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Posted:Feb 7, 2015 11:31 am
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Posted:Feb 4, 2015 8:53 am
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(dis true story is written by a white man and positive proof. besides
the photos at the end.. enjoy it.


Between being filthy rich and gay, I have been known to have
dished out tidy sums of money over the years on some of my
more wilder sexual frolics. Yes on things like transsexual
cross dressers beautiful enough to win most state wide
beauty contests. Or freaks endowed with cocks the size
of large breeding farm animals. But none can even come close
to rivaling my wild five day South African Safari Cock Adventure!

Yes when Phillip Kleman, a former diamond smuggler and
animal poacher promised me the most Wild Bazaar 120 hours
of Kinky Erotic fun any Fag could ever hope for, I wasted
little time in handing him over a certified bank check to
him for his full up front fee totaling some $9, 300. Hell
to me chicken feed money for what Phillip simply described
to me without going into specific detail as the greatest
time I would ever have upon the face of this good earth. Yes
according to Phillip, Fantasy Island and that little plane
spotting midget would be dull compared to what fully was
now in store for me.

My Code and Safe word of HANDOUT was certainly quite fitting
for me as my luggage and my rented twin engine private plane
arrived at that small back jungle landing strip. For immediately
bribes in the name of Handouts were required by every single
person that had dealings with me. From the baggage boy to
the so called five customs agents, all raked in their fair
share of crisp new $100 bills I had to fork over without much
choice. Yes even the fresh fruit lunch afterward had cost
me a God Dam C note.

It was perhaps an hour later when rounding a sharp bend in
the dusty narrow back road, that our open wheeled jeep was
taken over by a large band of quite evil looking very tall
primitive bush men. Except for nose rings, painted faces
and shiny multi colored neck beads of some sort, every single
one of those tall tribesmen were quite naked! Yes as me,
Bonga the jeep driver and Ahlua my bagage porter were roughly
put into tight vine bondage chain gang style , I couldn't
help but to notice that more than a few of their quite long
and thick penises were showing themselves to be in the early
stages of building sexual excitement?

One in particular who kept smiling at me with his big brown
sparkling eyes was sporting a full thick erection that
I estimated had to be close to a foot long! Yes the younger
teen wanna be warriors were made to bring up the rear guard
as in single file we all navagated this thin winding jungle
path. All these slender teens seemed to be wearing lewd
smiles as well as light colored woven straw cloaks that
almost fully covered their bouncing ebony peckers as they

Yes I somehow guessed that some kind of a tribalal
custom must have kept their private parts hidden from the
eyes of their young future female tribal brides to be. Yes
while I was certainly in grave danger, I somehow couldn't
help but wonder how much cock was being hidden under each
and every bouncing cock covering basket? Then the awful
thought of being eaten in a pot rather than a bed brought
sudden shivers to my spine.

It was mid day when reached their deep jungle camp. Almost
immediately both Bonga and Ahlua were cut loose of their
restraining vines. Quickly surrounded by a large group
of young screaming and clawing females, I watched from
close by as their civilized clothing was either riped or
cut away from their bodies. While only ever interested
in woman who would or could dominate me in kinky sexual roleplay,

I none the less watched as every single one of those black
budding feminine bodies seemed to go into a kind of sex starved
frenzy over both Ahlua and Bonga's full erections.

Soon a kind of a cat fight broke out for sucking rights on
those two available ebony dicks! Yes sex starved with overwhelming
vaginal cravings, those young till then completely virginal
girls took rapid turns deeply mouthing and passionitely
sucking on both displayed defenseless cocks! Yes just
like the countless numbers of gay guys I had watched over
the years that had been hot on dick, these horny ladies seemed
obsessed with getting a primitive nasty hot soupy mouthful
of ejaculating jissum!

It was then that I was roughly pushed, shoved and lead into
a nearby thatched straw hut of fair size. After having my
wrists cut loose, I was ordered to strip naked by a series
of hand signals by the very one with the sparkling brown
eyes. As I stepped out of my white boxers on that hard red
dirt hut floor, I recognized a look that had become all to
common to me over my adult lifetime.

Yes his brown eyes were now feasting on my White Devil Cock that had just recently been closely shaved clean for hygene reasons of overseas
travel. It was right at that very moment that I first began
to realize that I was in grave danger of perhaps being brutally
attacked before being Sacrificed as an offering to some unknown
to me jungle God?

Why else was the only openly gay faggotof the tribe that wore that open look of fascination and deep interest in my dick, be put in charge of guarding me?

Next again using handsignals to communicate with me, I
was made to bend sharply at the hips while still standing
as one of the other four, quickly moved in behind me. Next
I could feel his slight breath making small sensitive traveling
hot air waves across the posterior of my anus. Shit right
then I could only venture to guess that he was examing me
for some dam strange reason?

Next while still bent over and complying to order of keeping my cheeks spread widely apart, a second native holding a small clay rounded bowl
of some kind moved in closer. Dipping a few of his finger
tips in its middle, he quickly displayed a pinkish looking
thick puddy like mixture for my approval before moving
behind me to slowly and carefully paint a few inch wide circle
completely around my asshole.

Somehow right then, I couldn't help but feel some hot sexual related blood beginning to flow into the base of my cock! Yes the bastards were paintingmy fuck pussy into a god dam targeted fem pink bulls eye?

Was my gay ass going to be used as some kind of tribal ritual?
Yes if I was going to die, what better way for a true faggot
to leave this dear earth than to be Fucked to Death as many
confusing thoughts raced through my clouded Civilized
mind right then!

Would I ever cast my queer eyes upon New York City again!
What the fuck had I bought myself into anyway? Suicide by
Fag African style? Yes far more scared than sexually excited,
my cock had shrink a great deal as had my nutsack. This as
I was lead outside into the gleaming bright overhead sunlight.
Now on both sides of me, was formed a long narrow line made
up of both sexes of the villagers who were all chanting and
and making hand gestures for me to hurry up and move forward?
In looking to its very end, I could see far ahead, all the young
future warriors standing in long single file row. Yes in
all there had to be close to three dozen fully uplifted cock
cover baskets that could only signify one thing!! STIFF FULLY AROUSED YOUNG NEVER TOUCHED BLACK TRIBAL COCK!

Now only one very nagging question remained in my confused
mind as I slowly began my journey into my unknown fate? Was
I about to Die, or was I about Service and be Serviced?

Two short minutes later I had my answer as the oldest
grey haired tribesmen with the most necklace beads stood
with a strange shaped carved knife and slowly began to cut
away the many lower tight animal hide knots of the first
teens lower basket. Once cut to his satisfaction, he
moved down to the second teen youth while two young village
girls moved in. Ah such a rank and ripe odor immediately
took to the air as his foreskin was carefully tugged back
over his cloaked deep purple cockhead.

His dark eyes were looking down in admiration of his adulthood as he viewed his entire cock for the very first time in his entire youthful

Using a unknown mixture of the juices of many jungle
plants and herbs, the cleaning potion quickly and magiclly
both completely cleaned and sterileized his erect penis
in one wonderful step! It was as both girls moved down to
begin cleanseing the second exposed young cock, that I
heard the very first word of English spoken since my arrival
some 30 minutes earlier.

Yes pointing to that then twitchingnine inch speciman of budding manhood, the big brown eyed one pointed and gave me the loud unmistakable verbal orderas two spear carrying warriors closly stepped in behind me on both sides.

"SUCK IT OFF!" "SUCK IT OFF" as without
warning I was hastily pushed down to my knees from behind.
So kneeling on the hardpan red village clay, My gay eyes
feasted on this new most primitive looking virgin black
fuck weapon as now the badly broken English combined Tribal
chants of '' SUCK IT OFF!" echoed off of the
blanket of nearby thick surrounding jungle trees.

Ah along with the most pleasing smell of that Magical Cock Cleansing
Potion being inhaled through my flairing nostils, also
came this Incredable Sexual Rush of Arousal that made the
sexual effects of both Cocaine and Poppers quite mild by

Yes not that I really needed to be stimulated by any means of the imagination, but I must admit that never in my entire Gay Life of Splendor had I feltso Fuckin Alive and So Horny.

I shameless and under the most wonderful sexual spell as with parted unashamed lips,I moved in closer to carry out the tribes combined wishes
to ''SUCK IT OFF!"

Little did I know or realize that for some two to four years
after reaching pubery, only an occasonal wet dream had
ever managed to trigger this most impressive untouched
dick to shoot off! Therefore when my tight talented gay
lips locked tightly in loving embrase over this erotic
African mid day purple headed treasure, I wasnt expecting
an instant explosion to go off inside of my hollow cheeked

Just like a summer New York City fire hydrant being relieived of its pent up load, hot thick blasting jungle spunk began to quickly flood my locked on mouth.

Instantly my love for hot blasting cum drove my cheeks to
hollow and create a strong far more powerful vacuum to drain
the ejaculating bastard dry! Soon my delighted tongue
with its dancing bear taste buds were swimming in a sea of
the most sweet and thick seman it had ever known.

The tropical diet of vegetaion gave this young hung shooting
specimen the most delicious Cum this Faggot had ever known! So for nearly a full minute, I greedily gulped, gagged and sucked in deep passionite need before the flow of his hot thick rancid faggot foam finally subsided!.

From its giant volume came the trickles of escapingcream on both corners of my mouth. This while my lips felt so soothingly slippery and soft. Yes stepping back, the young warrior to be had glazed eyes above his proud smile as he had reached Manhood after years of cruel sexual tribal torture.

Somehow my white devil cock had grown into a full powerful erection in perfoming hot selfish fellatio front of maybe 300 on looking villagers of both sexes!

Their Witch Doctor was now cutting off the third throbbig basket as
the second cleaned cock awaited my Homosexual talents

I would learn later that all single males were not allowed
to copulate in any of the three holes a tribal female had
available. Not even handjobs were allowed to be given by
the women.

So when many males reached basket shedding age,
tribal girleyboys such as big brown eyes were allowed to
bestow sexual acts of favor upon them. Handjobs, blowjobs
and even fucking should mutual attractions and some chemistry

In all, 31 that made up almost 10% of the tribe awaited my Gay highly developed talents. Not since my firstboarding school when I had become the dorm bathroom monitor had I had available so much hot young stiff cock to service in one kneel down session!

Obviously much younger than the first basket boy I had just blown,
number two had very little bushy pubic hair over his already
nice sized 7 to 8 inch ebony erection!

How powerful was its image from the shiny cleansing oil that had it gleaming a deep purple color under the suns hot overhead rays. Oh
how erotic I found that super sized droplet of glistening
precum slowing leaking from its swollen taunt head onto
its already heavily veined shaft that was pointing almost
straight up into the bright African sky.

He was a quite handsome young future warrior of thin but rugged build as he looked down to watch my busy snaking pink gay tongue clean up his unavoidable plumbing pre-cum leak just before his taunty dark cockhead slowly and teasingly disappeared into my oval shiney lipped mouth.

Perhaps three good strong sucks along with a head bob or two happened on my part before the floodgates opened. Just like his tribal
brother, his swiftly shooting sperm also was pungent strong and
delicious to me..

So I greedily gulped for every hot drop of his exploding
juices. Yes my lips found the deeply indented ridge
ring caused from years of having to wear his protective virgin basket
of tribal tradition!

Locking on to it in a vice like grip,the suction I could create was incredable for the both ofus. So strong was his cascading cum as it sprayed the backof my queer throat in continous splashes of draining passion!

To me this was Sex in its most Primitive Intended Gay Way.
Just two programed bodies created by mother nature living
out its Reproductive Cycle in an animalistic Act of Pure
Fuckin Lust!

Cockowner and Cocksucker both equally enjoying the shared act of DEEP SELFISH NEED AND GREED! Yes each new unbasketed cockboy was so hot to me. By the time my firstdozen of the day had been completed, my cum filled tummy began to act up on me. Yes perhaps a full pint of ripe reproduction sperm was acting up yet I couldnt stop myself from greedily gulping each new load of lost virginity!

Little did I knowthat each cut of basket was going to be given to me as a keepsake rememberence and reminder of my virginal gay victims.
Yes some would no doubt love the hot same partner act so much,
that they would forsake the available females of the tribe
in favor of becoming a basket blow boy just like me.

So as I made my way down that long line of throbbing erect
penises, I began to spit out the loads I could no longer swollow
into this high necked gray clay vase big brown eyes now was

Yes its top rim was just perfect to rest the cleft
of my chin against as I spit out in large thick hot volumes the creamy
thick goblets of gravity.

It was perhaps between two andthree hours after I had first started when the very last "'SUCK IT OFF!" chant had ended.

Yes 31 newly drained men now populated the tribes warrior status. Void of any more queer urges to Suck Cock, I felt tired and skipped
the offer of some unknown summer beverage in favor of lying

My travel had been long and I was very exhusted
from all of the Mental and Physical drains put on me. And
so I laid down in a soft fur lined bed in a different thatched
straw hut! Big brown eyes was smiling down at me as I couldnt
help but to smile back.

And then with sleeply half closed eyes, I watched him begin
to hand rub and tease his rapidly growing ebony cock into
a wonderful proud standing instrument of reproduction.

He lewdly smiled down at me as he jerked it off in slow
long firm hand movements. Then he moved in much closer to
point its one eyed head at my face. Somehow dispite having
all the cock I could handle that afternoon, I reached to
gently caress his large ball sack while parting my lips
to offer him a most erotic and inviting target.

Like his 31 younger tribe members, big browns load was also sweet,
creamy and quite delicious as he split it in half by spraying
my lower face and then open inviting mouth with equal volumes.

Once he left the hut, another took his place and then another and another
in a never ending line of adult tribal jackers. Yes following
their rituals to avoid taboo's, that slender 26"
high grey vase was almost three quarters full of ejaculated
jizz when at last I was left alone to myself!

I wore a smile of contentment knowing that ex smuggler Phillip Kleman
had done his job quite well. With just day one competed and
four more to follow, already I had gotten my $9,300 worth
of Gay pleasure and satisfaction!.

So as I fell into a deep relaxing sootheing sleep, that circular
pink carefully applied clay type ring surrounding my untouched
anus grew harder and harder as it dried. Yes tomorrow just
after a large dawn pig roast breakfast, Those very same
proud 31 group of new ejaculators would all become fornacaters
as their future young brides would again look on in lust
and admiring attaction to those God Gifted oversized Penises.

So as I dreamed of big white puffy clouds dropping down endless
torrents of black phalluses, the tribal witch doctor was
carefully brewing up a large potion of secret extractions
that would have every inch of my inner bowel linings madly
itching in torment.

Only a good four to five hours of deep pounding stiff warrior weapon would keep me from going crazy.

It would be a bugaboo buggering that would put any of the
San Franciso bath house anal orgies to shame. Only after
close to a quart of cum had been blasted inside of me and evenly
spread out, would that potion of torment be neutralized.
Awaking refreshed and ravished that next morning, I ate three normal shares ofsuculent roast pig as the tribes newest young sissy sat
right beside me and curiously with my white devil cock.

He had the touch of a girl as his fingers went on a exciting
to him journy of exploration. Yes he still had on his straw
basket of innocence as the first rays of sunlight crept
over the eastern sky.

After some hot unknown but quite refreshing beverage,
I went to the downwind that day dump site and did my daily
constitutional. Next I found myself amongst a handful
of older tribal mothers whose flat long hanging saggy tits
gave proof to their nursing many years before.

Bent over a rounded treee trunk, I was first oiled and gently finger
fucked before a carved and hollowed bulsa wood cock replica
was skillfully slowly and expertly worked up into my gay presented ass.

They were womanbut still this totally gay faggot none the less found it
feeling quite nicely and enjoyable. The leaking portion
of I Wanna Be Fucked Fluid would gradually take hold. This
while under the jungle canope just outside of the village,
the entire group of five tribal queers were quite mouth
busy getting 31 new warriors hot and horny..

To be fair,the chief's order had been reversed so that those that had waited the longest the day before, were to go first. In their own
native tribal language it had been called wakinga bluba
fuba, which translated means THE TEMPLE OF ASS FUCKING!

So next I was laid with my stomach carefully positioned
and supported over that small wooden temple while my hands
were snugly bound in a soft mossy kind of vine. Bent over,
defenseless and quite ready, I was simply an object of pleasure
so the new breed of young fuckers in the tribe would learn
about acting out their dominant birth rites.

Selfishness was the first law of order. A man was master
of his household and his wife was merely there to bear children,
do the housework and chores like cooking and cleaning.

The early morning beam of sunlight fully hitting my
exposed backside make that metalic clay circle glow like
it was fluorescent! Yes with my exposed helpless asshole
perfectly centered, I heard the approaching footsteps
coming both from within the jungle as well as long the village
footpath. Yes again the entire fuckin village was going
to bear witness to BUGABOO!

With some 15 minutes of bulsa dildo toy fore play under my belt, I was most certainly hot and anxious to get my hot little gay white ass nicely pounded. Not speaking the language, I could only guess what the words
in their strange language really meant?

With always present big brown eyes close by and sporting a nice early
morning piss hardon, I was trying to gesture to him how much
I wanted him to finally stick that big black graffic dick
of his deep in my hungry mouth! With my hands secured and
unable to move, I could only lick my lips with my tongue while
trying to wear the queerest facial expression possible.

As he held and drained that monster dick of his, it was
me that began to utter those ultra hot words. 'SUCK
IT OFF" "SUCK IT OFF!" as brown eyes approached
me while shaking it off while leaving his forskin intact.

Moving directly in front of my face, he flapped it up and
down several times before suddenly grabbing under my chin
with one strong hand forcing my jaw to drop wide open. Yes
all in one swift motion, he shoved that big fat black dick
of his as far down my throat as possible as I groaned in a deep
queer voice of total approval!

This while behind me unseen but heard, two dozen plus seven stood in a left to right line. Now all the traibes eligeable single woman were holding
smalls dispersed lubricants that they were allowed to
coat the penesis that attracted and turned them on the most.

Pretty blushing young budding things soon about to
enter adulthood. Yes for both the males and the females,
it was to be the very first sexual contact with a member of
the opposite sex.

Oh how subductively those teasing girls were as they gently and purposely applied the slippery oils to those naughty boys big aroused black cocks. This as after perhaps fifty to sixty deep rams down my overmatched throat, brown eyes pulled his taunty cock head back and
unfolded his forskin. Almost instantly like old faithful, his spewing cock erupted like a geyser of spraying white as he quickly parked his exploding cockhead glans just inside of my tight clinging lips! I can only surmize thatBin Acalla mean "TAKE IT BITCH !" or something
to that effect as he kept repeating it to me over and over
as he emptied his nuts inside of my hot tight receptive American

Dam how Erotic Sex can be when you can't communicate
over different language barriors. Ad to the mix that I had
gone back in time to somewhere in the 1800's to this
primitive tribe. Sex was fuckin pure deep rooted Lust and
nothing more. No dates, no romances, no bars or strip joints.

Yes fuck the fag frolics of pretense where what your wearing
or who your with matters to me. As that first boy lined his
slick lubed stiff pecker to my pink puckered asshole, he
was about to make himself become a man where I was to become
an instant woman! Yes content with a large fresh hot load
of soupy sperm to gargle with, I twitched my bitch pussy
five times in a row to let this inexpericned virgin know
a tight hot place awaited his throbbing Mandingo dick.

Having no idea or clue on how to go about his task at hand,
gentle was not on his list as to how to do it. No four cruel
punishing shoves took place before he corrected his faulty
aim and hit paydirt. Dam did that big pud hurt and again without
finesse or skill, he just shoved it hard with muscular hip

Thank god only a few deep punges were needed to set off his
Spunk Button. Yes I could feel the heat from his hot load
maybe three quarters up inside of my totally helpless fuck

Next I felt emptiness as from behind me, many were applauding
him in unison for at last reaching his manhood. Then the
wonderful sensations of a slowly pushed cockhead ever
so gently being swollowed up by my tightly clinging anal

Oh fuckin yeah, oh baby I said out loud as inch by wonderful
inch, this already gifted stud was slipping it into me just
perfectly. And what a cock it was, Yes while not ever seeing
any of it, I can tell you it just had to be a good ten inches
and the perfect thickness as to only deliver the exact amount
of pain I have grown to love and lust over.

Yes 80% perfect pleasure with 20% discomfort is indeed the RIGHT BLEND for anal sex..

As each new black stud pounded my hot little back door
pussy Big Cat style, my ANAL ITCHING for FRICTION grew stronger
and stronger. Each new stud upon getting off by fucking
me, was given a toast cup and a potion announcing his adulthood.
For the first time in my life, my mind didnt need to wander
or create wishes or fantasy while having sex. No my helpless
bondage was just perfect.

So had Phillip Klemans impecible timing. Yes the yearly Tribal Rutial of Manhood needed the special talents of a gifted experienced white faggot. It was a matchup made in absolute heaven for both sides. Me getting
all the cock I could ever hope or wish for while that unique
tribe had five days use out of a WHITE BASKET LOVING SLAVE.

Day three would have the tribes elders getting fully serviced
by me. Most wanted blow jobs and skipped the fucking although
some did indeed tie me to the Temple of Assfucking. Yes from
hut to hut to escape the heavy jungle rains, I sucked grandfathers,
fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, uncles and anything
with a penis attached. This without shame of any kind as
I found this Role Sexually Perfect. God I was addicted to
the sweet come that was indeed a Nectur of the Gods. At night
exhused and content, the five sissies that shared my guest
hut would rub me with oils and take turns playing with my
white hairless skinless headed cock..

Yes cocksucking is universal and belongs to every race in every country.
So is taking it up the ass as only one out of my nightime little
band of five didnt want me to do him up the ass.

Day four was Ladies day as I became the complete village
sissy by becoming a Play Toy for both mothers and all of their
daughters alike. Yes while the young beauties seemed to
delight in hand touching and then taking my snow white dick into their
curious mouths, I didnt get off until the eleventh hut.
Somhow looking down to watch a young beauty rubbing my cockhead
against her swollen clitoris got me real real hot. God how
she jumped back when I began to spray her pussy lips with
goblets of jettising Jizz.

Yes as an indicator of a promiseof things to come> she collected a small droplet of my prick paste on her right index finger and then teasingly
brought it up to her lips. Yeah some lucky bawana was soon
going to land himself one hot cocksucking wife.

And so on the morning of day five, My chartered plane flew
to the capital city where I had to sign some business papers
back in the 21st century. As arrainged, I met Phillip Kleman
for late tea at the polo club. Imagine my disbelief when
he asked me how I had liked and enjoyed my four day stay at
Gary Brodies Gay Resort for Foreign Tourists? It was then
that the full realization of thngs stuck home full force.

I had been kidnapped by a hostle wild tribe of rebelous natives.
Had I not been one hell of a Great Hot Cucksucker and great
Piece of Tight Gay Ass, my balls would have joined that large
pile of unknown others on the side of the chiefs front door.
Yes while I was owed four days at Brodies hot gay resort,
I instead found my way into that secluded village just in
time for the next years arrival of the Festival of Manhood.

Dam there is no one on the face of this earth that can say more

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Yeah our hero the Black Mamba Kobie doing a slam dunk on the Lakers centers sister in law....
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