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My First Experience on AdultFriendFinder!
Posted:Dec 26, 2018 12:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2019 8:9 am

I remember it didn't take very long either like maybe 3 days of a Free Account and I was already meeting a 51 year old daddy with average length but thick cock!
So I did a really extensive shower as he was too and pre-homemade enema warmed up!
I was nervous as this was my first time with a man EVER! But I had been playing with dildos for 2 years previously! Playing with dirty men on webcam learning how to please a dominate daddy the right way!
Anyway he was only 10 to 14 minutes out so he was quick to the draw and he came in and i had my wifes red g string on for him!
We immediately started kissing away me immediately getting harder than i expected and sucking his fat hairy nipples! slowly caressing his strong frame! This was already better than my wife as it takes almost years of foreplay with her! A man just knowing what he wants from me I LOVE IT!
He didn't hesistate to slip my panties off at all!!!!!!
Same with his nice filled jeans!
Immediately his bulging cock just arraying my watering mouth! This was the first time I had ever sucked a man but knew it wouldnt be my last!!!!!!
he was 6 inches in length but the 3 inch girth made it a little difficult for my virgin bitch mouth! But i was so eager as he immediately started moaning as i gaped my mouth further around his lovely member looking into his eyes as i did so! He was choking and gagging me and salivating me but i didnt care I wanted to push myself to please him!
I was getting greedy so I sucked his saggy yet well amassed balls! Way more succulant than a titty could ever be! Hearing his grunts and feeling his quivers as I srarted to talk dirty in between sucking him!
Saying things like "Daddy please drop your load in my mouth I want to swallow it so eagerly for you." and "Daddy are you gonna eat my boy pussy like the slut I am?"
"Oh yes just keep sucking me bitch he responded
So I allowed him to lie back on the bed! Me readily pushing my feminine shakey ass in his face! OMG his tongue lit me up!!!!! Pushing his tongue and nose almost all the way in my ass fingering in between so he could thoroughly enjoy me sucking him in our 69 fashion! I was sucking him faster but also taking time in intervals to hold his mass longerin my mouth cause his tongue felt so good shoved in my ass! I was moaning like a fucking bitch shaking and pushing my ass in his face! 4 years with my wife and she couldnt make me even think of feeling like this!!!!! 1 time with this stranger and he had barely even touched my cock and i was bowing and worshipping his cock like i was his wife!! mmm not a bad thought!!!
I was sucking his feet balls taint what i could of his ass and he eventually wanted me to finish him so i started sucking like a fucking slut! Ready for his nutricious nut to grace my mouth and fill my throat! He couldnt even warn me my ass was so good he nutted all in my mouth and I JUST FUCKING LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! But that was the first time no i didnt cum the first time as i had to finsh myself and make the bed before wife got home! But my second experience was even better only the next week! Experience 2 cumming soon!

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