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Group posts by adickted18
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Jan 21, 2019Kinky BottomsMy leather gods.1   
Dec 29, 2018Kinky BottomsKinky Ass bang dp2   
Dec 22, 2018gay crossdressersnew profile pic1   
Dec 2, 2018gay crossdressersunder my clothes1   
Nov 28, 2018Kinky BottomsCruising.4   
Nov 28, 2018Anal PleasureBeing stretched3   
Nov 28, 2018alaskans in pantiesSaw my ex at a restaurant with his wife4   
Nov 28, 2018alaskans in pantiesYou be the girl (fiction)1   
Nov 24, 2018alaskans in pantiesI brought daddy a virgin.4   
Nov 4, 2018alaskans in pantiesDaddy's sissy all weekend.2   
Oct 29, 2018Kinky BottomsLocker room.1   
Oct 28, 2018alaskans in pantiesCheerleader.2   
Oct 28, 2018Anal PleasureCumming.2   
Oct 20, 2018gay crossdressersCd whore for real men.2   
Oct 20, 2018Butt Plugs, Massive DILDO'sMy life struggle and the ever elusive extreme & massive anal tools!1   
Oct 20, 2018gay crossdressersmini skirt and barefoot1   
Oct 2, 2018Anal PleasureAnal Toys2   
Sep 20, 2018Anal PleasureAnal Orgasm.... Truth or Myth.1   
Sep 18, 2018alaskans in pantiesWhy?2   
Sep 13, 2018Doms and subsSissy training.1   
Sep 10, 2018Anal sex groupFingering1   
Sep 9, 2018Anal sex groupbig toys then big boys1   
Sep 6, 2018alaskans in pantiesBeing ate out.4   
Sep 6, 2018Kinky BottomsHot weekend sex party.4   
Aug 28, 2018Kinky BottomsDinner for a slut.3   
Aug 24, 2018Kinky BottomsJob interview fantasy1   
Aug 22, 2018BubbleButt Men Want BLACK COCKCum Ride My Cock2   
Aug 22, 2018alaskans in pantiesMembership of our Group3   
Aug 20, 2018gay crossdressersSexually harassed.3   
Aug 20, 2018alaskans in pantiesThe guys that like pantybois.3   
Aug 17, 2018alaskans in pantiesYour First Pair of Girl Panties!2   
Aug 15, 2018gay crossdressersdoes anyone have anything to say?1   
Aug 15, 2018gay crossdressersDo u bareback1   
Aug 15, 2018Doms and subsSpanking.1   
Aug 15, 2018Turning Boys into GirlsWhat has happened here?1   
Aug 12, 2018gay crossdressersStraight guys.4   
Aug 12, 2018Bisexual Married MenPegging1   
Aug 12, 2018Anal sex groupIt's been awhile2   
Aug 11, 2018Turning Boys into GirlsNew girl saying hi1   
Aug 11, 2018gay crossdressersGurl on gurl flip3   
Aug 11, 2018Kinky BottomsLate night pounding.1   
Aug 11, 2018womens pantie wearersNEW THRILLS1   
Aug 11, 2018Turning Boys into GirlsWhat do you find sexy?3   
Aug 4, 2018Turning Boys into GirlsWe took another drive to go fuck but this time it was unusuall1   
Jul 28, 2018alaskans in pantiesA fembois awakening.3   
Jul 23, 2018Turning Boys into GirlsFormative teen years2