so I've got my thought, opinions and beliefs. And one of them is, for the most part, politics is an ugly man's world too. More on that later.

But I do think it is important that we go out and vote EVERY time we get the chance. If you are sitting on your ass, just letting things happen to you, then you don't get to bitch about it later. You aren't doing your part!!!

I had an early interest in politics, when I thought my career path would be law and government. I helped at the polls. I worked on some fundraisers. I worked on some successful campaigns. When my folks retired, I spent five years working for the Republican party...and the one principle I picked up from them that I hold on to to this day is..." the greatest thing you can do for the American poor is not become one of them." Later on, I would spend five years working for the Democratic party, and agreed with most of their philosophies. So now, I feel like I can honestly say, I'm middle of the road, voting any damn way I choose. And here is how I do it.

I study the candidates, to see how they vote on certain issues that matter to me. I also check to see what they have said or done, in hopes of finding candidates who I say are "helping my own personal agenda." Gay rights, children and animals...because they can't take care of themselves, those that might help my retirement or financial security, those who could possibly assist me in my hopes, dreams and plans for the future. And those are the ones I vote for. And when all else fails, like any gay man, you vote for the best looking man! lol

Taking me back to that comment about politics being and ugly world. I went on the hunt for sexy senators, ravishing representatives, manly mayors, gorgeous governors and charming councilmen. So if you are wondering why there are so few pictures here...there you are. There wasn't much!

So I went the only way I knew to finish this off... political scandals! Now locally, there is this city councilman that I am crazy about. Not just because he is one of us, but he takes the time to inform us of what's going on, on his Facebook, his mailing, letting us know when the meetings are and the agenda to be covered by them. Yes, I had a crush on him at one point, but now he is my idea of what a person in a politic office should be. There was a little blemish in his record, of which we was cleared of, but I will follow him wherever he goes.

There was also a local representative who got into a little stink with Sydney Leathers. Remember her? She is that porn celebrity who was on the receiving end of sexted pictures of Anthony Wiener's wiener. Well, this representative was doing a similar thing, though not as graphic, even though he was engaged. Perhaps that wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't admitted to dressing in feminine attire. Or having had sex with men. The scandal though only costed him his fiance. He cleaned up his image, changed his look, and he will be one of the guys I am voting for tomorrow. Such a shame though...he looks much hot now than when those picture came out! If you are reading this, I would still do you!!! lol

Let's do a few more scandals and call it a day! Do you know about the Lavender Scandal of the 1950's? Apparently, a democratic senator from Massachusetts visited a male brothel. And in an endeavor to get the Republics control of the house, a republican senator threatened to out him if he didn't give up his seat. The democrat refused to be a victim of black mail, and the rest is what they call history. Or Jon Hinson, who resigned after charges of sodomy were filed for him having relations with a male employee in the Library of Congress! Or Stan Rosenberg, who resigned from his post after charges were filed against his husband for sexual misconduct with four men. Or the guy, and there might have been two, who hired their boyfriends, lovers, etc. for jobs they were qualified for with the government!

Sadly, there were not a lot a great shot of these hot shots going down in flames, almost literally. Yes there were more stories of fondling, groping and molesting. And sure, more of those restroom scenes gone wrong. But hot swimming trunks or underwear...not so much!

And your homework assignment....get out there and vote tomorrow!!! Thank you!!!
5 Questions, Happy Horny Halloween & Latin Heritage Month!!!
Posted:Oct 31, 2018 7:55 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2019 3:32 am
1) Why wasn't Ellen Page or Ellen DeGeneres or Kristen Stewart mentioned in your coming out post? A) First of all, I no fan of Kristen, More importantly, I hold a Master's degree in Homosexuality and a connoisseur of men, so I stick with what interests me, what fascinates me...pop culture, men and sex.

2) Why are you a TS in your profile? A) I've done everything a man could do, except women! I've done everything a gay man could do, and most of it would do again. a semi-retired drag queen, usually coming out for benefits or special events. I wanted to not be looked at as a sexual being here. I prefer to have amazing sex, but with people I know and have a connection with, so I wanted and prefer the friend first approach to relationships of all kinds.

3) So what or who are you? A) a happy, homosexual gentleman, who lives life to the fullest and enjoys the few people he has in his life as much as possible. In terms of what I think you are asking, I would say I do drag, mainly now because it makes me feel like connected to all sides of me. I could be a cross dresser, but I don't think my motivation makes that an appropriate call. under the impression that transvestites get some sort of sexual charge from it, and 98% of the time, whether I top or bottom, my sexual being is a man. And I don't think transsexual or trans-gendered works because they tend to be people born into the wrong gender, and I love my ability to exist as both. Besides, men like my cock and man boobs and I love my cock, so there will be no permanent changes here.

4) Do I travel and if so where? I recently wrapped up all things related to St. Louis, so I think it is off my itinerary and I can safely regard Kansas City as my home. My work takes me all over the Midwest, so I have spots in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois to stay in. As a performer, I work in all of these places, plus perform a one man show 2 or 3 times a year in Florida. A friend owns the joint and I take over while I there. lol

5) What kind of guys are you into? Well, as far as ethnicity is concerned, there are aspects of all that interests me, though Asians and African-Americans do have a harder time getting on the radar...only because I tend to be more attracted to the atypical versions of those two. I love body hair and romantic men. Age isn't an issue as long as you look good, and like a man. Baby faces and lack of body hair makes me feel like you might not be enough to enjoy this ride. I don't care for skinny or heavy men, so well built or average works best for me. But nothing is set in stone, because I a total package kind of guy, and I truly believe that were you lack in one area, you could more than make up for in another. A sense of humor and a brain are a great combination. I not a huge fan of tattoos. I can not stand stupidity, and you'd best be looking for more than great sex when you step to me.

So, who is being a Jack-Off-lantern tonight? Skeletons with a boner? Vampires or draculas looking to suck something other than blood? Witches hoping to ride something other than their brooms? Goblin on something other than candy? Well, I've decided to be a zombie, looking in the wrong head for brains. Actually, I am hosting five strip poker games here tonight, and even if I can only get five to ten guys for each game, I'll still be eating Halloween candy and eye candy tonight. In fairness, in order to watch out for my girlish figure, I will focus on the eye candy. Some of my favorite guys will be hanging out for at least one game. just thrilled they are making me part of their Halloween this year!

And I want to wish you all a very Happy Halloween! Make you trick more than treat, have some meat and some sweet, and other things to eat!

Now, this Latin Heritage Month thing was news to me until I wrote my last post. and I already had an idea for early November, so it had to be in by the end of the month. Well, I thought it was going to be easy. Boy, was I wrong.! You will learn why in the next paragraph, but this is just a heads up...some of my photos and pictures may be incorrectly in this post. I could leave you ignorant and you probably wouldn't know, and if I get something wrong here, please, educate me! But going to share what I think I learned, and you will see why this became a much harder task.

I have already started going through my photos of Ricky Martin, Mario Lopez and Wilmer Valderrama, trying to find hot and sexy, without revealing too much , when this dumb question came to me...Is Hispanic and Latin the same? And this is where black and white became murky gray for me!

Apparently, Hispanic is not so much about geography, as it is language. Hispanics are basically Spanish speaking people...who are not from Brazil. So geographically speaking, Spanish people come from Spain, and Mexican people from Mexico, the country directly below the United States. Don't get lost or confuse with the state of New Mexico. Unless there were born elsewhere, they are one of us. Now it gets interesting. Latino and Latin refers to Latin America. Now as a child, I was taught that between North and South America, those countries south of Mexico made up Latin America. Places like Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala, which I thought were what was referred to as Third World countries. So now under the impression that Latin is that part of the Americas below Mexico but above South America. But then, I saw some people who were considered Latin, even though they were born in like Columbia, or Venezuela, which are technically part of South America. And sadly, Brazil still seems to be excluded from the list as well.

So still lost on the concept of what or where Latin refers to. sure it is the area below Mexico, but just how far south it goes, not sure. confident in reaches into South America, but how far. And confident that Brazil isn't a part of Hispanic, and quite possibly Latin. I believe they may speak Portuguese, which might make some difference. And the real question hanging over my head is...people of Brazil would be, if not Latin, Mexican, Spanish or Hispanic, then what? Brazilians? Portuguese? Latin? Is there a South American, which might include Peru and Chile? Or would they be consider Latin? Or are they there own little things, like possibly Brazil.

Well the good news is...this is how I continue to educate myself, pondering stupid shit like this, and actually getting up the nerve to found out. That's why I keep asking your help in steering where my posts go.The bad news is...even I have lost interest in it now, so let's get to some pictures of men.

I actually found a few surprises. Like I didn't know that the gorgeous Ryan Lochte and the talented Harry Shum Jr. qualify as Latin. And just when I thought I was going to have my first post without his name in it, turns out the Posey brothers, both Jesse and Tyler, fit into the Latin things as well. Oh my goodness, and the beautiful William Levy!

Some of my favorites made it in as well. Like Nicholas Gonzalez, who I didn't realize was so short. a giant among most of these men! And Nestor Carbonell, whom I've been crushing on forever! And calling out Guillermo Diaz, who played Puck on the television show, Scandal, as my leading gay Latino! I know it is Ricky for most of you!

I guess I shouldn't have been, but I found some awesome pictures of Latin guys, letting it all hang out if you know what I mean. sure you knew about Jesse and Tyler Posey, as I said it enough already. And most of you have probably seen Ricky Martin's. But I found a beautiful one of Diego Luna. And sure everyone remembers the awesome ass of Mario Lopez.

We have several who are up and coming and hot as well. Bobby Carnavale, from Will & Grace, Oz and Boardwalk Empire, seems to be in everything now. Adam Rodriguez, currently in Criminal Minds, but probably more familiar from the second magic Mike movie. And keep your eye out for Juan Pablo di Pace, Michael Trevino and especially Eduardo Verastegui. Latin eye candy galore!

Sorry about the rush, but I do have men and strip poker to get ready for. And because of the nature of the post, the next one will probably come across in a similar fashion!

Until next time everybody, have a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween!!!
National Coming Out Day!!!
Posted:Oct 10, 2018 9:17 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2018 6:22 pm
Before I get into this post, I just want to say that, I had said that my next three post might be more interesting to you guys, but I was made aware of something today that makes me want to add yet another post to my blog. So, let's just say three out of my next five blog posts. lol That said, I was pleasantly surprised with the response to my last one. Thank you guys so much!!!

Now, as I mentioned in my last post, it seems that a lot of closeted actors find it easier to coming out after playing gay on television or in movies. The post was referring to the latest one, Garrett Clayton, and I think I mention Sean Hayes, Charlie Carver and Keith Hamilton Cobb.

And I have never been a big fan of outing people, as I feel that people need to come out in their own time. They know their circumstances, the people around them, the people who matter and more importantly, themselves. As liberating as it can be to do so. there can be consequences. And they should be given the time and opportunity to prepare for those before the possibility of dealing with them occurs.

Sometimes, an acting role can be the catalyst for coming out. Sometimes, it can be in response to something they saw, felt or heard. I just wanted to call attention to some of what I thought were inspirational stories of male celebrities coming out!

We all know Anderson Cooper, that awesome silver fox news reporter and commentator who is also a member of the Vanderbilt clan. Apparently, he gave permission for Andrew Sullivan to publish an email which, paraphrasing said that by being silent about certain aspects of his personal life, he may have given some people the impression that he was ashamed of something. That was not true. He said he was gay, always has been, always will be , and was proud. It has been said that even Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, consulted with him before coming out as gay himself. I couldn't think of a better role model!

I also love the way that Matt Bomer let the world know that he was gave. This Golden Globe winner was receiving the Steven Chase Humanitarian Award when he thanked his family, including his husband, Simon Halls, and their three children. Talk about thanking your sources of strength, support and love!

I was probably the most proud and surprised by Wentworth Miller. Since I think I have one of the best "gaydars" in the world, the fact that I didn't see this one coming still gets me. But when he was asked to be a guest at a Russian film festival, he declined, stating that he couldn't , because he wouldn't feel right celebrating in a country that offer such wrongful treatment of gays and lesbians, like himself! I feel that much more in love with him after that!

I also have to admired Omar Sharif Jr. who came out in the Advocate in 2012, in an article that started, " I write this article in fear. Fear for my country. Fear for my family. Fear for myself. My parents will be shocked to read this..." If that doesn't emphasize how important it was for him to come out, nothing will!

Pan-sexual? Hell, Bisexual? Questioning? Sexually fluid? By now, we have all heard words and phrases to describe what I am going to refer to as an "open sexuality." And most people had issues with them. Bisexuals are accused of not picking one or the other. Some of the phrases, even I had to look up when I heard them. But the way I see it, whether the sex of the person truly doesn't matter, or they are still in the process of sexual discovery and exploration, the fact that they are out there and open about it makes it a step in the right direction to me.

It pissed me off to no end when punkass Aaron Carter came out as bisexual, only to rescind several months later. Turns out, it was a publicity stunt to promote his latest project. How did that work out for you, asshole? As you can tell, I'm still a bit bitter about that, and it bothers me that more people aren't. Especially when guys like Nico Tortorella, can come out as sexually fluid, and then catch all kinds of hell when he ends up marrying a woman. To me, issues, problems and a whole lot of drama comes along when people keep their sexuality a secret, especially from those who are actually involved in it.

And yes, even love, can be a strong motivator for coming out. Dan Amboyer came out in October of 2017, who said that his recent marriage to husband Eric Beric had fueled his desire to be more open about his life. And one of my top three favorite gay couples of the planet, Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka and Lance Bass & Michael Turchin are the others, Blue Hamilton and Matt Dallas got engaged in late December of 2012. And Matt Dallas came out as the new year came in, with a fiance to boot!

Zachary Quinto came out in October of 2011, realizing after the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, that living a gay life without public acknowledgment of it did not make a positive contribution to the path of complete equality. God, I love that line! And Daniel Newman came out as bisexual after a conversation with a young lesbian at a homeless youth shelter where he volunteered.

In my own life, I have always been gay and out, since forever. lol Something about making a dress out of a sheet to gyrate with Tina Turner when I saw her on television as a child, or drooling over the Six Million Dollar Man every Sunday at seven led me to this conclusion. It wasn't an easy road, but it has been a ride that for the most part I have enjoyed. And even on a smaller scale of publicity, I know it helped. Remember, I've always been out, but years ago, a twelve year old came out as gay to his parents, and they kicked him out. He went to his three best friends, who brought him to me. They use to come into my store at the time, and we were all cool, but we were usually fun and cool, never serious until now. To make a long story short, not only did I take the kid in, but I made it a point to talk to his parents, who eventually let him come home.

All I'm saying is this. Young people need idols and mentors and people they can look up to. So when you get right with yourself, and can embrace who you really are, and in your own time, consider joining those of us who said goodbye to the closet. It may not only be liberating and helpful to you, you may be able to help someone else as well.

If you think that this day doesn't matter, go back and look at how many times September and October were used in this post. Now add two, because Jake Choi. from the new comedy, "Single Parents," just came out as sexually fluid on October 2nd of this year. And September of last year, after seeing an aerial message pushing for "no" votes to legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia, actor Brandon Flynn came out!

We all have idols! Hell, I think to some degree. we all need them. Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle and Luther Vandross are my singing and lifestyle idols. At different times, Heavy D and Bea Arthur were my fashion idols. George Michael was my lyric writing idol. Justin Timberlake, Janet and Michael Jackson are my dancing idols. And Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington and Brad Paisley are my mentors, showing me what a man should be. I'm closing this post with my sexuality idol, Max Emerson! I just wish I was as gorgeous! lol
A Quickie Before National Coming Out Day!!!
Posted:Sep 20, 2018 10:00 pm
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2018 9:18 pm
I suspect one of my next three post will get some reaction, so I'm willing to let this one go by unnoticed as well.

But since I've already mentioned coming out, let me start with Garrett Clayton, who recently not only came out, but came out in style with his gorgeous longtime boyfriend. In another in a slew of actors who played gay before coming out, which includes Sean Hayes, Keith Hamilton Cobb and Charlie Carver, Garrett came out after playing gay porn star Brett Corrigan. Perhaps playing gay hits home for closeted actors to the point of freeing them to be themselves publicly. Again, a two-fold congratulations to Garrett Clayton...1) for coming out and 2) for that hot young man he's hanging out with!

And then there is Todd Fujikawa, the youngest person in history to qualify for the U.S. Open. He too came out, making him the first openly gay male in the P.G.A. For those not in the know, this would be in the world of golf. This would be the good news.

The news I'm not so thrilled about in sports, we now have male cheerleaders in the NFL. That's National Football League, not National Forensic League for you geeks out there. You would think I would be more in line with this, as I was one. But this was back in the day, when you need muscles to hold ladies up in the air. That was the only time you saw us. I'm just not cool with the three guys doing it now. I just find it weird, since most of the guys playing and watching are into girls. But, if you want to see them for yourselves, you can find Jesse Hernandez cheering for the New Orleans Saints, and both Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies with the Los Angeles Rams.

The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end, but if you are wondering what openly gay actor Jim Parsons is up to next, I have an answer for you. Keep your eyes out for "The Inn Crowd" on NBC. It is about a gay couple who opens up a very successful inn in a small town. Between the fish out of water, small town dynamic and the guest stars showing up at the inn, I'm really looking forward to this one!

And in my last bit of news for this one, do you know who Jay Mohr is? He is a stand-up comedian and actor, probably best known for his roles in Jerry McGuire and Ghost Whisperer, but he was also the host of Last Comic Standing, for which he earned an Emmy nomination. He was also married to Nikki Cox, but their divorce was finalized last month. And how does he celebrate? By appearing nude in openly gay musician's Logan Lynn's video for "Nothing Ever Wrong." Now, I thought Jay was hot when he first hit the scene. But over time, what some people refer to as "beefing up" looks more like getting sloppy to me. That said, we can say he might be aging decently. He has decent face and I still love his chest. I've seen his ass hotter in other places, but I was impressed with the brief frontal nudity.

And I am loving how guys are being more free about their bodies in the public eye. Television, movies and now even music videos are becoming more entertaining and interesting now that guys are showing more skin. Openly gay Jay Brannan turn in Shortbus was great, and Steve Grand is heating up country music again. Don't quote me, but seeing Adam Levine's ass in the "This Summer Is A Hot Mother Fucker" video eventually got the song stuck on my brain. Sir Ari Gold showing his ass on the streets in that "Play My Fucking Record" video made it by far my favorite of his. And even though he has given up porn, most of Colton Ford's music video as still sexy as hell!

I think my Coming Out Edition as well as the following two will inspire you all to give me some input before the end of the year!!!
Older Black Divas!!!
Posted:Aug 18, 2018 3:10 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2019 3:32 am
This was originally suppose to be a tribute of sorts to the late, great Aretha Franklin! But given my spotted history with her, I feel like I should give give more of an homage to my five favorite older black divas!!!

I've actually had the privilege of meeting Aretha Franklin. I was coming into work at a radio station, as she was leaving. She had just finished an interview, and I hosted a late night, love songs and ballad show. I actually held the door open as she was leaving, and it was just an exchange of pleasantries...Hello, Thank You, You're Welcome, Good Night. But still, for a while it was a highlight in my life.

At the time, I was just a fan. With a few exceptions, I really wasn't into her older stuff. And sadly, but quite honestly, there was a time when "Think," "Natural Woman" and "RESPECT" were overplayed and I just grew tired of. I didn't really get into her until her comeback in the 80's. "Who's Zooming Whom" was my jam, and I dated a few "Jimmy Lees." "Another Night," "Rock Steady," "Rock-a-lot," "Get It Right," and "Jump To It" were some more of my favorite of hers.

I didn't always care for her as a person though, I don't think. She always seemed to wear this air of supremacy about her. I tried to dismiss it as a protective mechanism, even tried to downplay it as arrogance borderline conceit. But there are plenty of displays of what I would call rudeness, and interviews and comments attributed to her that came across to me as mean and sometimes even bitchy.

Now, you may have noticed that I haven't referred by her moniker or nickname or title. Funny, just in that moment, I feel it is all right to do so! But it is in her slow songs, like "Honey," Willing To Forgive," "Until You Come Back To Me, (That's What I'm Gonna Do)," "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" and "It Hurts Like Hell" that you see how moving, and emotive her voice could be. So to the Queen of Soul, after that lengthy battle with cancer, may you finally rest in peace!

Now for the other queen, The Queen of Rock & Roll, another one I didn't catch on to in their early days. As a child, I thought my mother was the most beautiful, awesome woman on the planet, until... I was laying on the floor in the living room watching television. it must have been a Sunday because my mother had her hair done and she had on her best dress, a gorgeous, pink chiffon number with sheer sleeves. And I remember being fascinated with this lady on the screen, with her long brown hair, gyrating in this tasseled gown, I think it was gold, but it could have been brown or yellow. But I remember relishing the moment, being in the presence of the two most wonderful woman in the world.

Again, the fire was renewed by a comeback in the 80's. Although most of the people around me wants to see her rock the house, I'm more partial to her slower grooves. She sings one of my personal mantras, "Til The Right Man Comes Along." And being a slow, dirty-dancing romantic, a musical midnight doesn't end until I hear "Falling," "Private Dancer," "Why Must We Wait Until Tonight," and "Two People." And who hasn't been strutting down the street with "What's Love Got To Do With It," or the urban remix of "Goldeneye?" And on top of that, it is her personal journey through life and who she has turned out to be or has become, that makes Tina Turner one of the two famous women I try to pattern my life after.

My personal queen of soul is Patti LaBelle. I love how real she is. And yes, I have noticed that as she is getting older, she does seem to come across as less nice. I love her style, though I would argue if she should have worn a few pieces out in public. And I really love the way she lives! Her and the late great Luther Vandross are responsible for the way I live each day today...the finest shit that I can afford, and don't be afraid to use it, and replace it if necessary. Koolaid in Waterford crystal, for example. I'm the envy of most who know me because I manage to live very well, without going beyond my means, like most gays do.

But Patti would probably be the person you hear most on the soundtrack of my life. She has at least one song that has carried me through every experience in my life. "There's A Winner In You" "You Are My Friend"'New Day"'New Attitude" "I Can't Complain" and of course, "Over The Rainbow" But you could seduce the hell out of somebody with her version of "All This Love." And when you think about love, songs that is, how can you not thing Patti? Have you heard "Something More?"'Love, Need and Want You?" "If Only You Knew" or "My Love, Sweet Love?" Have you seen here live? Have you seen some of her performances? How she blends powerhouse vocals with emotions is, forgive my French, fucking awesome!

If you can't tell, I'm all about Patti, and she is the second famous lady I pattern my life after. I buy her Good Life products, though I am a bit disappointed with some of her baked goods. But I've decided that I might have bought her diabetic alteration.( Miss Patti, we are all going to die, and most of us are going to die with something. I've decided I can live with dying with diabetes if it means I get to eat well, so send the original recipes to me!!!) I buy her wigs, and even make a bucket wig, yes, it is a wig with a bucket super-glued on and straight hair covering it up. I've read her books and use her cookbooks. I even wear her fragrances, though I can't find her Girlfriend! anywhere anymore! And I must have seen her perform at least 27 times. Miss Patti is my girl!!!

Another Philly, the record label, female performer I admired and adored was Phyllis Hyman. As a drag queen who regularly uses her own voice, I have a deep appreciation for my falsetto. Phyllis Hyman was probably the first of a handful of female performers who gave me an appreciation for my lower register. It didn't hurt that she was the epitome of class, grace and style. Plus she was tall, and GORGEOUS! Everything a drag queen might hope to be! But her vocal stylists on hits like "Old Friend," "Living All Alone," "Somewhere In My Lifetime," and "Betcha Bye Golly Wow" were impeccable. Most would be impressed with her musical mastery and magicry. It broke my heart when she took her life. I literally cried for two days! But the lady and artist she was will live on through me forever!

Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin? Wishful thinking guys. That's one of the bigger hits from Stephanie Mills. And you have probably heard her awesome version of "Home."'Sweet Sensation?" "Never Knew Love Like This Before?" This girl can rock the house with songs like"Pilot Error," "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore," "Love Of My Life" and "The Medicine Song" And if you want to hear some true vocal acrobatics, try "I Feel Good All Over," "I've Learned To Respect The Power Of Love" and "Healing Time!" For me, it is all about the vocals with this lady!

And absolutely no divas list is complete without the ultimate diva, in my opinion...Diana Ross!
Hunter, Logo and the Now Apocalypse!!!
Posted:Aug 12, 2018 2:01 pm
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2018 12:58 am
It feels like it has been a while since I was last here to write. In fact, I can not remember if I have been posting nude or just hot pictures here, so I will play it safe this time, check my other posts and next time be ready for you!

Speaking of which, let me thank all of you guys here who are giving me any kind of attention. I so didn't see it coming, so it is quite a surprise, and very much appreciated!!! I mean, I've been flirted with, hot-listed, commented on. Hell, I think I even have a watcher of this blog, and last night somebody became my first top fan! Thrilled to death to be here, so thank you all for showing and sharing your love with me. That said, I could really use more comments, or more to the point, tangents, to inspire me for the next post. I currently wait until there are three or four topics I want to cover, then make sure I have picture that tie in, then come and check things out. Since I believe Coming Out Day is the next major push for gay culture, I'd like to get a post or two in before then. Now back to business.

The Gay of the Day is actually a gay icon who passed away last month. Actually, July 8, just three days shy of his 87th birthday...Mr. Tab Hunter!

Did you know that Tab is the reason Warner Brothers has a recording division? Apparently, Tab had a number one hit back in the day with "Your Love." Unfortunately, it was recorded at Dot Records, because Warner Brothers was only into movies at the time. And Warner Brothers started their recording division so Tab Hunter could release all of his work, both records and movies, through them. Apparently, he was a heartthrob in the 50's and 60's. But I became familiar with him through his work with Divine, both in "Polyester" and one of my favorite movies, "Lust In The Dust."

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I got the order right. Although there are pictures that might suggest otherwise, apparently that publicity stint with Roddy McDowall was strictly that. However, he did have a fling with Rudolf Nureyev. Apparently, he was not only a sponsor of figure skater Ronnie Robertson, but they also had a relationship for a couple of years. Then there was that secret three year relationship he had with Psycho actor, Anthony Perkins. In fact, that will be the basis of the movie, "Tab & Tony," with J.J. Abrams, Zachary Quinto, and Tab's partner of 35 years, Allen Glaser, attached to it!

Okay, I have had major beef with Logo for over a decade now! For those of you who don't know, Logo is probably the most popular gay television channel, and when I first became acquainted with it, it was pretty good. I learned a great deal more about Sir Ari Gold, they had shows like Noah's Arc and RuPaul's Drag Race, and a lot of gay music stuff. We were fine, especially since the only time I could see it at the time was at my favorite gay bar.

Now, this isn't actually a good time to do this, as this weekend, I've seen several episodes of Will & Grace, all of season ten Drag Race, and they will be repeating a gay themed movie later. Maybe, Logo is just gay on the weekends, like some of us. lol But earlier this week, I was disappointed when I saw Roseanne. But then, Bewitched, and All In The Family, and Three's Company! Oh, no, not Laverne & Shirley! What? The Facts of Life! Hell to the No! Mama's Family! WTF!?!

I decided, Logo needed some help! No more subtle hints or polite suggestions! I'm spelling it out for you guys, so pay attention!!!

I think most of us would watch a movie with one of our divas in it, as long as there was some hot guy, and especially if he is in a state of undress. I would definitely watch Burlesque again...Cher, Christina Aguilera, Eric Danes, Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigandet's naked ass and the cookie scene? Hell, I would sit through The Proposal, and Oscar Nunez's strip scene again to see more of Ryan Reynolds! Where's your damn gay gene at, Logo?

What about the movies about male exotic dancers, strippers, escorts and gigolos? Like American Gigolo, or The Chippendales Murders or Just Can't Get Enough? Ladykillers? A Night In Heaven? Slapshot? La Bare? For Ladies Only? What about the two Magic Mikes? The Full Monty? Chocolate City? hell, some of those were made for television and would even required much editing, if you have to go there!

And shows like Gigolos? Or Looking? Queer As Folk? Brothers? Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, either or both versions? Or your very own, Noah's Arc?

What about some gay themed movies, like Torch Song Trilogy, To Wong Foo, The Birdcage, or Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? Jeffery? Trick? The Sum of Us? Priest? Classics like Love! Valour! Compassion!, Longtime Companion or It's My Party? Award winners like An Early Frost, Dallas Buyer's Club, Brokeback Mountain, Call Me By Your Name, or Milk? Boys In The Band? In & Out? Popular ones like Shelter, Latter Days, Beautiful Thing or Boy Culture? Maybe some lesser known ones would be cheaper, like All Over The Guy, The Trip, Caio, Freefall, The Mulligans or Patrik, 1.5? By the way everyone, be on the lookout for Kid Erased, Death & Life of John F. Dovovan and The Happy Prince, coming to a theater near you in the near future!

What about some of the gay shows that were or even are on network television? You've got Will & Grace and Ellen, but what about Partners, with the hilarious Michael Urie and that gorgeous Brandon Routh? Or The New Normal, with the supper cute Justin Bartha? or Modern Family? Or Veronica's Closet? Some of My Best Friends? Happy Endings? Love, Sidney? And every freaking guy in THE Client List was hot as hell?

Even shows we watched for the gay characters in them. Who wouldn't watch the opulence of Dynasty and follow Steven's story? Or the romance of Will and Kevin on Nashville? Or the sexuality of a couple like Zero and Jude on Hit The Floor? Or the drama of Jeffery and Justin on The Haves and The Have Not's? And there is the sexy Connor and brainy Oliver and their odd couple story on How To Get Away With Murder? Or the gay couple in the White House on Scandal? The baddest black gay guy on television on The Wire? Or Shadow Hunters...and I'm still trying to figure out how the hell that little gay lead guy shrunk from his time on Glee, another show you could be airing? Six Feet Under? Major Crimes? Sordid Lives? Brothers & Sisters? Hell, even Oz, though that might require a lot of cleanup. Or not!

I understand you may be the only gay channel most of us can get to, but you are not the only one. I know because I've looked into six so far, though mostly porn. My point is, I can't continue to be nice and support you if you are only gay 20% of the time. Most of us are gay most of the time. So get your head and the gay and catch up!

And finally, two of the coolest straight guys on the planet will soon be a gay couple on a new show on Starz!

Avan Jogia, who you may know from VicTORIous, and the sexy Tyler Posey, from Teen Wolf, will be playing love interests on Now Apocalyypse. By now, most of you have seen ALL Tyler brings to the table, and if you have seen him in interviews, you know he has man crushes and bromances with some of the actors he's worked with. Seem like a really cool, fun, sexy playful guy! All right, yes I want some of that! What you may not know about Avan is that he is the co-founder of Straight, But Not Narrow, an online group that promotes the acceptance of homosexuals. And although I though he was attractive on the show, he was also thin and hairless. Recent pictures though make him far more appetizing. You be the judge!

And that's it for me today, gentleman! I hope to be back in a month of so, but that depends on the trend of current topics and you guys? The more relevant the comments and responses I see in my blog, the more inspired I will be to write an answer, delve into the matter and post more pictures!

Until next time, have a gay ole time!
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Pride Celebrations!!!
Posted:Jun 17, 2018 1:42 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2019 3:32 am
Prides have always been really awesome for me. I hang out with some amazing friends, look at loads of man candy, even getting a sample or two now and then, eat drink and be merry!

I actually remember my very first Pride event. I'm a bona fide queen now, but back when I was a lady! Okay, back when you use to write people whose personal ads were in the back of some newspaper or magazine. When you would actually go to the bars to meet people, instead of hoping on your phones or computers...when pen-palling wasn't an archaic art form, and could actually make you some great friends and even a few playmates or something more. Anyway, I had been writing this guy for six to eight months, developing a real interest in each other without having met yet. And our first official date was Gay Pride that year. It was a great date, and we actually lived together for over a year.

Funny story, years later, my second husband's daughter found this picture in his photo album...diva's telling her age now, ain't she? She showed it to me and said, "That looks like it could be you!" Turns out, it was! As the story was given to us, her dad and his date were at the same Pride celebration and ended up taking this picture of me and my date. He claimed that when they saw another interracial couple, he thought I was attractive and his date thought my date was attractive, so the picture was taken. What I will tell you now is that I split from this guy because he cheated on me repeatedly with a guy with the same first name as my second husband's date. Yes, I think his date was seeing my date and took a picture of us at Pride, to check out the potential competition.

Despite that, I have met some wonderful people through Pride celebrations. Magazine porn stars like Mike Timber and Johnathan Pruitt. Video porn stars like Steve Kelso, Luke Garrett and my personal favorite from back in the day, Gage Weston. And of course, in my day, I have performed with a gallery of strippers and other drag queens of the time.

I have seen Taylor Dayne, who is much more attractive in person. I've had drinks with George Clinton and Delite...Groove Is In The Heart! I've met Crystal Waters, and as much as I enjoy her music, she will never see another penny from me. I've seen Martha Wash. I've even been kissed by Ce Ce Peniston!

I just saw Billy Gilman this month, and will be seeing Steve Grand for the second time this coming weekend. I would have loved to have seen Colton Ford, porn star turned future pop star. Unfortunately, I have more of an appreciation for his music than his acting, probably because he was keeping me away from my dream man, Blake Harper. But I digress!

After years of crushing on him for years, I finally got to see Ty Herndon. But by far my favorite was the time I got to spend with the artist currently known as Sir Ari Gold. I didn't even know who he was when I went to Pride. But before it was over, I have signed wall posters of him all over my room. He signed the copy of the cd I bought. But even better than that, was this sexy Jewish man, singing his love song, "Bashert" to me, and dancing with me on this and my favorite song of his. his version of "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" I've posted a picture of him here, but if you want to see more, check out, "Play My Fucking Record!"

And of course, I've seen some of our legendary divas, though usually not at Pride. Patti Labelle makes it here regularly for the Black Expo, so I've seen her several times! She's one of my personal idols! Her and Tina Turner, who I saw in November of 1984. Who hasn't seen Cher at least once? I went to Chicago to see Cyndi Lauper and Chaka Khan for Pride on the same weekend. And I got wet with Diana Ross in Central Park. And I have met a shocking number of male athletes, but that's for another time. Let's get back to Pride!

I decided to wrap up our Pride celebration post with guys who had enough pride to grace us with the gift of the family jewels the most. The celebrity cock you've seen the most in movies, or could have seen the most if you were paying attention! Who do you think it might be?

Doesn't have to be large and in charge? I've always had a weak spot for him, but once I saw Luke Perry naked, I was like 9021OMG! I have thirteen versions of what Daniel Radcliffe is suppose to look like, and yes, I do have a personal favorite. But whatever the real deal is, I'm sure I have in my collection. I got stuck on the Teen Wolf guys leaked presents. And Seth Rollins and his business, got me back on wrestling, and Randy Orton again!

So who you think it was? Michael Fassbender has my favorite one of recent times , but they only give him credit for three movies. What about Harvey Kietel or Viggo Mortensen? They do seem to flash us all the time. Could Emile Hirsch have showed us his goodies the most? Chris Messina? The late, great Heath Ledger? The actual wiener, or winner is...Ewan McGregor, with at least five full frontal nude scenes under his belt...thus far!

I will get back to more gay culture and lifestyle irrelevance next time. I just felt like Gay Pride Month screamed for something different!
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Speculations, Separations & Stimulations! Oh My!
Posted:Apr 20, 2018 3:27 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2018 5:55 pm

Let me first thank all of you who read my first post, and especially those who responded to it. It made me feel good to know that I am not the only interested all things gay that aren't sex! I also need to say Happy Birthday to of the most talented male vocalist ever to grace a stage, Luther Vandross, as well as of the sexiest black men on the planet, Shemar Moore. I'm using an older picture of him, because I was mesmerized and obsessed with the man when we were younger, and I'm slowly shaking him off as we get older! lol [image]

I'm going to start with the "Gay of the Day," mainly because I don't know a great deal about him. He became a bit notorious for a gay sex ene he did in "Ray Donovan," Showtime's grittier, more down-to-earth version of "andal," starring Jon Voight, the gorgeous Pooch Hall, and the magnificent Liev hreiber. Well, this week, Zander Hodgson came out as gay, which is why he overruled my original choice for the title. Believe you me, there will be other days for that guy, but here is your picture of the new, openly "Gay of the Day," Zander Hodgson! [image2]

Now because I feel like I feel like I may digress on tangents as I go through the rest of my post, this puppy could end up short with a lot of pictures or long with just a few more!

Most of you may have read or heard that Channing Tatum and his wife are separating, possibly divorcing. I say that because I hstly thought they had a good chance of making it! Channing has been a bit of an interesting tug of war for me. I first came across him, excuse me, I first saw him in Step Up. And I thought he was a great looking guy, with some impressive dance moves, but his acting was pretty suspect to me. And as time would pass, my opinion of him would move all over the place. He hits and misses in appearance, and not just because of his w fluctuations. And even though I consider myself a fan, I've still yet to be thrilled with his acting, though he does seem to have found his niche in action and comedy. I've decided that I am a fan of his personality more than anything else. And I admire and respect the hell out of him for remembering his past and turning it into the vehicle we know as Magic Mike. Now we know where those dance moves originated, and he had best be glad I never saw him during my period of ing for men! I thought him and his wife because they were both dancer/actors in Hollywood. I guess I'm only talking about him because I had gotten to the point where I genuinely wanted him to be happy, and stopped thinking of him in a sexual sense. I'm assuming it is okay to put him back on the list now, so here is a picture for us all to drool over once again! [image3]

And Zude fans here? If you are asking, what the hell I'm talking about, that means you are not, and it is probably too late, and definitely too heart-breaking to try. VH-1 had this wonderful show, Hit The Floor, which was on for seasons. And I think most people will agree that of the main attractions to the show was the relationship between the estranged gay son of the team owner, Jude, and the bisexual basketball er, Zero, brilliantly portrayed by the beautiful Brent Antllo and the ultra sexy Adam Senn, respectively. There was a so-called wrap-up movie, which still actually left a few unanswered questions. And then the news....BET was picking up the show for a th season!!! Yeah!!! We thought. I guess, we should say, kind of. I was pretty sure that the show would get rewed over on BET, shifting the focus more towards the cheerleaders and dancing, and hstly, the black characters. After all, BET is Black Entertainment Television. Then Adam went through some personal matters and decided not to return to the show. And we were left wondering what would happen to our favorite gay couple. Well, the answers will be coming in July, but the previews and the trailers I've seen definitely indicate what I expected, a push towards the cheerleaders and their dance routines, and mostly the black characters. I did see a ene with a new basketball er possibly romancing, who I now know is Jude. So I will give the show episodes to see if it can keep me interested, as I've already started getting old episodes. The thing I am sure of is....I will miss you Zero!!! [image4]

Time for some zombie speculation now. Now, I don't read or follow the comic, which apparently is a good thing as far as the show taking liberties is concerned. Yes, I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead! To the point of even watching Talking Dead, though I'm not too keen on Fear the Walking Dead at this point. Now, every's favorite bad ass, Daryl, has a horrible record with love. We thought he was getting close to Carol, but that got lost somewhere and she seems to have moved on. Then we though maybe Beth would be the , but she got shot and died. Then a few ago, there was some speculation about Daryl could be gay. In fact, I read a few places that Norman Reedus, the guy who s him, said he wouldn't have a problem ing him that way. Soon, we were introduced to a gay couple, Eric & Aaron, and although no really wanted Daryl to be a homowrecker, you did see a bond growing between Aaron, ed by Ross Marchand, and Daryl. This gets a bit easier to take when Eric gets shot, turns and walks into the sunset. The path is clear if they really want to do it. But I guess they decided that Daryl waited long enough for love, let's make it interesting. Another bad ass, Jesus, ed by Tom ne, comes out as gay to a couple of girls. So do we have a gay love triangle in Zombieland? Who are you rooting for? History would be with Aaron, but I believe he has more in common with Jesus, especially if you saw the season finale. I was going to post hot pictures of all guys to you ponder your thoughts, but I found this , which saves space and seems a bit more appropriate. [image5]

Some posted a poll here on the hottest television cast. Chicago P.D.? Chicago Fire? Hawaii -O? Well, I'm partial to Teen Wolf, the MTV show extremely loosely based on the movie. Not just because Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver are gay in real life! Not because of the finest man on the planet, Tyler Hoechlin! or the awesomely talented Dylan O'Brien! Or the delicious Keahu Kahuanui! Sadly, I'm even more shallow than that.

Imagine if you could watch a show, and every once in a while, insert a nude of the guy you were watching? That's my new thing right now, making my own version of movies by inserting nude enes or pictures of the actors in it. Porn ans storylines combined for complete awesomeness! And by now, you all know about the stars Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian, even the lead, Tyler Posey, and his brother, separately, having leaked photos and videos out there! Now if I can get the rest of the cast, or hell, the cast of any of the shows mentid to do it, I would be in hog, or would that be dog heaven! I've posted a picture, sort of food for thought, but it is clean. and until next time...[image6]

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