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shanerose 45M
4 posts
1/25/2019 2:07 pm
My first Time

I have always fantasized about being with a man before, but I didnt gave in to my desires until I was about 30 and the guy 50 . I had meet this guy online and he invited me over to his place. I walked into his place and introduced himself; I was so nervous because I didnt know what to expect...but the guy was so cute I didnt know wanted him so bad. He asked if I wanted to shower with him and of course I said yes. So we both got in the shower me in the front and him in the back. He started washing my back with soap, starting at my shoulders and down my back until he reached my ass. I've never had a mans hands touched my ass before and omg I almost cummed. He came back up to my chest and started cleaning down my stomach. In the mean time I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass. The more his cock touched me the more I wanted him. His hands finally made it to my hard cock, His hands slowly starting rubbing felt so good with the warm water and soap running down our bodies. He slowly stroked my cock and balls..that made me so horny I knew I wasnt turning back. He started to kiss my neck while still playing with my cock, I reached back and finally took his hard cock jn my hand. I felt my finger rub the tip of his swollen head, slowly making my to his hard shaft. With him kissing my neck and both of usjecking each, I almost came again. He turned me around to face each and we slowly start kissing..I couldn't believe I was doing this with another man but it felt so good..this is want he wanted to experience. He was such a good kisser, he rubbed his hands all over my body, I could feel our hard cocks rubbing each other. We both we getting so horny, so we jumped out and went to his bed room and we laid on the bed kissing and slowly feeling each other up. He than moved on top of me and started kissing and licking my chest, down my stomach until he reach my cock. His warm mouth stated sucking on the tip of my cock,his tongue licked round it nice and slow. I could feel his hands grasping and squeezing my ass. The more he did stuff to me the more I wanted this man. After he was doing playing with me, it was my turn to pleasure him. He lard down on his back, I crawled up to him and started kissing him his hands feeling every each of his body. I than start to kiss his chest, licking and sucking his hard nipples. His hand reached to stroke my cock and balls at the same time. I than made my way to his stomach finally to his hard beautiful cock. I grab it with my hands slowly stroking it up and down, for the very first time I would finally would know what I cock would taste like. My tongue went over is tip of his cock ..mmm the taste was so delicious..I than lick down his hard shart to his shaved balls and than back up. I than opened my and took his cock in slowly..finally it was all I wanted was to taste his cock. I slowly sucked his cock faster, I could feel him tighten up like he was about to load his out cum in my mouth. He than grabbed my hair and lift my head to kiss me. Not you baylee; He said I want to fuck you. This is wanted I always wanted to have a hard cock in my man pussy. He put my on all fours., trapped some s oil and started ripping in all over my man pussy...slipping his fingers, teasing me. He than slapped his cock on my ass and guided cock to my man pussy. I felt him insert the tip slowly..I started to slowly moan ..yes I thought to myself I finally have that cock I always wanted for the sexy hot older man. His cock over in deeper I moaned more. He start pumping my ass more...fuck me I told him...our sweaty balls smacked each other. He started to moan..I'm gonna cum baby...he whipped out his hard cock and cum all over my ass
.I could feel his hot jizz run down my ass crack...I turned around and licked the rest of his cum of his satisfied cock. He laid my on my back and took my cock in his mouth until I shot the biggest load of cum all over his face .omg I've never experienced anything like that before...that was the most amazing experience...we both laid there laid there from exhaustion both sexified lol I got got dressed and thanked him for the best night ever..He grappled me and gave me one last passionate kiss and said thank you. So that was my first time with a man.

btccu4 58M
41 posts
1/27/2019 8:24 am

I'd love to hear the ending !!

shanerose 45M
2 posts
1/29/2019 4:38 pm

I did

JoRay63 56M
141 posts
2/6/2019 5:09 pm

Sweet Story !!!

shanerose 45M
2 posts
2/7/2019 1:25 pm