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Posted:Dec 26, 2016 12:34 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2018 7:55 am


Those seconds turn into minutes
Before the hours start to count

For time can not be stopped nor slowed
As all of our past moments slowly mount

Your days now race must faster
Than they did during infant times

Yet moms grandfathers clock ticks the very same
Within its twenty four hour circle of chimes

With our weeks always turning into months
And our calandar counts ending in December

And thus another year has come and passed
With most things forgotten, not remembered

Now as those ten year decades add up
While you continue to mature and grow

Until approaching that three and a half mark
When quite suddenly things begin to greatly slow

With middle age just around the corner
Your kids now beginning their young teens

Your life has quite suddenly passed its half way point
Father time now taking control of your future scene

Next awaits those golden years
As your Grand parenting days arrive

Soon your retirement becomes well in sight
As your simply happy to still remain alive

It's here where you finally spot your life cycle clock
And thus begin to understand your passage within time

The true meaning of Life becomes all too clear
Contained within the scope of this simple Rhyme

For ones own self can't possibly do any better
Than to make each and every moment divine

Then wisely look back, with all memories intact
So that you can fully relive it, yet for a second time !

Posted:Nov 24, 2016 4:07 am
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2018 9:27 pm

Sixteen and a half million innocent minding their own dam business domestic turkeys suddenly invaded at 3:45 AM by farm families out to make a fast buck.

Massive collective Panic as feathers fly in all directions. Loud cries of morbid fear haunt the still night skies as these innocent birds run into wire mesh fences that offer no chance for escape!

Fed steroid grains with cheap cost the farmers add shitty rain water thrown in as Turkey living quarters are super crowded and packed in with no room to even flap cramped up wings.. Wings cruelly clipped to hinder any resemblance of flight escape!

A nearly foot deep floor of shit whose odors are non stop in those 250 foot long cheap wooden structure prisons add to their helpless misery..

Suddenly they find themselves piled roof high into the back of a already stinky beat up U-haul 20 foot closed van trucks headed directly for the railroad yards. For awaiting them are Box cars always hot and muggy stuffed in so tight they can only blink and cackle in deep painful protest!

Off to big slaughter houses where the usual 51 weeks a year chicken conveyor belts are switched over and beefed up to hold my turkey kin with some then reaching up to 28 pounds on the wing.

Yep oversized foot holding metal clamps so they firmly hang upside down as they slowly make their way down the long one way conveyer belt into the bloody killing zone..

Next the cries of my cousins and sister birds loosing their heads as machetties instantly produce blood stained feathers in a kind of a indoor snow storm to the 11 skilled production team death squad team working for the meat company getting overtime pay for play!!!!

The heads to be ground and made into commercial dog food as fillers while the feet are ground for fertilizer and the free from blood feathers fused for cheap pillow stuffing in many third world countries!

Those plucking machines do a neat job especially after each corpse is sprayed with boiling water to loosen all their feathers for the pluckers to yank on..

Ralph the reamer and his kid brother Bruno are expert in hacking off sex organs and anal cavities as now car wash type spray with disinfectants gives each body a rim job that would make a giant gay ant eater most proud.

With foot claws cleanly sliced off, they are ready for sterilization processing as the federal meat inspected supposed to be present to witness this cleaning process is over in the main office getting his dick nicely sucked by a fat willing secretary whose dictation skills merit her getting a 50 cent tip afterwards.

Ah the internal power wash while any old neck ,gizzard and giblets now in a brown paper are shoved back into the cavity to help dry it up while giving a gravy making bonanza to all ofyou lucky consumers..

How tight packaging with the final stamp of approval as the scale its on, automatically prints the weight in pounds and ounces along with the buyers already TOTAL PRICE !

Now a waiting number of refrigerated tractor trailer trucks pull up one by one with their reefers running full blast to uphold the USDA mandated transport temperature of 37 degree F..

While on the back side of the slaughter house next to the processing plant. The scavenger trucks pay six cents a pound for the 37% of unusable parts not fit for human consumption!

Meanwhile back home at the turkey farm. Dad and his boys are using a front loader with no roof on it to plow out the 8 1/4 tons of turkey shit that both Agway and Tyson foods Agricultural Division have won the bid on and will make 17 times more money than it cost them to buy.

Yep the diverse Turkey Industry loves Thanksgiving Day far more than the American Consumer does.

So off to the super market chains all across America first and foremost. Smaller Mom and Pop or Cultural Neighborhood Ethnic stores will pay about 37% more for every bird pound they buy.

Two displays will take place. The most popular being Fresh turkey sold in many forms. Fresh Hen or Tom turkey (GULPS HERE). Young turkey or all the leftovers that were frozen the day after their Sell by date expired.

Flash frozen to -37 to kill potential inside bacteria within there plastic type insulated covering shell... Web mesh is just simple marketing dressing up to make it look even more expensive and professionally butchered.

Yep the frozen cost far less and the poor buy most of them at least two days prior to Thanksgiving Day so they can thaw out.. After a few times around doing this, they discover running cold water with finger fucking style strong fingers removes the interior clumps of ice sticking to the bottom ribs and anal canal.

Meanwhile back at the supers, most large carriages are filled with potato's, fresh squash, cranberry sauce, turnips. greens and salad veggies. Stuffing boxes or packages as well as pumpkin or squash pies add depth to your checkout line dollar totals..

A 24 pack of Gobs Gay Beer or a few select bottles of celebration wine are also on the menu for most traditional families. Do you serve a Red or white wine with Turkey?? ( I'll never tell!)

And so the big morning arrives as I Tom Jive Turkey head out to the woods up on the ridge about three quarters of a mile away from my small farm family that keeps me as a pet only.

Did you know us turkeys have better hearing and wind noses that almost all breeds of domectic dogs?

Once arriving there in the woods, I see my wild turkey cousins little ones born in late April or May for the very first time. They are already more than half grown as turkeys grow fast out in the wild just like wild geese and ducks do.

Yes the wild feed they show me is hard for me to swallow as being Domesticated has sort of spoiled me.

My wild cousins share the same diet as the white tail deer. When no snow is on the ground, pickings are abundant and easy to find. Buds while not as nourishing are pretty much what they have to feed on come the permafrost and winter freeze up north.

Yes at last closure awaits my siblings and turkey cousins from this living hell. Now. Far from home and finally taken out of that tight plastic shit and given a proper bath from the inside out..

Stuffing in most cases fills their missing inner void of organs now in the form of commercial fertilizer on some back Agway shelf.

Immune from the high temps , three to four and a half hours are the times they take a boat ride inside of a large broiling pan going to nowhere.. Their coming out party is really a Cooling down session as they should not be cut up when hot and with core temps over 125 degrees F..

Dad in most cases proudly displays his Manhood techniques as junior looks on in admiration. Mom has Sarah and Mary Beth helping her set the table.

How traditional this festive occasion becomes for families all across America!

Taking their hard plastic ring type shackles off of their imprisoned bound feet is their very last step of Supermarket type Independence.

"Who wants a drumstick" dad asks and as always junior is the only one to answer. Mom has to remind Dad that Prayer is needed right then and there before anything else!

And while they collectively pray in a state of THANKFULNESS (only a human trait given with their birth rights of superiority)

I am actually with my ancestors out in the wild while you humans s are merely trying to remember brief thoughts of the tales they were told of Plymouth rock and Amercia's first Pilgrims Thanksgiving back in 1621!

Yes I am thankful for GOD GAVE LIFE TO ALL CREATURES BIG AND SMALL. as my temporary adopted for a few hours flock all Gobble in excited unison as a large unexpected cluster of wild gooseberries perfectly ripe signify a mid day feast of sorts.

By his gift I am allowed to live, I am petted by all the excited visiting grandchildren and fed and tended too. I am sort of Free with some choice to roam.

The wise family dog knows this and allows me my freedom while I let him drink out of my inside barn shelter vessel!

I GOBBLE and talk to my kind up on that ridge distant there yonker. The three annual weeks of Hunting season and shotgun blasts have mercifully ended on the last day of last May.

And now with those turkey pen houses all cleaned and disinfected, some 1,800 baby chicks adorned in their hatchling snow white fleece of incoming feathers are released into their new life long survival quarters.

Feed and water troughs loaded with vitamins, minerals and growth enhancers are full to capacity for only 364 more days left to fatten em all up to max weights so that we all can be THANKFUL BUT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now eat half portions and be sure to give your dogs and cats a light or dark meat treator two that this truthful blog has prevented you from fully digging into on this Festive Holiday!!



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